Oct 2021 Minutes

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Polmaise Community Council
Minute of Meeting

Monday 18th October 2021 @19:00
Google Meet


In attendance:

Billy Bruce, Chair

Alex Fraser- Vice Chair

Karen Perrie, Treasurer
Gayle Jeffery, Secretary
Kevin Jack, Planning Officer
Karen Graham (Walker)
Cllr Maureen Benson

Sharon McGrouther, Community Engagement Officer



James Thomson


  1. Recording of Declarations of Interest

  2. Adoption of previous meeting(s) minutes – 20 September 2021


    Karen Proposed
    Alex seconded


    Minutes accepted


  3. Matters Arising


    Spen funding get Maureen’s report after go back to meetings next month.


    Bruce Drive carpark, had a chat with housing don’t think the community council has
    the authority to take on land. Still proceeding with petition. Had the one back from
    the nursey and need the one from the library.

    The tree in Hardie Crescent has been trimmed back and the phone lines are working
    properly but the internet is not working well.


    Burn land is being cleared. Contract is to be allocated. Margaret Brisley is working to
    get this pushed forward.


    The cycle path is to be cleared. The path is broken due to the tree roots underneath;
    the metal barriers are being removed to make it more accessible for people in
    wheelchairs. That will be done before March/April next year. The other thing was the
    overgrown bushes there is only twice a year to get that done. Need to move
    approximately 10 trees that are coming up through the path.


    Tesco funding through the blue tokens. H&R Gray are looking to do the community
    work going to pay for the defib unit and then would help with other things. Gayle has
    had people asking how we are going to fundraise.


    Picked up a Defib from the Riverside Community Council, was going to give it to the
    football team, going to leave that just now.


    Lights have been installed at the zebra crossing.


    Karen, Gracie Cres park, repairs were supposed to have been done, come and replace
    the wood, need to send another email and ask why it has not been. Asked about them
    going down were going to redo the wooding edges and rebark it. Dave to look into


    Drop kerbs. Spoken to the council about this and they are going to do this and redo
    the paths that are across the grass in Stirling Road, start next year.


    Football pavilion is going to start next week.


    Miner’s museum. The community council is in charge of upkeep need to get funding
    for this and ask for volunteers. There is a lease agreement and they are meant to pay

    £1 a year but there has been no request for this. Land was leased out. Gayle suggested
    a subgroup for the mining memorial.


    The sub-group would contain:

    Dave Perrie

    Gayle Jeffery- Lead


    Stirling Claymore are looking for activities over the summer could do the miners

    Bin at the football park is needing replaced. Dave is going to review this and get a
    schedule of when the bins have to be replaced.


    Bandeath, send to CC enquires and see if that can be cleared don’t know If that has
    been done of not.


    Horses fouling on the paths and roads have been an issue. Maureen got involved with
    this last time, spoke to right away Scotland and they have advised that there is nothing
    they can do. They should be kicking the poo to the side of the road if it is safe to do
    so. Maureen advised that they could write a letter to advise the horse owners of the
    horses about the issue. Horse riding farm down at the church can ask environmental
    heath if there is anything they can do about horse poo. Maureen to contact
    environmental health, send them a letter to be more mindful, they have been spoken
    to already. Double check and see who owns the ground next to the Alpha. Housing
    from lamming crescent to Bruce drive.


    Should not take horses on to cycle tracks and should be using bridle ways, have a look
    at that.


    Residents parking on grass areas, 4 or 5 residents messaged in emailed cc enquiries
    not had a response yet update at next meeting. Wooden fences at Polmaise.


    Debris on path, brought up last month and this month the contractor has been asked
    to clear the paths as and when they are able to, would raise it again if not done. Did
    not say when, just said it was contracted out. Forward email on to Maureen.


  4. Reports- External

    1. Police Scotland/Enforcement Officer- to be sent over for minute

    2. Elected Member

      Maureen got an email from Spen, don’t have an update because Grant Douglas had
      left it was Ross Forbes and the now Martin Ferguson. Lynn McKinley has been
      discussing the progress with Spen, the legacy steering groups agreed council would
      take the money and ring-fence for Polmaise to try and help them get more money for
      all the projects because Spen only has the half the funding.

      The skate park was the project £60,000 from the previous council had to be used in a
      certain timeframe so could not be used.

      Will be going toward the community trust can’t get funding through being a
      community council so still have the money. Sharon thinks there is about £76,000. Two
      options to work with yourselves and they put in the fund. Trying to get Ross to come
      along to a meeting, Ross was here and he said he did not know anything about the
      money. There was an over spend on the Cowie project and they wanted more money,

      the legacy steering group turned them down. Gayle, the last time they spoke said it
      has been spent on extra pathways.

      Ross Forbes was the main guy it is now Martin Ferguson will be asking for a meeting
      with Spen. The money is sitting there. Asked him about the skate park he said he did
      not know anything about a skate park. Maureen assured that this is all in the plan

      Still needs to fit the criteria, put in three objects the skate park, the walkway into a
      nature walk and new football pitch and picnic area

      Haven’t been in touch with the community development team either. Billy and Dave
      had a meeting and David Hopper has money to spend in Fallin as well. He is putting a
      project together as well.

      Had a full council meeting last Thursday, there is going to be an adhoc panel about
      housing anti-social behaviour and about those who don’t follow their tenancy
      agreement. Not about making people homeless but to help people manage their
      tenancy. Anti-social behaviour Stirling Council housing tenancy and will include private
      tenancy. Things being dumped in the gardens. And not being maintained some of that
      is not always the tenants fault can’t always afford the uplift.

      Alex have noted fly-tipping and nothing has been happening with this there are
      enforcement officers, take a photo of it send to elected members or sent to the
      council, just went to the council website. Don’t touch it and bag it because it was just
      be classed as bags of rubbish.

      Had report of Tingle Bar about the spiking of drinks raised concerns as an urgent issue,
      has asked for this to get raised at the licensing board. I have heard also they also have

      Firework displays, we can maybe do one, need licence and need to contact licensing
      need to do that soon- next year.

  5. Reports- Internal


    1. Sub Groups- N/A


    2. Chair- N/A


    3. Secretary (including correspondence)


      All have access when it is replied to, Billy, Gayle and Karen

      James Thomson has elected to be removed. Leave us a member short need to start
      advertising for new members. Needs to put a letter or email to resign. Have it as
      an agenda item.


      Official member under 7 can still run 3 months

      One of the emails, a good food grant that is coming out, did the hampers and did
      the activity pack and selection boxes last year, apply for that and doing a hamper
      and activity pack. Might not be able to, Dave send an email in to check.


    4. Treasurer



    5. Planning

  6. Community Council Business (Community issues brought to the attention of the
    Community Council for debate and to agree/vote on actions that are in the
    interests of the community)

  7. AOB (Any items that Community Councillors wish to raise that are not an agenda


Maureen Feb 2022 all need to have new linked fire alarms one in living area and heat
sensor in the kitchen, one in the hall, all need to be interlinked. Sharon or Maureen
know of what they have planned to help people afford this, Maureen to take that up.
Not going to enforce personal homes.


Insurance companies have not confirmed if they have changed the terms and


Will help older and disabled people. Need to advise that they need to get this work
done. Put the advert on to the Facebook page


Alpha Centre, booking system to open from start of Nov not sure about the
ventilation system. Maureen to find out what they are going to do. Can get a date
face to face meeting next month’s meeting if possible.


Next Meeting: 15/11/2021