Apr 2022 Minutes

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Polmaise Community Council



19th April 2022 @ 7pm – Alpha Centre

1. Recording of those present (members of the press) and apologies received.


Billy Bruce - Chair

Alex Fraser – Vice Chair Gayle Jeffery - Secretary Karen Perrie - Treasurer Kevin Jack – Planning David Perrie

Dawn Dickson Tina Fraser

Apologies – Councillor Bennison

Karen Graham

2. Recording of declarations of interest - None

3. Adoption of previous meetings minutes, 21st March 2022


Karen Perrie proposed, Kevin Jack seconded

4. Matters Arising and Enquiries Update


- Bruce Drive car park update (Billy) Waiting on update for resurfacing

- Walkie/Polmaise (Billy) Waiting on an update

- Defib update (Dave)

Got another company for a quote but Tesco want to do after hours and the guy refuses to give a quote as it was after hours. We will look at other quotes and possible locations.


- Residents parking on grass verges (Billy) Still ongoing no further update

- Fly-tipping (Billy)

Looking at fly tipping along the burn. Lots of stuff down there, Council possibly looking to get a contractor in

- A905 street lighting and footpath (Billy)

Clearing the vegetation to make the path wider, no funding for lighting

- Entrance/ Exit from the cycle path to Queen St (Billy)

Been raised, looking to get smoothed out and have a ramp

-MUGA lighting (Billy)

Electric cable was cut by a contactor

Council are looking into this likely to be the end of the year

- Dog Bin Polmaise

Polmaise crescent has been moved. Trialled to see where it is best suited

5. Reports (external)


- Police Scotland/Enforcement Officer

Detected and 2 undented- detailed in report

They held a public meeting on the 7th April. Not a big turnout but useful information planning on having another one.

Police have said they will not put camera unless significant reports have been made to them. Done the same at Kings Park by the residents. You can email the community officers.

Police have said no one is reporting. There has been no other recorded messages. Emma Plank, work with Stirling Council youth team never had any reports for a long time.

Update Facebook page so it has a pinned post so the contact detail are easy to find.

We are allowed to take pictures of people near the property or if they fell threatened can call 999.


Much of the reports so far have come from the Community Council and little from the residents.

There are only two officers that cover the 5 villages. Did complain to them about the length of time on 101. If you email them and they are on patrol they will come down when they have refreshed their email

Did say possibly bringing in quad bikes for patrol on the outlying areas Wellbeing and mental health open night. Informative and will hold one in Cowie

- Elected Member

Benson not able to make it. Not seeking re-election. Thanked everyone for help and support

Special council meeting on 28/04/2022 to discuss Ukrainian refuges

- Emma Plank

Youth worker. Used to run the Alpha group. Spoke with Fallin Community Voice. Look at where to go now used to be a busy youth club. Generation change not what they want. Stopped the Friday kept the Wednesday. Tend to work with high school kids. Put a Stirling council survey out. Not had youth work since covid.

Wallace high. People are not looking for a youth club. Still want somewhere to come and have something to do. They want targeted stuff, sport and cooking. Putting on block of 8-10 weeks of Wednesday and Fridays. Looking into the grab bags. Early stages

Supply the staff ingredients and cooking, is there a local cook or chief. Could get someone local.

Could put this out on the Facebook page. Aiming for cooking and sport. Down on their priorities.

Could get the armatures in to coach the kids on football Looking to get local people involved in it to encourage links Police can look into the detached team to come in.

Will need to do risk assessments and they will not be doing one to one


AR 26 were in the Raploch have enquired if they are coming on a permanent basis. Gayle thinks there is a need for a drop in place.

Normally would have 3 members of staff in the Alpha.

Need to have joint up approach. Would it be open out with term time? Previously key holders so looking to do this again.

Speak to Dionne about doing a group. Would run summer groups previously.

Young scot cards can get the free bus passes. Any issue to contact them

6. Tina/ Margaret- Kids Club


Kids with Autism and Mental Health

Weekly group for kids with LD, Autism and MH etc. Nothing like this in Stirling. Margaret area manager for Thera Scotland. Son is 15 cannot get him into anything that will give his support. When he turns 16 he goes to adult services. At the start of this the now to see if there is a need for it. Everyone will know on person who has additional support needs.

Need to do something about this. The amount of children that are missing out it is upsetting when the children account. Staff are not trained to deal with needs. Set the club up so we can do it in the Fallin area and then want to engage further afield we need the survey to gauge the need.

Hoping the community council will see the need.

Where we are put the question out there would this be a need and got a fir bit of response which would be using Fallin voice to set up a non-specific questionnaire. To look at the parents filling in the needs of individuals and then train the volunteers specifically. Did run a club and had a pot f money and have been speaking to the organiser to give start-up money to pay for PVGS and training. Some people coming back would be a great idea but are their kids who would access it. The amount of volunteers would depend on the kids themselves would need to be specific to the individual. Need more detail about the people that are interested. A safe play space. Could create networks for parents.


What we could do. The community voice with Stirling Council made a questionnaire and hand delivered the response was okay, which we used for funding ect.

Could advertise for things like autism awareness.

Could add a parents support group that could run at the same time. There is little information for kids.

Been having children come in on Monday and Wednesday at the Alpha centre and the staff are not all prepared for this. Would have one to one chats with parents. Children would not need a diagnosis. Could be kids who have been through difficult situations.

Ideally would have liked a Fallin hub could hire it out. Could use the community council.

7. Community Council Business



8. Reports (Internal)


- Subgroups

- Miners Museum

Meeting with Dionne. Spoke to SVE will be come along to the next meeting. Going to ask for the p7s to do volunteering and it can go toward their Duke of Edinburgh awards. Got in contact with Coal Reg Fund have not come back.

Dionne said there is funding available. Organising a day out for a tidy up and asking donation of flowers.

Trying to get it going. Need funding to maintain. Need to organise it and will need costings. Lack of car parking space, the car park was sold to the industrial unit. People park in front of the gate.

- Campaign: Litter Pick

Planned litter pick for May waiting for school to confirm a date and there is funding. Had an email re funding but has not appeared on the statements. 60


litter pickers and 30 hoops and bags purchased, and anyone wants to do litter picking. Keep Scotland Beautiful donated tabards for the kids.

Primary is going to do it over the weeks and do a class each day and the p7 and nursery are going to do a buddy system and do it twice a month. Funding to get the skip for people to take stuff from their gardens and just going to be the once as charged per tonne. If it is successful we can do it again.

- Events: Easter, Christmas lights

Easter has just happened and approx.110 kids attended and 60 adults. Take the 150 eggs down to the school so the ones that didn’t come can still get their eggs

Christmas there is going to be a one off payment for the wiring and the new breakers £4000 for the electrics and need to buy the lights. £6000 for the lights just over £10.000 for an initial payment and £1,600 yearly for an install, taking down and storage.

Need to raise a minimum £12,000 to get it done this year. No one has come back to us. Need to have the lights reviewed to see if they are suitable which


Not going to cost a lot of money for a tree. Not allowed to hang anything on trees that are already there.


Capital Spend coming to an end for budget 2021/22. There is a bench going at the 300- yard marker, one on the cycle path, Lamont Cres and Bandeath and bench and bin to go in at each side of the bus stop. Struggling to get a hold of the benches. Zebra crossing is still on list for Scottish power. New notice board outside the library, no one came back about the paint for the sub station.

- Secretary (including correspondence) No updates

- Treasurer

Account total for March: £1,152.61


Money in: Tesco for the defib was £500 Money out: Minutes taker £40

New total= £1612.16

Community gifts and food funds

Total for March: £817.75 Money in: Easter making £75.00

Money out: Easter spending £218 New Total £674. 32

- Planning

Change of use for the old Maggie’s coffee shop.

9. AOB (items that Community Councillors wish to raise that are not on the agenda) Community raised items:

David, the only thing I wanted to add the police years ago for the community service guy the black railings outside the chippy get someone to paint them. Billy had asked the council for community council people. We have contacted them for the church before

Church of Scotland are doing survey of the churches and some building will be removed. Could be chance of losing the church, the church hall would become the church if that happens.

Cowie community council to start an Easter villages programme to work together, all working together and going forward. Alex would like to go with a meeting for them would be good if it would be one representative. Has been tried before did not work. Would be beneficial, when we ran the foodbank went between the groups. Alex to speak to them and advise about more input.

Fallin Amateurs won the semi finale and are through to the final at Hampden.