Feb 2022 Minutes

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Polmaise Community Council



21st February 2022 @ 7pm – Alpha Centre

1. Recording of those present (members of the press) and apologies received.

· Billy Bruce, Chair

· Alex Fraser, Vice Chair

  • Alasdair MacPherson, Councillors
  • Sharon McGrouther, Community Engagement Officer

· Kevin Jack, Planning Officer

  • Dionne Gallacher, Community Engagement Officer
  • David Perrie
  • Karen Perrie, Treasurer
  • Gayle Jeffrey, Secretary
  • Apologies from Karen Graham

2. Recording of declarations of interest None

3. Adoption of previous meetings minutes, 17th January 2022


Billy proposed them and Karen seconded them

4. Matters Arising and Enquiries Update


- Bruce Drive car park update (Billy)

Still hopeful to be resurfaced as part of the capital spend project

- Walkie/Polmaise subsidence (Billy)

Still waiting on them checking the garden to see if they need mesh

- Defib update (Dave)

Still waiting on the cabinet. The person who was going to fit it has left Tesco’s so need to find someone to fit it

- Gracie Cres. park (Karen)

New wood and new bark installed


- Residents parking on grass verges (Billy)

Housing don’t have extra money for that but are going to finish the fences that they have started

- Dog waste (Billy) Subgroup

- Bruce/Polmaise Walkway Trees (Billy)

Waiting on an update for that needs to be done by next month

- Vermin issue around NISA/Weir Dr (Billy)

Council have said they cannot bait in public land until they find where they are coming from so if you see this report it back. Alex, Lamond crescent near the school have been having a problem with rats. Nothing has been reported from Bruce Drive. David said there are rats everywhere as it’s only natural.

- Fly-tipping (Billy)

Fly tipping was removed at the walkway at Polmaise and Councillor Benson has asked for them to look at the burn

- Parking at Stirling Rd junctions (Billy)

Council have assessed and not seen anyone parking so will not put double yellow lines in but will monitor again if required.

- Lights on Tibbies Brae (Billy)

Raised by someone on Cowie Community Council and the Council said no. No white lines in the middle of the road at the entrance to Tibbie’s Brae from Fallin/Throsk, there need to have a look at this at, no white line in the middle of the road

- Conditions of side street roads (Billy)

Raised this with the council he said there is no funding available at the moment to cover the roads on the side streets. Will have a look at this after April if we want to report the streets then.

5. Reports (external)


- Police Scotland/Enforcement Officer

Sent a report through, is similar to the previous one.


- Elected Member

Housing budget was last Thursday 1.1% rent increase but still the second lowest in Scotland. A lot of new building, new window and buying back properties which has went done well with the tenants. The council tax meeting is the 3rd March 2022 with a proposed increase of 3%, national insurance increase is going to have a knock on effect. Government is going to give extra money for grant due to the cost-of-living increase. Discussing money for feasibility study for a hub, there are going to get put into Plean and would like something similar in Fallin. Anti-social behaviour panel will be reporting on 3 rd March, going to make it easier for them to evict anti-social tenants. Grant funding for digital club in February £34,000. Lighting issue for Tibbie’s Brae has been raised and the edges of the road are needing marking. Amateur football club quarter finals for Fallin, well done. Asked them to put reflectors on the kerbs or the edge of the fences and the marking on the roads for Tibbie’s. Asked for a review of the safety and a plan to come shortly

6. Reports (Internal)


- Sub Groups –

Miners Museum- no update as have not seen Gayle, Alex came across a website and posted about the railway hutches and have had an email and would like to price for

redoing the equipment that is in place, it’s a company in Kilmarnock. Look for volunteers to have a tidy up. David will set up a sub group chat and need everyone’s input and decide who is doing what.

Campaign- Sorted the posters got 10 from primary 6/5, got art work done up for the signs giving 60 signs for £100 including vat and done three banners which are £29 each plus vat. 6 sets of each design, one banner at the front and back entrance of the school. Target grassy areas. Do we want to put one on the Bing on the fence? 3 banners and 60 posters £220.40, takes three of four days to be done and cable ties to put it up with.

David will organise that already had the authorisation and the guidance on how to hang them. Submitted for funding for a litter pick if that was to go ahead. Council did say they could not give us them as they cannot be sanitised, and they cannot give anything.

Maureen was going to look into that they were willing to give bags and pick up the dog waste. See orange bags at the sides of the roads the land services target and area and it gets picked up later on the day. Had the same issue elsewhere, Alasdair will speak to the council about this.

Billy, the council will not give litter pickers, will give orange sacks, and will pick up the material


Events- did not have a massive amount to go through, need to get a structural engineer on board, need to pay him £468 approx. need to assess the lamppost for Christmas lights, they do get tested every year, never heard of anyone else needing to do. To assess the lights and give a report on them. Similar to the ones in Airth. Stirling council they turned them down until they get a structural report then it is fine to go ahead.

Alasdair to see if they can have a look at this. Need to fundraise for this.

Easter- going to do Easter eggs for all the primary and nursery kids. Next sub group meeting is on the 1st March looking to have prints in windows and have kids go round to find letters and easter pictures in windows but will finalise at the meeting.

The minster has asked what we are doing for the Queen’s jubilee, look at that next week’s meeting. Speak to the school to see what they are doing

- Chair, capital spend update

Capital spend update, ongoing works are on Stirling road repairing the paths and doing drop kerbs, replacing bus stops and doing benches round the village, on the bus route.

Paths in the walkway were done and has since been vandalised. The cycle path is needing redone they are going to lift the tar and have anew surface that will move the roots. Asked for a bench to go out a 300 yard marker to replace the one that is there and also one on the cycle path. They are going to be bolted down to slabs. May be worth cementing them in.

Waiting to find out about Bruce Drive car park. Other than the marked-up grass crossings at Stirling Road, they are going to fill them in and move them along to be adjacent to other drop kerbs.

The library is going to be getting started soon. Already replacing the windows.

- Secretary (including correspondence) No update.

- Treasurer

£1466.61- 1426.61 community and gift fund £1009. £817.75. We were awarded £500 from Tesco blue tokens towards a defib, not received yet but once received this will be ringfenced towards a defib.

- Planning

Change of use for the old local office to a new café the application has been put in.


7. Community Council Business

(community issues brought to the attention of the community council for debate and to agree/vote on, actions that are in the interest of the community)

- vote on volunteer award

Ethan is into sport going, to get him a sports voucher and going to take that out the volunteer money.


Had two applications for co-opted members and they have been approved, will assess and vote at March meeting.

8. AOB (items that Community Councillors wish to raise that are not on the agenda) Community raised items:

- A905 street lighting- street lighting from Fallin to the roundabout and emailed the

council and they said no, Maureen is taking that up. Just with the lack of bus service. Could suggest the sunken in lights in the path. Green part the Scottish roads to get more accessible cycle paths maybe one of us speaking to Falkirk council and could have a chat with recyke a bike. There is still safety concerns about the main road. Need to future proof, need lampposts along that road. They should be able to this.

The cycle path could do separate- approaching the green perspective and then the actual road is in hand at the moment.

Alasdair, Maureen has sent the request in they do resist putting lights in in rural parts because everyone will want them. Might be funding available for the cycle path.

Fallin Community Voice what project do you have plans. Still setting up the policies, stuff for kids and the elderly wanted benches which is coming off the capital spend. And public transport and purchasing a minibus and getting the alpha up and running again.

Youth shelters are going into Polmaise Park.

Flooding and the drainage system in the Fallin area, Alasdair advised that everywhere the same the now. Send over the particular areas. Stacie, could they look at different planting species they have money for planting a lot of trees. There are 100 trees that have been bought for Fallin by Capital Spend. Drains are not being cleaned.