Jan 2022 Minutes

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Polmaise Community Council Minute of Meeting

Monday 17th January 2022 @19:00 Zoom meeting


In attendance:

Billy Bruce, Chair

Alex Fraser, Vice Chair Karen Perrie, Treasurer

David Perrie, Associate Council Member Kevin Jack, Planning Officer

Karen Walker

Sharon McGrouther, Community Engagement Officer Dionne Gallacher, Community Engagement Officer Maureen Bennison, Councillor


Gayle Jeffery, Secretary

1. Recording of Declarations of Interest


No Declarations of interest

2. Adoption of previous meeting(s) minutes – November 2021

Karen proposed the minutes from November approved and Billy seconded it

3. Matters Arising


3.1 Bruce Drive car park update (Billy)


Housing are arranging for someone to come and have a look at that. Waiting for the subsiding issue to be resolved.

3.2 Walkie/Polmaise subsidence (Billy)


Walkie/ Polmaise. They been told it is not subsiding. Alex said it is subsiding. Billy advised that they can only go with what the engineer said going to investigate the


cracks in the gardens and continue to monitor. Crack in the house is being dealt with privately

3.3 Defib update (Dave)


The cabinet has not arrived just waiting on the cabinet, Fiona from Tesco’s is getting her husbands to install it and want to photo when it is handed over.

3.4 Gracie Cres park (Karen)


The new wooden surrounds have been put on the rotten ones have been taken away but the bark has not been put down yet, asked if bark could be put into Polmasie Park at the same time

3.5 Residents parking on grass verges (Billy)


Still waiting on housing to see if fences are getting put up

3.6 Debris on path between Fallin and Throsk (Billy)


This has now been removed

3.7 Alpha reopening update (Billy)


This opening on the 24th January

4. Reports- External

a. Police Scotland/Enforcement Officer- being sent over


Not able to produce a report due to staff shortages looking to restructure report as it is not fit for purpose. Volunteer to meet up to discuss the report with. Karen advised she can do it work full time might be phone calls at night. Zoom call. Same data in every report. Different lay out different writing. Suggest a Zoom call.

b. Elected Member


She wished everyone a happy New Year. There was a motion about the bus services and knows the services in Fallin are diabolical. First Bus met with Stirling council officers regarding the recent poor bus service a motion put forward. First Bus are having issued with recruitment and retention of drivers and the sickness due to covid. All agree that the service is shocking over Stirling. Going to speak to other operators to see if they can get them to cover. Temporary timetable because it is part paid for by Falkirk and Stirling council


the F16 has not been effected but the timetable changes and are going to improve the communication with the staff. Going to extend the contact centre opening hours. Revising time table on the 24 th.

Adhoc panel regarding anti-social behaviour of Stirling council tennants. Full report goes to council on the 3rd March. About the amount of complaint about people being ant-social did and they not feel the council were dealing with it happened. Going to discuss sympathetic let this when they assess the tenant compared to where they are being placed. Going to ask the public for the views on how we deal with anti-social behaviour.

Protest in Stirling on Saturday anti-Covid vaccine between 200-300 people. There was not contact from the organiser to the police or the council.

Have not had contact about budgets yet.

Billy advised that Ferguson’s are telling people that the bus time table is changing on the Fallin route and it is going to get a Sunday service. Maureen advised that it is not right advising that Fallin does not have a Sunday service. Billy advised he will email Ferguson’s. Alex added that they asked about funding for new bus route. Maureen I heard that the government have been given more money for public transport but nothing has been mentioned about Fallin. They put out a consultation about there being a train station in Bannockburn. There was previous talk about a train station in Causewayhead but it would not help. Billy done the consultation but there was nothing about a new train station in Bannockburn, but did say about Coront/Bridge of Allan and also about Causewayhead.

Half a million for the whole of Forth Valley, sharing half a million across three council is peanuts. Any further forward in setting up their own bus service- not a bus service but a transport service, DRT get a taxi to a bus that can get you where you want. So need to book in advance, Maureen look into DRT and dial a service

5. Reports- Internal

a. Sub Groups


5.1 Miners Memorial


Sub group in place for the Miners Memorial, not spoken to Gayle. Billy advised that for that they just need to get funding to maintain it. Do it for the spring. Replace the broken name plates and get plastic ones and get something put in place for regular maintenance, speak to, Jean Cowie. Community pride is the


main one. She has more access can send a message. Apply for the funding for replacing plaques and general upkeep and David can get quotes for that. It’s more getting someone to do it. Bannockburn got volunteers. Advertise a day in March. All agree about applying for a grant.

b. Chair


Capital Spend happy for us to update what is being done; the drop kerbs have started to be done today started drilling at 8am, replacing the old railings in the top park, Stirling Road footpaths are getting done in February, planning to plant around 100 trees over the next few months. Still looking to repaint skid markings on the road and changing the bollards so they are all the same. Paths in walkway are being redone this month from Bruce Drive to the Forth and the Piggery. Replacing the bus stops within the next few weeks. Bruce Drive carpark has been given the go ahead, going to clear aware the trees and grass to resurface but still working on the fence. Put benches on the bus route. Going to redo the path through Polmaise Park and short cut paths to Balure. Hopeful of trying to source the contract to repair cycle path, outside of the library and install and zebra crossing. They are not doing the bark in Polmaise park as it is no capital. Need to follow up Gracie Crescent Park.

Have asked us to discuss cycle parking. Approached Nisa and they ignored them for two months. Anywhere else for cycle parking. Somewhere with lights. Reason approached Nisa kids leaving bikes lying down. Library or pharmacy. They were only talking about one/two or three now. Need permission outside Nisa in king street. School has cycle racks. Dilshads need to remove foliage.

Chemist/ chipshop. Is that encouraging them to hang about again? Parks

c. Secretary (including correspondence)


No Updates

d. Treasurer


£ 105.61 in the account. £1466.61 remain from the food Arnold Clark gave some money £1000 which was to be used for Christmas hampers but wasn’t due to Covid, done a raffle £265, £256 used for selection boxes, some of this left. Go toward the community gift toys and food.

Karen has James resignation- just send an email copy to Sharon

e. Recruitment


Recruitment need to advertise for the next month and see what comes out of that. Had one person come forward about that? Do a Facebook post and give a deadline and print off a flyer for notice boards. Need to be over 16 and live in the village and also be on the Voters Register.

Supplies for litter picking Stirling council would not give them. Maureen - why would they not give stuff. Council does supply stuff for that. Maureen to follow that up.

Billy contacted Keep Scotland Beautiful for accumulation points. Waiting on the dog enforcement team to get in touch will provide dog walking path marking. Will arrange a day, Dionne the school should have highviz vests. Nursery does not have them. Keep Scotland Beautiful has them. School have allocated that to one of their years. Posters are around £3 each - Correx is the cheapest one Anne-Marie offered and so did Dave. Could use admin grant. Asked to plan for the end of this month.

f. Planning


Nothing to talk about

6. Community Council Business (Community issues brought to the attention of the Community Council for debate and to agree/vote on actions that are in the interests of the community)


6.1 Campaigns and Events ( Future Sub-Groups)


Billy advised it would be good to do one for dog waste; he has been in touch with the school and nursey. Using the funds in the accounts, approximately

£100-£200 and possibly a litter pick in spring and one in the autumn. All agreed.

Set up a sub group for campaigns and one for events. Billy meeting Lightways tomorrow about the Christmas lights. Sharon says we should plan ahead, had email about funding. Make a schedule and inform Jean about the dates about funding opportunities. Alex believes Christmas should be separate and then have the other events. Christmas would be time consuming. There is not enough bodies. Most of the focus will be the big ones.

Can we do a go-fund me as long as they are transparent about what they are using the money for. Spoke to the council suggested battery operated lights for Christmas tree. Arrange a meeting for this sub-group. Need to discuss with the council about lights being connected the street lights in Fallin.


If not able to proceed with funding for the Mining Museum in time for the Community Pride cut-off date in Feb, we would like to apply for funding for a Spring Litter Pick in the village. All in attendance agreed but museum would need to be priority first.

Campaigns: Billy Bruce, Karen Walker, David Perrie, AnneMarie and any volunteers

Events: Billy Bruce, Karen Perrie, David Perrie, AnneMarie and Tina Fraser

7. AOB (Any items that Community Councillors wish to raise that are not an agenda item)


7.1 More regular sweep and litter pick from Springkerse roundabout to Fallin, not able to do more regular due to cuts and only have one mechanical road sweeper. Could do quarterly sweeps. Empty bins weekly, road to the dump would be cleaned more often. If anyone spots wagons dropping litter off the back while driving to the dump they need to contact the company as they can be fined. Same with the dog bin, lay overflowing for four days there must be vans going. Maureen will follow that up should be doing it more regularly than that.

7.2 Had residents complain about rats, contacted CC enquiries. Council told residents it’s on private land but it’s not, they told us they can’t bait public areas, only if a nest is found. Behind ISA and Hawthorn Crescent.

7.3 Fly tipping contacted about this and the bags have been moved but carpet cuttings and other items are still there, to give a week and then contact again. Commercial coca cola fridge and other items at the walkway. Gregor Wightman trying to get in touch with community justice to see if people in community justice will help the walkway. The fly tipper at Polmaise may have been caught, letter found in one of the bags of rubbish.

7.4 Problems with parking at junctions at Stirling Road, email sent to request yellow lines.

7.5 A request for lights to be put on the backroad to Cowie, since it has been redone it’s more dangerous, if not lights then reflectors on the edge of the footpath or fences.

7.6 Conditions of roads on the side streets and speeding traffic not doing cameras, could look and purchase speed monitors Kevin they are £10,000 to put in each. Maureen try again, police came down to monitor traffic.

7.8 Alex, litter picker, can I put forward a proposal a young man was going round picking up litter in the village would like to give him a wee award. Could put him up


for the Provost awards; think the names need to be in soon. On behalf the community council. A wee voucher or something, Billy says there is some money left from the volunteer fair that could be used. Can speak to mum and see what he likes. Alex raised about an award ceremony need to discuss this later. Dionne, link in with Emma Plank, could see if he can get some accreditation.

Next Meeting: Monday 21st February – Alpha Community Centre