June 2021 Minutes

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Minutes of the meeting held on

9th June 2021

(A virtual meeting held via Teams)


  1. Present/apologies for absence:




    Fintry Community Council Reps

    Michele Bennett (MB- Acting Chair)
    Sue Wallace (SW-Treasurer)

    Ian Rodger (IR)
    Hendy Spence (HS)

    Stirling Council

    Lynne McKinley (LMcK)
    Robert Davies (RD)

    Members of Public

    David Smith, Calum Craig, David Russell,

    Lisa Sinclair, Sam Canning, Stephen Robertson,
    Natalie Russell, Susan Rodger, Anne Hislop, Ian


    Dawn Skelhorn (secretary)


    FCC - Meg Duckworth




    ACTION: Lynne McKinley - to provide clarity/confirm when f2f
    meetings can recommence (expected Sept)


  2. Declaration of interest in any items of business

    • Planning note of interest will be covered later


  3. Approval of Minutes of last meeting:



  4. Stirling Councillor’s Report (RD)

    • Bridge Update public meeting to be arranged

    • DRT - Contact centre issues:

      • Inability to get through - ringing out/delayed response

      • Accepted advance bookings have to be reconfirmed in
        advance/ confirmation of availability of resources

        ACTION RD to review and come back on position and
        corrective action

    • MoP raised issues regarding Carron valley road issues and bin

      ACTION: MB to send issues to RD for investigation/response


  5.     Police Report - report submitted


    Forth and Endrick, Fintry Community Council June 2021 - Compiled by PC Steven

    Antisocial Behaviour –

    There were no reports of anti-social behaviour in the Fintry area since the last meeting.

    Road Safety

    There was an RTC on the Crow Rd where a vehicle has left the road. Driver failed the drink
    drive breath test however suffered injuries to his arms so was taken to hospital for
    treatment. Blood taken which was sent to the lab for analysis. Result awaited.

    Complaint received about parking during a rugby event at the sports club. Police attended
    and no vehicles were seen to be causing any obstructions.


    There have been no thefts in the Fintry area since the last meeting.

    A report of suspicious males was received from the area at Todholes Farm. It appears that
    the males were there carrying out an animal survey.

    All incidents in relation to suspicious persons or vehicles are welcomed and Police will attend
    to all these incidents immediately. We urge people to remain vigilant and report anything

    Bogus Workmen

    Bogus traders have recently been reported in the Aberfoyle area so please take heed of the

    Don’t deal with cold callers - find local traders who have been vetted by Trading Standards at

    Close the door on uninvited callers. Don’t feel obliged to answer the door to a cold caller - it is your
    home and you should not let anyone in unless you feel comfortable

    Take time to think before making a decision. Rogue traders may try to pressure you by saying that
    they have special deals which are only available today. Don’t let an uninvited trader start work
    straight away

    If an uninvited trader knocks on your door and tells you that urgent work needs done on your house
    or garden, don’t take their word for it. Always get a second opinion from someone you trust and get
    at least 3 quotes before having any work carried out.

    5 signposts to help you

    Close the Door on uninvited callers

    Take Time to think before making a decision
    Research - get at least 3 quotes

    Verify that the caller is genuine

    Report suspicious behaviour to @policescotland & scams to @advicedotscot

    Sign up for @nwatchscotland free alerts to receive timely local alerts about community safety &
    crime prevention from Police Scotland and other partners.



    Rogue traders go to great lengths to appear legitimate, with genuine-looking websites, leaflets and
    online reviews. But they can’t fake membership in a council run approved trader scheme:

    Fed up with rogue traders? Watch these top tips on shutting out scammers from @ policescotland
    @advicedotscot @socotss @tsscot & @nwatchscotland:



    Useful Links



    Rogue traders go to great lengths to appear legitimate, with genuine-looking
    websites, leaflets and online reviews. But they can’t fake membership in a council
    run approved trader scheme: https://approvedtrader.scot/


    Fed up with rogue traders? Watch these top tips on shutting out scammers from @
    policescotland @advicedotscot @socotss @tsscot & @nwatchscotland:





    Find the most up to date advice on doorstep crime from Police Scotland on the
    website. They also have a dedicated page with advice on scams and frauds.


    Call 101 to report any suspicious activity


    Call 999 and ask for the police if you feel scared or threatened


    To report doorstep scams to Trading Standards call Advice Direct Scotland on 0808
    164 6000 or visit scamwatch.scot

    For free localised alerts from key information providers regarding incidents and
    crime prevention, go to


    Get advice on consumer rights from your local Citizens Advice Bureau or by calling
    the Advice Direct Scotland Helpline on 0808 164 6000

    Find local traders who have been vetted by Trading Standards at the SCOTSS
    Approved Trader Directory: approvedtrader. scot


    Community Engagement and Reassurance

    It is important to you to have community officers who you know, who are accessible
    and who address local problems.


    PC Steven Graham is based at Balfron Police Office and can be contacted at the
    office, on 101, or at
    ForthEndrickCPT@scotland.pnn.police.uk. It is recommended
    that this email address is used by the local community for email contact.

    Please remember that we regularly publish useful information and updates on social
    media, including appeals for information, updates about road closures and crime
    prevention advice. Our Facebook and Twitter pages can be found at


    www.facebook.com/forthvalleypolicedivision www.facebook.com/policescotland


    www.twitter.com/stirlingpol www.twitter.com/policescotland

  6. FCC Members/representation


    • IR confirmed attendance of previous 3 meetings and therefore now fully co-opted to the
      FCC team

    • LMcK confirmed required procedure - only one space available and undertook the
      following vote:

      • 4 Community councillors present - needs a 75% (3 of the 4)

      • LMcK conducted vote - results

        Calum Craig - no votes
        Lorna English - no votes
        Natalie Russell - 3 votes
        Lisa Sinclair - 1 vote



  7. Complaints

  • Private complaints meeting took place 1st June with FCC members and LMcK as an

  • Comp. 1: Regarding non-verbal abuse and breaches of code of conduct - not upheld

  • Comp. 2: FCC council members behaviour (2 members of the council) - representation
    numbers insufficient to be covered at this session. With the increased representation
    new meeting will be set up to review

ACTION IR to arrange new date for private meeting to discuss
complaint 2.


  1. Treasurer’s Report June 2021


    General Fund Account

    The current balance in this account is £5,961.61. Which is no change from last month.

    The accounts for the year 1st April 20- 31st March 21 have been approved by local accountant
    Murray Macadam. The approved accounts are attached to this report.

    Foundation Fund

    The foundation fund balance to date is £22,187.54. The accounts for the year 1st April 20- 31st
    March 21 have been approved by local accountant Murray Macadam. The approved accounts are
    attached to this report.

    Summary of Grants given out by FCC from the Kingsburn fund and Spending on FCC projects


    Summary report sent to Kingsburn




    Project description

    Macro-Grant Fintry Museum


    Contribution to roof for new Fintry Museum Building

    Macro-Grant Fintry Sports Club


    Upgrade to Sports Club Community Car parl

    Macro-Grant Fintry Bowling Club


    Upgrade of heating as part of rennuvations to Clubhouse

    Macro-Grant Fintry Primary School


    Assitant with rennovations to outside play space

    Macro-Grant Fintry Bowling Club


    Purchase new lawn mower

    Macro-Grant Fintry Flower Show


    Additional Planting for flower beds

    Micro-Grant Fintry Flower Show


    Compost and plants for street flower beds

    Micro-Grant Menzies Hall


    New Notice Board

    Micro- Grant Exercise Group


    Exercise Equipment

    Micro-Grant School Christmas Project


    Toys and decorations for Santa Sled

    FCC- Project


    New Council Notice board

    Community Transport


    Weekly Shoppers bus for the elderly

    Community Activity Garden and Path Maintenance


    On going maintenance of the Community Paths

    COVID-19 Resilience Kingsburn Funded Projects


    Fintry Community COVID-19 response provding a prescription collection service, shopping and hardship funds

    COVID-19 Resilience External Grant Funded Projects


    Grants awarded for COVID-19 response spent as decribed for each grant

    Post-code lottery grant


    Christmas boxes for children and elderly





    Summary of Grants received March 2020- April 2021 and how the money was spent



    Stirling Council Grant




    Fintry Sports Club


    Fintry Sports Club


    Greenloft Natural






    Kingsburn COVID grant




    Laptops for School children


    Fish and chips for elderly and shielding


    Material for face coverings


    Manufacture face masks for primary children


    Community Garden








    Corra Foundation




    Kids Goodies bags


    OAP Food boxes


    Community Garden


    OAP Food boxes extra


    Food boxes extra










    Scottish and Southern




    PPE fro volunteers


    Travel for volunteers




    Boxes for school







    Foundation Scotland








    AGM Services for Community garden


    Kids Boxes


    Adult boxes








    Post Code Lottery Grant




    Christmas Boxes


    Community Garden








    Stirling Council Second Grant




    Care box for elderly (soup)


    Printing COVID-19 information for distribution to community







    Budget for 2021.



    Foundation Scotland Budget



    Commissioned Service

    Community Transport Scheme


    Commisioned Activity

    Continued Path Maintance


    Commisioned Activity

    Maintance of resilience fund assets


    Fintry Special Project

    Community Garden & Resilience Fund


    Fintry Special Project

    Menzies Hall Resilience Hub


    Fintry Special Project

    COVID-19 Hardship and Resilience Fund


    Fintry Special Project

    Donation to new play equipment


    Micro Grants-A

    Individual Grants £250-500


    Micro Grants-B

    Individual Grants £250-500


    Main Grants

    Constituted Groups £500-2500


    Student Study Grant

    Student Study Grant


    Administration Fee

    FCC Admin work



    Spend to date









    Update from Kingsburn with regard to our fund management.


    Falck group have requested quarterly reports as well as the annual report. The first report for this
    year (Jan-March 21) was completed and sent through to the Kingsburn team.

    We will need to update our MOU to include a complaints procedure and safeguarding policy.

    We agreed our procedure to cover our spending for the year was ok. This is based on presenting
    budget for year in May meeting for discussion and then approval in the June meeting. Also agreed
    we have the flexibility to change our priorities within the year following approval at a council

    Discussed the provision of an education/transport grant. The figure of £250 had been chosen as one
    seen as a large enough contribution but with out to much associated risk. Other trust are providing
    education grants I have a template we can review. ( as discussed at last meeting a grant was
    awarded to Kara May and I delayed getting back to her in case we decided there would be a
    possibility to increase the award). Suggest we continue with plan to process through Micro-grants
    system but investigate the possibility to provide an education grant.

    We also could set aside money into an endowment. Minimum is £25,000 but at the moment
    Kinsgburn will assist to “top” this up.

    Suggest at end of this year if we have money left over we ring fence it to go towards and


  2. Resilience Update

    • Plan continues with current services until the end of June - people have been advised of
      the possible cessation of the service and that a further review will be done at this

    • Flood meeting taking place next week (SEPA)

    • Claire Baily leaving TVC - new point of contact will be identified but is unknow at this

    • FDT meeting (Gordon Cowton) - funding being investigated to further support flood

    • Buggy club area at the community garden will be finalised this week

      • Rural forum meeting – Governance have been asked to put in place a new
        policy for the protection of Community Councillors from harassment. Update
        will be provided after the next Rural Forum meeting



        ACTION: provision needs to be made in the budget to cover travel costs for
        prescription service (mapped to Kingsburn fund)


  3. Planning

    • 1 application extension - bruach road APPROVED

    • Licensing Application received for the Fintry Inn and posted on site

    • Culcreuch Drive - Legal review undertaken - guidance provided for reference.
      Decision is on FCC if they wish to take it forward based on this info.

      ACTION: HS to provide information to Jim Nolan - no further action required.
      IR to update MoP (requiring access) - it is suspected that they are currently
      comfortable with accessibility levels but IR will feed back if there are any
      outstanding concerns


  4. Roads/paths (MB)

    • Sat Nav now reflecting changes but still needs clarification/simplification of

    • IR - Lade path signage: discussed with farmer and they usually post of face book
      but will look into the positioning of signage (both ends of path).

  5. Shelloch Windfarm (IR)

    • Force 9 will be holding a public meeting in the village hall to discuss any concerns the
      public may have.

    • Planning proposal has been reviewed and it is believed that there are still some
      technical issues and gaps in peat surveys that will extend Council discussions/review
      prior to final decision

Chris Robertson FDT believes that an imminent decision is unlikely and that review
and discussions will likely take a considerable time to work through.

ACTION: FCC to review and finalise letter before local feedback is sought and
submitted to Stirling Council


  1. Correspondence (MB)

    • Local community involvement in the development of the local plan - established
      working group will be contacted to see if they wish to be involved. LMcK: clarified
      that this is as a result of legislation change creating the opportunity for communities
      have greater involvement in decision making

    • Litter pick set up complete - activity can be commenced whenever date agreed. IR
      suggested we may wish to look at weekday evenings when traffic is quieter vs the

      ACTION - IR to propose date and collection points and implement once

    • Fintry CC received three letters of complaint regarding the behaviour of some members
      of the public at the last meeting they also offered support to the Community Council

    • Roads - early morning/late evening speed checks have been carried out by police as

    • Bridge Wall - to be inspected and intention is to repair/repoint

    • Lade works will recommence on 15/6

    • Rose beds at the cross - works completed but intended shrubbery has not been
      available so after consultation wildflowers have been sown as an interim solution.

    • CC received correspondence from the Governance Team regarding a compliant about
      the Community Council the CC are in the process of drafting a


    • Cicely’s way – CC received correspondence about grass cutting and damage to wild
      plants we have advised that it was always the intention cut the borders to protect the


      HS - commented that it has been a difficult year for plants due to weather
      conditions and late blooming - but there is an intention to further
      enrich the planting (which itself has been hindered by weather conditions).


  2. A.O.B.

    • No other business raised


oMoP - reiteration of the road/bridge issues around the LGV/HGV traffic due to the road
closure and the continuation

oMoP - Rugby traffic - Could FSC highlight/promote the reduced speed limit.

ACTION: IR will take action to communicate this with the Rugby
Club and at Rugby meets

oWebsite - Sam Canning offered to support the website - SW to set up meeting to bring
up to date.

oMoP - Comment for Councillor Davies: Fintry roads some of the worst roads in their

RD - Recognised that they are not getting the priority - commitment
made to try and get more focus on this will do what they can to
keep pushing this.

MoP - highlighted the seeming poor state of the repairs that are
being carried out and which are causing greater issues. RD suggests

taking pictures and sending these through to Stirling council or
himself for raising.


IX Date of next meeting

  • 9th September 2021