May 2021 Minutes

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Minutes of the meeting held on

12th May 2021

(A virtual meeting held via Teams)


  1. Present/apologies for absence:

    • Present: Michele Bennett (MB-Vice Chair), Sue Wallace (SW-Treasurer), Angela May (AM-
      Secretary), Ian Rodger (IR), Hendy Spence (HS)

    • Lynne McKinley

    • Other attendees: David Smith Calum Craig, David Russell, Lisa Sinclair, Linda Pearson,
      Moira MacKay, Sam Canning, Stephen Robertson, Natalie Russell, Tommy Cannon, Ian
      McKay, Dawn Skelhorn (minute taker)

    • Apologies: Meg Duckworth (Planning/Licensing)


      ACTION: Lynne McKinley - to provide clarity/confirm when f2f meetings can
      recommence (expected Sept)


  2. Declaration of interest in any items of business



  3. Approval of Minutes of last meeting:



  4. Stirling Councillor’s Report

    • Not in attendance


  5. Police Report - report submitted

    • Antisocial Behaviour –

      • There was a report of a minor dispute at Culcreuch Ave, Fintry. No crimes were established
        and advice given

      • There was a “rave” set up at an area near to Todholes Farm. Police attended and fines were
        issued to persons there for breaches of Covid restrictions.

      • A van was reported to be on fire near to the Denny cut off. No evidence of any criminality. Police
        attended for road closure duties while fire service dealt with the fire.


    • Road Safety – There have been no reportable RTCs in the Fintry area since the last meeting.

    • Theft - There have been no thefts in the Fintry area since the last meeting.

      All incidents in relation to suspicious persons or vehicles are welcomed and Police will attend to all
      these incidents immediately. We urge people to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious.

    • Fraud – Shut outs scammers – During May Police Scotland will be running a “Shut out
      Scammers” campaign highlighting Rogue Traders. This will mainly be an online
      campaign, however, please take heed of the following:

      • Don’t deal with cold callers - find local traders who have been vetted by Trading Standards at

      • Close the door on uninvited callers. Don’t feel obliged to answer the door to a cold caller - it is your
        home and you should not let anyone in unless you feel comfortable

      • Take time to think before making a decision. Rogue traders may try to pressure you by saying that
        they have special deals which are only available today. Don’t let an uninvited trader start work
        straight away

      • If an uninvited trader knocks on your door and tells you that urgent work needs done on your house
        or garden, don’t take their word for it. Always get a second opinion from someone you trust and get
        at least 3 quotes before having any work carried out.

    • Please consider the following:

      • Use timer switches on lights and radios to make it look as if your home is occupied.

      • Ensure all doors and windows are secure when you leave and when you go to bed.

      • If possible, use secure lighting at the front and back of your property.

      • Make sure all garden tools and ladders are locked away when not being used. Don’t give
        the thieves the tools to break into your house.

      • Use a good quality lock on any garden sheds and outhouses.

      • Make a note of all makes models and serial numbers of expensive items in your home.

      • If your house is fitted with an alarm then please use it. This is a good deterrent should
        thieves manage to force entry to your house.

      • create a FREE and secure inventory of all your personal property at

      • If you note anything suspicious in your neighbourhood report it on 101.

    • Fraud - There was a report of attempted fraud in Balfron regarding Bitcoin investment and one in
      Gargunnock regarding the sale of puppies.


      Fraudsters can make contact with you by phone. The caller might pretend to be from your bank and
      ask for personal information such as bank details or they might be someone offering you a deal or a
      prize. Other calls have been made by persons purporting to be from HMRC stating that there was a
      warrant out for the receiver of the call and was asked to contact the number that was given. This is
      clearly a false call so please heed the below advice:


      • Consider making your phone number ex-directory.

      • Don’t give out any personal information unless you are the one who made the call and
        you are certain of the identity of the person you are speaking to.

      • Don’t give out your credit card or bank card details to strangers on the telephone.

      • NEVER tell somebody your bank PIN number, even if they claim to be the bank or police. If
        the caller is genuine, they will never ask for this information.

      • Don’t give out information which may infer that you live alone, are older or vulnerable.

      • Never send money to anyone who claims to have a prize for you. If it sounds too good to
        be true, it probably is.

      • Contact local trading standards – they may be able to use approved ‘call blocking’


        5 signposts to help you


        • Close the Door on uninvited callers

        • Take Time to think before making a decision

        • Research - get at least 3 quotes

        • Verify that the caller is genuine

        • Report suspicious behaviour to @policescotland & scams to @advicedotscot


        Sign up for @nwatchscotland free alerts to receive timely local alerts about community safety & crime
        prevention from Police Scotland and other partners.

        Useful Links



        Rogue traders go to great lengths to appear legitimate, with genuine-looking websites, leaflets and online
        reviews. But they can’t fake membership in a council run approved trader scheme:


        Fed up with rogue traders? Watch these top tips on shutting out scammers from @ policescotland
        @advicedotscot @socotss @tsscot & @nwatchscotland:



        Find the most up to date advice on doorstep crime from Police Scotland on the website. They also have a
        dedicated page with advice on scams and frauds.


        Call 101 to report any suspicious activity


        Call 999 and ask for the police if you feel scared or threatened


        To report doorstep scams to Trading Standards call Advice Direct Scotland on 0808 164 6000 or visit


        For free localised alerts from key information providers regarding incidents and crime prevention, go to


        Get advice on consumer rights from your local Citizens Advice Bureau or by calling the Advice Direct Scotland
        Helpline on 0808 164 6000


        Find local traders who have been vetted by Trading Standards at the SCOTSS
        Approved Trader Directory:


        Community Engagement and Reassurance


        It is important to you to have community officers who you know, who are accessible and who address local


        PC Steven Graham is based at Balfron Police Office and can be contacted at the office, on 101, or at
        It is recommended that this email address is used by the local
        community for email contact.


        Please remember that we regularly publish useful information and updates on social media, including appeals
        for information, updates about road closures and crime prevention advice. Our Facebook and Twitter pages
        can be found at




  6. Complaints

    • x2 complaints received - FCC sought guidance / advice from Stirling Council on approach.
      Recommendation from SC is that these be handled in a separate private meeting.

    • Advice accepted by Community Council Members and the complaints will be investigated and
      addressed in a separate session. The date of which will be published in advance in accordance with
      the guidelines.


  7. Treasurer’s Report

    • Summary of 20/21 spending provided

      • Summary of 20/21 spending - 20/21 Accounts sent to Murray Macadam for approval

      • Paths: Riverside walk and Ciceily’s Way referenced: It was proposed and agreed that Bob
        Pollack does a good job and he should continue the upkeep and maintenance.

    • Overview of FY 21/22 provided and provisional spend breakdown proposed - agreed in principle.
      (Acknowledging that these may be subject to change in line with community priorities) Points noted:

      • Paths: Riverside walk and Ciceily’s Way referenced: It was proposed and agreed that Bob
        Pollack does a good job and he should continue the upkeep and maintenance.

      • Bus Service recommencing and we are seeing increase in usage. (in line with Covid

      • Proposed FCC contribution to overall playpark renovation budget: £5k

      • Student Educational (travel) grant budget:

        • 1 application received

        • Clarification requested if the grant also applies to ‘apprenticeships’ - FCC response
          was that they too qualified and could submit applications.

        • Current grant set at £250 per individual per annum - FCC requested to consider the
          possible increase of this to £500 per individual or possibility of multiple grants per
          annum. Note: If grant increases are agreed a budget review will need to be

          ACTION: FCC team to review the Kingsburn memorandum with Foundation Scotland and asses
          the possibility of reviewing the award thresholds


          ACTION: FCC to finalise and communicate the Student Educational grant criteria and any
          qualification criteria subject to Kingsburn/Foundation Scotland review (number of
          requests/value of requests)

        • LmCK - NOTE: if criteria are amended FCC needs to ensure that individuals who have
          already applied are not disadvantaged and awarded at the new levels.


  8. Resilience Update

    • Prescription’s service ongoing – 4,500 prescriptions delivered to date

      • Evaluation ongoing about making this a permanent service (once a week)

        ACTION: provision needs to be made in the budget to cover travel costs (mapped to Kingsburn fund)

    • Shopping services ongoing will be reviewed at the end of June

    • Approximately 450 care boxes for the elderly vulnerable hardship have been delivered over the last
      year. (incl. food, household items, clothing, covid masks, hand sanitiser, soaps, feminine hygiene,
      Christmas gifts, etc)

    • Community Garden project ongoing and this season’s initial plating has taken place with engagement
      of the Primary School

       +750 trees distributed throughout the village in support of flood prevention

      • More trees will be made available later in the year

    • Grant application being made for works at the hall - for submission before the 10th June. Request will
      be submitted for £15k

      • Q: SW - do we need to have the generator at Knockcraig serviced this year? MB confirmed
        that this is likely but is expecting email prompt from the service company.

    • Various works undertaken:

      • Culvert enlargement has been completed on crow road – Culvert enlargement and ditch
        works completed at Clachan end of village to help elevate and convey water in a controlled
        way the flooding for the 10 houses. A spokesman contacted FCC to thank us on their
        behalf. The council have also carried out ditch works just before Clock burn and Kippen
        Road, Proviston Farm and Sports field on our behalf to elevate flooding issues. There are
        still some drainage works to be completed at front of church which will be done in due

    • Future planned works /activity

      • Kippen road flooding signs - – The solar panelled flood in progress signs will be installed on
        Kippen Road we are still in discussion with the flooding officers and the roads department
        of exact location of the second sign and this will be discussed at our next meeting.

      • Scottish flood forum - River gauges. The Scottish Flood forum has been in touch to advise
        they have received an additional grant and have put Fintry forward to receive an additional
        river gauge for further upstream (original ones are in Clachan burn/Lade burn) the exact
        location will be confirmed at the next flood forum meeting

      • Clare Bailey’s VSO team flooding resilience project is back in operation. Householders
        concerned have been contacted direct. Flood forum meeting arranged for 16th June 2021
        also on same day 2 house flood reports to be carried out. We’ve not met for over a year
        due to covid.

      • Rural Forum Session next week - resilience review session – We have a meeting on Monday
        night with Stirling council’s resilience managers

      • Mother & Toddlers area – The mother and toddler’s area in the community gardens works
        have started by the resilience volunteers (benching and planters discussed in March 2020)
        which was requested during lockdown.


  9. Planning

    • Please refer to attached report for new applications

    • Mr T Canning has applied for permission to build a garage with accommodation over at 27 Culcreuch Avenue

    • An Application for the erection of a timber and steel structure, for housing light machinery and garden
      maintenance equipment, south of Hallburn has been approved

    • An application has been made by Mr D MacKay to erect a forestry building on concrete hard standing 300m
      north of Provanston Farm

    • An application by Mrs E Ross to build a dwelling house and garage on land adjacent to Croftinstilly has been


  10. Telephone Box

    • The phone box is in fact a Category B listed phone Box by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott 1935 it was listed on 23rd June
      1989 by the Community Council

    • BT would like communities to purchase their telephone box’s back for a nominal fee of £1(?). It was agreed
      that this would need to be discussed with Community because of the listed status there would not be an
      awful lot of changes that could be carried out to telephone box

      ACTION - FCC to put survey out to Community.



  11. Roads/paths (MB)

    • First of all, would like to thank Stirling council for their help on the Honeyholm Road/Lennox toll road who
      came out and repaired the road for a funeral within an hour of phone call.

    • Potholes have been filled in on Kippen Road and Balfron Road. FCC have also requested the potholes be
      filled in on the C23

    • B818 Road Closure – Branshogle Bridge – FCC have been in discussion with our community policeman
      regarding the large lorries coming through our village and asked them to have a chat with the owners of
      Claylands Farm to remind the large tanker drivers that Fintry is a 20mph zone. Specialist consultant
      assessments being carried out over the next two weeks to determine cause of collapse (delay is due to
      access permissions and installation of temporary road for machinery). Assessment will determine way

    • Road/Traffic calming survey – FCC have had confirmation that the additional road survey we requested
      earlier on in the year will be being carried out in the next few weeks from the 20mph sign at the
      Balfron/Killearn road B818.

    • Note: Hendy Spence - makes an observation that new 20 mph speed limits are not reflected on sat nav and
      signage still needs to be updated.

      ACTION: MB to raise with Stirling council

    • Lade path - pre-agreed installation of drains - Additional funds required for materials (£200 - increase from
      estimate based on price changes and additional deterioration since original assessment)

      SW confirmed this will be made available.


  12. Shelloch Windfarm (IR)

    • Letter drafted for circulation/review by the FCC: reflecting a consolidation of view and opinions.

      i. FDT position is supportive with caveats

    • IR Noted: The lack of consistency in the opinions of various groups/individuals.

    • Some concerns raised regarding the precedence and continued expansion

    • Shelloch representative open to additional public meeting (Covid restrictions allowing)

    • No known progression from Stirling council yet: held up due to delayed local engagement/concerns raised

      ACTION: FCC to review and finalise letter before local feedback is sought and submitted to Stirling Council


  13. Play park update

    • Playpark: Climbing frame - Buccaneer tower (£16,000 incl vat, £13446.15 ex vat)

      • FCC is in the process of applying for funding for the climbing frame from the following –
        Kingsburn £5,000

        Stirling Council community pride fund £1,500
        Awards for All £7636

        Western Recreation Fund £2,000

    • We have been successful in securing funding from Stirling Council for installation and the safety
      surface for the climbing frame £12,000 approx.

    • AK & MB will be arranging a site visit for phase 2 with various companies and Stirling council.

    • Killearn & Balfron community council and Loch Lomond national park, who have recently refurbished
      their playparks, have and are giving us advice on funding initiatives that they used to get their parks

    • Public consultation will commence for phase two at the end of June.



  14. Correspondence

    • Angela May resignation - Accepted and acknowledgment of her contribution thanks given for

    • Signage regarding cattle in fields with public right of way (core path)

      • Responsibility sits with landowner and signage needs to be non-permanent (not positioned
        indefinitely acting as a deterrent)

        ACTION: FCC to engage with the landowner and request the erection of signage (free
        signage possible through NFU - so will be little to no cost for them)

    • Culcreuch Castle Farm - Lambing signage vandalised and removed twice found in castle pond.
      ACTION: FCC offered to put up social media post but farmers have stated that they will

    • Manure at School - Clarification given as to the safety (well-rotted, not abrasive)


  15. A.O.B.

    • Rose beds - topsoil laid and will be planted in the next week

    • Apple Blossom Trees on main street will also be replaced in the Autumn.

    • Culcreuch Castle drive – letter to Mr Kim re vehicular access. FCC still awaiting response from Stirling
      Council’s Solicitors.

    • IT Support - Sam Canning confirmed his willingness to help/support.


      • Member of the public expressed appreciation for the cherry tree replacement plans

      • Member of the public raised concerns re speeding of HGV traffic late at night (HGV’s - as late
        as 11pm) and concerns re the deterioration of the wall surrounding the park/rose beds.

        ACTION: FCC to request further police checks and to contact Stirling Council regarding wall

      • Member of Public asked for clarification on CCTV signs at the community garden and were
        advised that the FCC had installed them on recommendation from the police and to
        safeguard gardening equipment etc

      • Member of public had a query regarding Stirling Council work on the old rose bed, the lack of
        turning over of soil and poor-quality workmanship. Was advised works were not yet

      • Member of public raised concerns that public have not been consulted on phase two of the
        playpark. Was advised that it was at the very early stages and nothing would be going ahead
        before public consultation.

      • Member of public wishes to acknowledge that FCC are doing the best they can in challenging
        times and noted her appreciation of the work and support they provide the community.

      • Three members of the public raised their concerns of the attacking tones from some
        members of the public who attended our meeting. They also offered their support for the
        Community Council.


  16. Date of next meeting

    • 9th June 2021