Sept 2022 Minutes

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Fintry Community Council Minutes of the AGM & meeting held on

28th September 2022


(Menzies Hall, Fintry)

· Present/apologies for absence:





Fintry Community Council Reps

Michele Bennett (MB - Chair Moira MacKay (MM)

Ian Rodgers (IR) Terry Baitrum (TB)

Stirling Council

Not present

Members of Public (MoP)



PC Steven Graham


Sue Wallace (SW) Natalie Russell (NR)




  • Declaration of interest in any items of business


· Approval of Minutes of last meeting:


· Stirlineg Councillor’s Report

No Councillor present

  • Police Report - report submitted


Forth and Endrick, Fintry Community Council

Community Council :

Sep 2022 - Compiled by PC Steven Graham

Reporting Period :


PC Graeme McNulty will be joining me in the Ward Officer role for the Forth and Endrick area on 12th September. Graeme was previously the School Based Officer at Balfron High School.

Antisocial Behaviour –


Report of a camper van on fire near Fintry Loup. Nothing to suggest how fore started and unable to trace an owner.

2 males cautioned and charged with fishing without permission on Carron Valley Reservoir.

Fence damaged at the broken bridge on B818. Thought to be caused by cyclists however no evidence to support this.

Road Safety


A police pursuit originating from Glasgow area passed through the village. A vehicle parked on Main St was slightly damaged during this. Details passed to Glasgow enquiry officer.



There have been no thefts in the Fintry area since the last meeting.

2 reports of suspicious vehicles were received. One vehicle was traced and was a false alarm and the other Police attended however there was no trace of the vehicle.

Ward Plan Priorities


 Identity theft

Identity theft is when criminals get access to someone's personal information. They then use it to steal their identity. They could then pretend to open bank accounts, get credit cards, loans and mortgages or to claim benefits. They could even take over someone's accounts and change the address. They can steal someone's name and reputation. Then can use this to make money.

Here are a few ways which these criminal’s work:

They search through rubbish to find bills or bank statements They target flats where shared mail boxes make theft easier

They bribe or rob postal workers or purchase the information from other criminals They search through unattended bags.

Warning signs



There are a number of warning signs to look out for:

If you get bills or invoices for goods, you have not ordered If you get collection letters for debt that isn't yours or

There are transactions on your bank or credit card statements that you do not recognise Important documents such as your passport or driving licence may have been stolen.

Take action



There are a number of steps you can take to avoid falling victim to identity theft:


Text Box: If you think you might be a victim of identity theft, don’t delay:

Contact your bank or building society Keep a record of all communication Report the matter to the police
Request a copy of your credit report (such as Equifax or Experian) - you can ask for incorrect information to be removed.

Amazon Scams
The Amazon Scam is a common form of attempted fraud. There are two frequently reported messages: Your subscription is due for renewal and an automatic payment will be deducted from your bank account
A button has been clicked on your account and a payment is due as a result, but the caller can help you secure a

In both cases, the caller, asks consumers to visit a website and download either software or an app in order to check their account. Downloading this software will grant the scammer access to your computer, where they could potentially access your bank account details.

Another cold call was recently reported, claiming to be from Amazon’s fraud department and saying that your account has been hacked. The caller says that an iPhone had been ordered and asked for your mobile account details in order to secure a refund.

If you receive a suspicious call, email or text claiming to be from Amazon which asks for personal information, a payment, or offers a refund you don’t expect, you should not give out any personal information.


 Fuel theft advice



There has been a rise in domestic and commercial fuel tanks. It’s important to put measures in place to protect your fuel tank and make it extremely difficult for thieves to target your fuel.

Please find below some tips to avoid becoming a victim of such a crime:

Locate your tank in a safe location remembering that many thieves use Google Maps to find satellite images of fuel tanks.

Consider locating your tank behind a garage or shed and away from roads. Positioning it close to your business or home will ensure it’s in clear view.

Locate inside a security gate or cage with a good quality, robust fence or cage to make life difficult for thieves.

Install an alarm Consider fitting alarms to external gates surrounding your fuel tank or to the inside of a shed or outbuilding that is housing the tank.

Fit a fuel theft lock, thieves often come armed with tools so it’s worth investing in quality locks, locking fuel caps and anti-siphoning deterrents to slow down the criminals and reduce the likelihood of success. Locks with a CEN or BSEN 12320 Grade 6 classification indicate maximum security (Grade 1 is the least secure)

Install outdoor security lighting positioning your tank in the bright light is an effective solution worth considering. With the majority of thieves striking at night, installing automatic security lighting will help stop criminals from targeting your fuel tank.

Install CCTV cameras on your premises to dissuade anyone from targeting your tank as well as catch a thief in the act, providing the police with the evidence required to bring those to justice who choose to ignore the deterrent.

Put up signage to highlight the security measures you’ve installed can help deter those up to no good.




Treasurer’s Report September 2022



Grant was voted on for Primary School out of school care/ Breakfast club grant approved by FCC on the 19th June 2022 this was due to the timescale involved in the project.

Request for funding towards equipment for a college course for £250 was voted on and approved by everyone present.

Strathendrick Ladies rugby enquired about a grant the FCC advised them to send in a grant application.

Shelloch monies the FCC to comprise a survey to ask what ideas the Community would like to see the money spent on this will be sent out to all households in the Community.

The piolet Scheme by FCC to introduce buses from Fintry to Lennoxtown and to Stirling on temporary bases on a rota once a fortnight was voted on and approved. Dates will be posted nearer the time.

The child protection policy we have for the resilience team will also be adopted for FCC this was voted on and approved.

Annual accounts have been approved by the external and independent accountant.

Resilience Update


Prescription service is ongoing

Hospital travel for people who cannot get by any other means or you can’t drive yourself is still ongoing FCC put up a notice on Fintry buddies’ letters to go out each household.

Applications ongoing for Resilience Funds.

Hardship letter gone out on Facebook will go out to each household also

Grant applications have gone in to assist the Community with fuel poverty etc. Resilience group hopes to have fortnightly lunches etc for people to meet and keep warm.

Soup delivers will start again in November.

Loch Lomond Fishers Trust flooding report was expected at the end of August this will include input from Edinburgh, Dundee universities and Stirling Council but due to the dry summer it has been delayed until October/November 22

The resilience group has been awarded a grant for the Community Garden, food parcels and hardship etc

Vulnerable elderly and Hardship Families




This was voted on and approved Erection of a temporary tubular guyed meteorological mast to provide additional wind data in relation to the consented shelloch wind farm has gone in to Stirling Council’s planning department.

An application received by Stirling Council for permission the felling of 1 damson tree The Clearic main street.

Erection of Dwelling house 10b main street.

The Community Council has received Correspondence regarding this application from members of the public in concern to flooding issues. The Community Council will be commenting asking Stirling Council planning department to ensure that SEPA and Stirling Council’s Flooding officers are asked to comment on this application.

Fountain refurbishment


FCC are at the moment in process of putting in another grant application for the restoration of the Fountain at cross this will also including raising it along with providing planters for flower show to plant every year this has been done in consultation with Environment Historic Scotland / Stirling Council

The fountain is now listed at category C

The FFC have applied for grants on two previous occasions unfortunately we were unsuccessful.

During Covid19 these grant bodies specific for Listed buildings etc were closed and are now opening up.

Playpark Update


The two new Springers for toddlers should be installed in the next couple of weeks Phase two –

The equipment for phase two has gone out to 3 different companies for costings the path works will be getting done by Stirling Council own contractors Disabled access will be from the core path on castle drive.

Hopefully we will have all costing in by early November.

Member of the public raised the fact that one of the small trees in the park has come down MB will advise Stirling Council.


Ogilvie Development



FFC had a public Meeting on 27th June with members of the public.

FFC has responded to the planning application objecting in principle on concerns of flooding this can be seen on Stirling Councils planning portal.

The developers have asked for an extension to the planning application Stirling Council has agreed to this until November 2022

SEPA have responded advising the developers that their objection remains.

Roads / Paths


Cicely’s way extension the contactors and paths for all have been out to quote for the path

The path is not wide enough in parts we are still awaiting on confirmation from the owners of Culcreuch to use additional land.

Will need additional fencing on road side plus drystone dyke rebuilt and drainage Meetings arranged with Stirling council and Drystone dyke association / health and safety


Lade path the TCV are going repair drainage that’s been washed away also looking at tidying up the path with Volunteers the FCC approved this earlier in the year

Branshogle Bridge looking like the end of October due to the fact the pour was to be done the day of the queen’s funeral and has to be rescheduled to get all companies involved to agree on a date.

Repair works at the bottom of Culcreuch Ave will not be carried out until the Branshogle is complete as to carry out works the road will need to be closed

The speed activation sign has been repaired on the main street.

Traffic calming survey will be sent out in next few weeks to all households.

Police have advised they will be carrying out more speed checks within the village




Letter received from member of the public looking for funding towards college equipment (see finance) this was approved

Email received re speed activation sign not working this has now been repaired Email received re Branshogle bridge asking about completion date mb to reply

Email received regarding the stones on grass verge near Easter Glenboig stating how dangers they are this letter will be forwarded Stirling Council.

3 letters received from members of the public regarding a planning application for new build raising concerns regarding flooding issues (see planning).

Cllr McGarvey has sent in contact details to be put on the noticeboard for members of the public.

Cllr McGarvey has sent email re scams for fuel poverty, The FCC has posted on Facebook.

Email received highlighting the Stirling councils’ residents survey FCC have posted on our facebook page



Poo bin at the garage end of the village will be replaced by Stirling council

Air quality pollution / Carbon sensors have gone up in around the Village this is joint project with Stirling Council and SEPA.

The Chair asked if the village wanted to do a memorial to the Queen the suggestion was a plaque to go on the fountain as part of its refurbishment or maybe something in the hall the FCC will look into this.

Date of next meeting


  • 12th October 2022


AGM Draft Minutes 28th October 2022




1/ Present /apologies for absence



Present: Michele Bennett (Acting chair), Iain Rodgers, Terry Baitrum, Moira MacKay 4 members of the public, P.C Steven Graham

Apologies: Sue Wallace (treasurer) Natalie Russell (Secretary)

2/ Approval of minutes for last AGM

3/ Chairs Report followed by questions from the floor



4/ Secretary’s report followed by questions from the floor





5/ Treasures Report



Treasurer’s Report September 2022



1. General Fund Account

The current balance is £4,999.

The annual accounts for the year April 21- March 22 were audited by Murray Macadam and we thank him for this annual service that he provides.

We have an underspend of the Stirling Council Grant from the previous years so we have not received any payment from Stirling Council for this year.


From the balance in our account we will need to ring fence £500 to cover admin fees for the next 12 months and £500 for contingency. The remaining balance is available for spending if required.

The £2,000 grant for the jubilee has been used in full to fund the various activities organised to celebrate this event. Funding included the costs for the pipe-band, quiz master, circus workshop and activities for the children of the village.

2. Foundation Fund


The current balance is £36,850. Having received our Kingsburn grant for the year (£27,483).

The annual accounts for the year April 21- March 22 were audited by Murray Macadam and we thank him for this annual service that he provides.

The funds available for 2022- March 23 will be £45,839. The current budget and spend to date is shown below.

Foundation Scotland Budget





Commissioned Service

Community Transport Scheme




Commisioned Activity

Continued Path Maintance




Commisioned Activity

Maintance of resilience fund assets




Commisioned Activity

Flood Prevention Project




Fintry Special Project

Community Garden & Resilience Fund




Fintry Special Project

Menzies Hall Resilience Hub




Fintry Special Project

Hardship and Resilience Fund




Fintry Special Project

Prescription Collection service




Micro Grants-A

Individual Grants £250-500




Main Grants

Constituted Groups £500-2500




Student Study Grant

Student Study Grant




Administration Fee

FCC Admin work





Post code lottery grant