Aug 2021 Minutes


Gargunnock Community Council Meeting

Monday 2nd August 2021

Members Present: - David King, Jon Sutherland; Lovat MacGregor; Christine
Phillips and Douglas Barr.


In attendance: Fraser Sinclair (Minute Taker), Steve Barnet and Tom Jamieson
and Councillor Rob Davies.


Apologies: Julie Cole, Charlie Fitches


  1. Apologies

    Jon opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and noted apologies.


  2. Declarations of Interest



  3. Adoption of Previous Minutes

    The minutes of June’s meeting were accepted. Proposed by Lovat McGregor and
    seconded by Douglas Barr.

  4. Matters Arising
    Gargunnock Noticeboard

Total cost is £2,800 for new noticeboard. David confirmed he will discuss the

shortfall in funds with the Wind Farm Trust. Re-apply to the windward to seek if they
would approve for funds to be released.


Action: Douglas and Jon to fill out a new application.


Electric Car Chargers

Charging units are in place, but no connectivity has been made live as yet and EDF
need to also install the meters. No timescale given as yet.


Action: Lovat confirmed he will contact the Council and see what progress has
been made to date.


Road Safety – Junction at A811 Station Road

An article has been put in The Bugle. Lovat advised that today that a letter has been
put in all doors in Gargunnock on the basis of constituents to write in about any
incidents at that junction to feedback to assist the Council to progress with the
change of use for this junction. Petition has been kept open and this would feed into
that process for the petition.


Action: bulletin will go up on the noticeboard to encourage residents to write in.



Vegetation Clearing Gargunnock Burn


Lovat spoke to Councillor Berrill today and showed him eight documents that the
Council own the burn. All evidence has been taken to Stirling Council and they have
advised that no action will be taken by them (the Council). Lovat suggests a petition
and write into the Ombudsman. It was discussed at what would be the best option.


Action: Councillor Davies said he would clarify


Cycle Path to Stirling


David advised that a meeting took place this afternoon regarding this cycle path
and community engagement was raised – landowners, tenants and famers are not
complying – no further consultation has been done for now. Suggestion was a small
steering group, representatives from the village i.e. the school, community council,
Stirling Council. Gargunnock Estate are open to discussions.


Action: Jon to request a representative from Stirling Council to attend the
community council to discuss and progress.


Grass Cutting – Rest Garden


Still not resolved as yet.


Action: Councillor Davies will follow up.


Vacancies on Community Council

One application has been validated and a voting needs to be progressed.


Resilience Planning

Risk and Resilience Team have been in touch regarding resilience planning for the


Action: Jon will circulate the email that came out and asked that people feedback.

5 External Reports
Police Scotland

Report was shared out but nothing to note.


Elected Members Update


Councillor Davies updated that Council in June – discussed the new appointments
following Councillor Lambie’s death to which Councillor Berrill and Hutchison have
been appointed too.



Change of the bin collection, has been an influx of constituents emailing in
regarding the changes.


Doune The Rabbit Hole Festival was cancelled due to Covid regulations.


IJB have reviewed the Strathendrick Care Home. Councillor Berrill has been heavily
involved in that.


  1. Internal Reports
    Chair Update

    Himalayan Balm is growing wild in the village and has been reported to the
    community council by a resident. The community council will look into what proper
    measures can be taken and will follow up on the residents behalf to seek removal
    or how best to manage.


    Planning Process guidance was circulated again and was reinforcing the proper
    steps to take.


    Waste Service Plans meetings are taking place – Ward 2,3,4 – Tues 14th August
    which Jon will attend.


    Shelloch Wind Farm – Steven Park sent an email about information on the new
    proposal for the farm and what engagement is taking place and if the community
    council have any comments.


    Secretary Update




    Treasurers Report


    £2,898.99 in the balance. The bulk of the monies will be put towards the


    Planning Update


    No update.


    Roads and Transports Update


    Lovat advised earlier in the meeting of what all is current regarding Station Road


  2. Residents Forum

    Not applicable.



  3. AOB



  4. Date of Next Meeting


4th October 2021 – The Garden Room, Community Centre (TBC)