March 2021 Minutes




Gargunnock Community Council Meeting
Monday 1st March 2021

Microsoft Teams


Members Present: - Jeremy Wilkinson (Chair), Jon Sutherland (Secretary); Julie
Cole; Charlie Fitches; Lovat MacGregor; Douglas Barr, Helen Rowell, Christine
Philips and David King.


In attendance: Fraser Sinclair (Minute Taker)


Apologies: Police Scotland.


Abbreviations: GCC = Gargunnock Community Council

SC = Stirling Council


  1. Apologies & Introduction

    Jeremy opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and noted Police Scotland

    The Chair noted that GCC are required to hold meetings in public, and
    consequently have not held a meeting since the implementation of the Covid-19
    pandemic restrictions came into force. However, thanks to the temporary
    amendments that SC have made to the Scheme of Establishment for Community
    Councils, we are now permitted to hold GCC meetings by video, teleconferencing
    or other remote means. Jon has selected MS Teams as our platform for GCC
    meetings; and thanks go to Jon for setting up this evening’s meeting.


  2. Declarations of Interest



  3. Adoption of Previous Minutes

    The minutes of March 2020 meeting were approved as an accurate record.

  4. Matters Arising
    Gargunnock CC Noticeboard

No further action has taken place on procuring a noticeboard due to the difficulties
presented by the Covid-19 restrictions.

As there have been limited number of village events requiring notices, together
with the need to up-date quotations for the noticeboard, and to verify the source of
additional funds, the Chair suggested shelving this project (Noting, that if the
project is not implemented, the grant from SC’s Community Pride Fund will need
to be returned to SC.)

David asked is it possible to use the community council funds to purchase since,
it’s monies in the bank is at healthy balance. Jon advised that a noticeboard
supply company had been circulating offers of noticeboards at reduced costs.


It was unanimously agreed, that in light of everything else going on, this project
should be shelved for the time being.


Action: Jon to circulate copy of the communications from Noticeboard Company
with offer of a noticeboard at reduced cost, for information.


Gate at Sawmill Cottage

Jeremy has spoken to a representative from Leckie Estate who said they would
contact the owner about the restricted access through the gate on this Core Path.
However, the Leckie Estate is in the process of being sold and Jeremy has
suggested that we should wait until the new owner is in place and then discuss
with them.


Car Chargers

Lovat spoke with the Sustainability Team within the Council on 16 February and
they have confirmed that a company have been awarded the contract to install
two electric chargers on Main Street (opposite the pub). The contractors are
awaiting approval for a permit and connectivity connections and should progress


Road Safety at Junction of Station Road and A811.

Jeremy updated GCC on the three year debate that has been ongoing with
Stirling Council concerning the safety issues at the junction of Station Road and
the A811. Currently, we are waiting to hear back from Stirling Council on the
outcome from E&H Committee which was held in February. Cllr Berrill got in
contact two weeks ago to report that SC claim the issue had been resolved with
white lining and traffic measures that have been installed. Jeremy contacted Cllr
Berrill and advised that significant safety improvements had not been made for
vehicles entering the A811 from Station Road, and that further collisions have
happened in 2020. In the response from SC, it was recorded that the Roads Dept
were talking to residents and with adjacent landowners - none of these actions
have happened. Jeremy watched 11 Feb E&H Committee and SC stated that they
were unaware of recent accidents. Situation is being revisited by Stirling Council.

Lovat has asked Police Scotland for incidents on A811 at the junction at Station
Road in the last ten years to seek if that would give any data for leverage to
pursue some form of road safety mitigations at the junction.

Action: Lovat to liaise with the Roads Dept to follow up information and next


Clearing of Vegetation from Gargunnock Burn at the School


Lovat updated that Stirling Council have confirmed they own the land on either
side of the burn, but do not own the burn itself.

Action: Lovat to contact Stirling Council again to negotiate that the vegetation be
cut down by their Land Services Team.

Road Safety

Members of the community have been raising issue regarding the potholes along
the Eastern entrance road into the village (particularly around the entrance to
Hillhead Farm). The Community Council discussed about populating a priority list
of potholes. There has been some work done during the past year, but some
areas for concern.

Action: Lovat to resubmit the list again that was composed prior to lockdown,
highlighting high use roads and flag to Land Services to remedy.


5a. Police Report

Police Scotland circulated report to the Community Council, and this report was
summarised at the meeting by the Chair. One issue of anti-social behaviour has
been reported; one minor road traffic incident occurred on Main Street; and a
resident reported being contacted by a telephone fraudster.


5b. Elected Member’s Report

No update.


5c. Stirling Council Report

No update.


  1. Reports


    6a Chair’s Report

    Although GCC has not held a formal meeting for almost a year due to the Covid-
    19 pandemic, GCC Councillors have continued to support the community, and the
    Chair gave the following summary of the key activities of the Chair and
    Community Council over this period.


    1. Gargunnock Mutual Aid Group

      In March, a group of residents formed the Gargunnock Mutual Aid Group to help
      the village during the Covid-19 pandemic; and in order to help gain additional
      support, the Group linked themselves to the wider SC area efforts. However, the
      Group was not eligible for funding from SC as the Group is not a constituted
      organisation registered with SC.

      In order, to support the efforts of the Group in helping the elderly, vulnerable and
      key workers of Gargunnock, GCC adopted the Gargunnock Mutual Aid Group as a
      sub-group of the Community Council. This then provided some level of insurance
      cover for the Group’s work relating to resilience efforts (e.g. delivery of leaflets,
      collecting shopping, etc.).



      GCC also then became eligible to receive and distribute a grant of £500 from SC to
      help cover the expenses (travel expenses, masks, hand gel, etc.) of those volunteers
      who are supporting the community during the pandemic. GCC are required to keep
      details of how the grant is spent; and when the current crisis is over, any
      underspend must be returned to SC. To date, there has been no claim from
      members of the Gargunnock Mutual Aid Group for any expenses.

      GCC would like to thank the Gargunnock Mutual Aid Group for their efforts in
      supporting residents of the village.


    2. Storm Damage in Rest Garden

      A beech tree in the Rest Garden was blown over during a storm in early May, and
      a resident subsequently approached GCC asking that the tree should be replaced.
      The Chair contacted SC’s Land Services who have agreed to replace the tree.


    3. Potential Damage to Station Road

      A local landowner approached the Chair in March with a concern that a retaining
      wall along the Gargunnock Burn (West of Fleuchams) was starting to collapse into
      the Burn, and could result in failure of the roadway. The Chair obtained
      photographs and submitted the concern to SC, who agreed to arrange an inspection
      and make necessary repairs.


    4. Gargunnock Community Trust Strategic Plan

      In June, the Community Trust sent the GCC Chair a copy of the Trust’s draft
      Strategic Plan 2020/25 for review and comment by GCC. The Chair circulated the
      document to all Councillors for their comment, and then provided feedback to the
      Trust. The Chair thanked the Trust for their courtesy in allowing GCC to see and
      comment on their draft plan. The Chair provided a summary of the Councillors’
      positive comments, with one suggestion for an additional project in the

      “Development” section of the Plan. In conclusion, GCC unanimously agreed to
      support the Trust’s Strategic Plan.


      The suggested additional project was for creation of a “Gargunnock Village

      Welcome Pack” for distribution to new residents of the village. The objective of
      this project is to create a booklet containing useful information to introduce new
      residents to the facilities available in the village, and to help them settle into their
      new home. GCC provided a detailed overview of the potential contents of the
      “Welcome” booklet, which could include: a brief introduction to Gargunnock
      highlighting key features of the village; a map of the village; brief history;
      overview of the roles of GCC and the Trust; important dates; contact details for
      school, Stirling Council, public transport, etc.; listing of community groups; and
      facilities available at the Community Centre.


    5. Use of the Football Field

      In July, a resident asked GCC for permission to use the football Field (Provost
      Park) for children’s football matches. The Chair responded that the Park is owned
      and managed by Stirling Council, so SC should be contacted for permission.


    6. Post Office Hours

      In June, the Post Office announced that the operating hours for the mobile
      post office in the village would be significantly reduced (resulting in no
      presence in the village on Tuesday or Wednesday). A resident approached GCC with a concern about the reduced hours and the lack of consultation.
      David King contacted the Post Office who stated that the current two PO vans
      based at Kippen (which service the surrounding villages) would be reduced to
      one van based on an analysis of footfall/usage of the service. The new hours
      came into effect at the end of July.


    7. Availability of Flower Beds in the Rest Garden

      Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, SC had decided not to plant flowers in the Rest
      Garden (located on Manse Brae, between the Church and The Square). In June,
      Helen Rowell approached SC Land Services requesting permission for residents to
      take over the planting. SC agreed to allow the planting of annuals, herbs or
      vegetables for the 2020 season only. Helen circulated this information to residents
      (via facebook, The Bugle, and the village noticeboard), but unfortunately there
      were no green-fingered residents who were interested in this project.


    8. Charlie Fitches

      On 15th July 2020, Charlie Fitches let the Chair know that he would be taking a
      sabbatical from the Community Council due to personal reasons.

      On 15th February 2021, Charlie resumed his duties as a Community Councillor.


    9. Community Council Representative on the Wind Farm Fund Panel
      Charlie Fitches also resigned in July from the position of GCC Representative on
      the Gargunnock Community Wind Farm Fund Panel. Douglas Barr volunteered to
      replaceCharlie on the Panel. Jon Sutherland has also offered to take over from
      Julie Cole (who is currently the second GCC representative) when her term on the
      Panel comes to an end.


    10. Dog Kennels at Wester Leckie (Glinns Road)

      A planning application was submitted to SC for erection of dog boarding kennels
      at Wester Leckie on Glinns Road. GCC received a number of communications
      from residents concerned about the proposal (relating to potential noise problems,
      light pollution, increased traffic on Glinns Road, and disposal of waste), and
      consequently GCC raised questions with SC about the operation of a commercial
      kenneling operation on the site. On 10th June 2020, SC notified GCC that the
      applicant had decided not to pursue this application, and had confirmed in writing
      that the application is withdrawn.


    11. Driveway Gates on Leckie Road

      Residents have complained to GCC following the installation of metal gates and
      railingsat a driveway on the South side of Leckie Road in the Conservation Area.
      The residents were concerned that the gates/fence are unsightly and out-of-keeping
      for a Conservation Area.

      Enquiries by the GCC Planning Representative discovered that the installation of
      the gates/fence may have been in breach of planning control. SC’s Planning team
      have stated: “…. we do not consider the works to cause any significant issue or
      harm to public amenity, however we will be seeking the submission of a

      retrospective planning application or removal in order to rectify the breach.”


    12. Wolfcraig Distillery

      In October, a Proposal of Application Notice was submitted to SC for a £15

      million “whisky experience” to be located in Touch between the A811 and Touch


      Road. The plans include a whisky distillery and an education-focused family
      visitor attraction, a private tasting room, and 180-cover bistro restaurant and bar.
      More details can be found at

      Although this project is outwith the GCC area, the developer has recorded that
      GCC are an interested party, and consequently have communicated their plans to
      GCC. If the project proceeds, it may, in fact, generate potential employment and
      recreation opportunities for Gargunnock residents.

      The Chair facilitated a meeting in October between the developer and
      Gargunnock Paths Group members to discuss the potential route of the
      Stirling-to-Gargunnock path that may pass very close to proposed distillery.


    13. Shelloch Wind Farm

      As everyone is aware from recent articles in The Bugle, the Stirling Observer, and
      Facebook postings, there are plans for a new Wind Farm on the Fintry Hills. The
      proposal covers the installation of five wind turbines together with associated
      infrastructure to be located just West of the existing Earlsburn and Kingsburn
      Wind Farms.

      The initial public consultation allowed public comment, however two Gargunnock
      residents were concerned that the 8-week consultation period didn’t give them
      adequate time to consider the proposal. Consequently, GCC contacted the
      developer who agreed to extend the consultation by another two weeks (closing on
      28th August).

      An overview of the proposal, together with responses from the developer to
      questions posed by Gargunnock Community Council and Gargunnock Community
      Trust, was reported in the October 2020 issue of The Bugle, and further
      information on the project is available on the developer's website.

      Stirling Council has recently received the formal Planning Application and
      Environmental Statement for the project. Notices on the GCC facebook page,
      village noticeboard, village website and The Bugle newsletter informed residents
      on how to submit comments on the Planning Application.


      Whilst the community’s view of the acceptability or otherwise of the development
      can be based on many factors, GCC recognise that the decision by the Planning
      Authority will rely exclusively on material planning considerations. In relation to
      these planning considerations, GCC took the relevant matters into account in
      assessing the proposal. GCC has also received a submission from Gargunnock
      Community Trust supporting the application. GCC has consequently summarised
      our assessment in a letter of comment to SC’s Planning Dept., concluding that:

      ……”subject to all appropriate mitigating measures being put in place,
      Gargunnock Community Council supports the Shelloch Wind Farm planning


      If this project proceeds, there may be a Community Benefit Fund that could
      support projects in the village. GCC unanimously agreed the following proposal
      from the Chair: “In order to take advantage of the expertise of the GargunnockThe Community
      Trust has accepted this invitation.



    14. Water Main Leaks and Flooding – Main Street

      In January, residents and GCC reported a significant water leak on Main Street,
      just West of the junction with Stevenson Street (causing a wash-out on Charlie’s
      Loan), to both SC and Scottish Water. Scottish Water subsequently identified a
      blockage in the surface water drainage system, which they have now cleared.


    15. Water Main Leaks and Flooding – Charles Street

      Flooding in Charles Street has been an ongoing problem and apparently can
      include sewage waste. At the request of GCC, following a re-occurrence in
      January, Scottish Water has assessed the situation again, and has stated that there is
      a lack of capacity in the drainage system for handling high-rainfall events.

      Although Scottish Water recognise that this problem exists, resolution is not likely
      to happen in the near future due to high workload, so any future occurrences need
      to be reported promptly to Scottish Water (with photographic evidence if possible)
      to help raise this problem up their priority list.


    16. Stirling Council’s Waste Transformation Programme

      In June of last year, Stirling Council announced the approval of their Waste
      Transformation Programme, without any prior discussion with Community

      Information on the Programme was included in the local press, and in letters to
      residents’ homes. More details are available on Stirling Council’s website,
      however, in summary the key points are phased introduction over the next two
      years of:

      • Replacement of the grey and brown bins (that are coming towards the
        end of their life) with new bins of the same style as the existing green
        and blue bins. This standardisation of the bin styles will also facilitate
        improved operational efficiency.

      • Stopping the current free garden waste collection, and the introduction
        in April 2021 of an opt-in charging system for fortnightly garden waste
        collection (£35 per year).

      • A new four-weekly collection frequency for the grey (non-recyclable
        waste) and blue (plastics, cans, cartons) bins, instead of the current
        fortnightly service, This is expected to come into effect after July 2021

      • The ending of glass box collections when the Scottish Government’s
        “National Deposit Return Scheme” starts in July 2022. After this
        scheme kicks in, glass waste not covered by the scheme can be put in
        your blue bin.

        Note that green bin (paper and cardboard) collections will stay the same and
        will be collected every 4 weeks, and there will be no change to the frequency
        of brown bin collections.

        Implementation of the Transformation Programme has started in Gargunnock with
        the replacement of the grey and brown bins during the first two weeks of January.


    17. Councillor Graham Lambie

      It was with great sadness that we heard recently of the death of Stirling Councillor
      Graham Lambie. Graham was a great supporter of GCC and actively advocated
      for a number of our proposals, including our push for traffic calming in the village.
      He was in regular attendance at our Community Council meetings, and his
      valuable input will be missed.



      The Chair has sent a message to SC asking that they pass on our condolences to
      Graham’s family.


    18. Stirling Council’s Spaces for People Fund.

      This is a Scottish Government Fund aimed at improving public spaces through the
      delivery of infrastructure and traffic speed reductions to support safe active travel
      and assist in the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. Over a three-week period
      in October 2020, Stirling Council consulted the public for resident’s views on how
      Stirling Council’s share (£513,000) of the Fund could be spent.


      Stirling Council has assessed all responses to the consultation and on 20th January
      finalized a list of projects for development and delivery. One of these projects is
      “Gargunnock – Installation of traffic calming entry gateway treatments”.


      GCC has not yet been consulted on the project, but the Chair has approached SC
      with a request to be involved in the development of its plan. SC have replied,
      stating that it: “… will contact Gargunnock Community Council and other key
      stakeholders once the draft designs have been developed, which will be by late


    19. Restricted Access on Ladies Walk Path at Millthread Cottage on the
      Gargunnock Estate.

      A resident has approached GCC with her concern that access along the Ladies
      Walk path with her child in a buggy is not possible due to the presence of a kissing
      gate. The path is a Core Path and the “kissing gate” does not allow access for
      bicycles, wheel chairs, horses, children’s buggies, etc. The resident has
      approached Gargunnock Estate and SC about the problem, but with no success.

      The Chair has now also approached SC’s Access Officer for help in ensuring
      access along this path, and has suggested that a 1.5m wide, 2-way, self-closing
      gate would resolve the problem.


    20. GCC Article for The Bugle

      The Chair created an article for the February 2021 issue of The Bugle providing an
      update on the work of the Community Council, and giving information about
      issues affecting Gargunnock.


    21. Christmas Lights

      GCC would like to thank: Lovat MacGregor and the team of residents who
      installed the Christmas lights in The Square; the Rural for their Advent
      windows event; the church for the lights on their tree; and the residents who
      lit up their homes – all helping to brighten up what was a difficult period for
      us all.


    22. Opportunity to Shape Future Health and Care Provision
      Clackmannanshire and Stirling Health and Social Partnership are asking
      communities in rural Southwest Stirling for their views on the delivery of
      community health and care models. GCC has circulated details (on the GCC

      facebook page, in The Bugle newsletter, and on the village noticeboard) of a series
      of virtual events and an on-line survey, if any resident wishes to take part.


      The following actions came from the Chair’s Report:-



      Action: Jeremy will chase SC Land Services about replacement of the tree in the
      Rest Garden that was blown over in a storm.

      Action: The Gargunnock Wind Farm Fund Panel has two Community Council
      representatives on the panel (Charlie Fitches and Julie Cole). Julie has given
      notice that she will step down from the panel at the end of her term, but only if
      another Community Council representative can step into place. Discussion was
      had and it was agreed that Jon Sutherland will take on the position when term
      comes to an end.

      Action: Julie confirmed that she will follow up with the SC Planning team about
      the status of the retrospective planning application for the metal gates and railings
      recently installed on a Leckie Road driveway.


      6b Secretary’s Report

      No update.


      6c Treasurer’s Report

      Douglas circulated to the community council his report.


      6d Planning Report

      Only update is that Graham’s Dairy have submitted a Proposal of Application
      Notice for construction of a new dairy at Boquhan Home Farm, and have offered
      to discuss their proposals with the community council – the council agreed to
      acknowledge the email and invite them to the meeting to discuss their proposals.

      Action: Julie to contact Graham’s Diary.


      6e Roads and Transport Report

      Lovat been in touch with a Traffic Management Officer, spoke to him about issues
      around speeding vehicles in the village. He has advised that they can monitor the
      speed of vehicles of cars in the month of March to gauge a better indication, and
      identify areas for potential traffic calming measures if required.


      6f Defibrillator Report

      Charlie updated that no calls have been for the use of the defibrillator. Charlie
      also wished to acknowledge the death of Stuart Ballantyne who was Chair of the
      Trossachs Search and Rescue Team and had actively supported the installation
      of defibrillators in the village.


  2. Community Council Business

    Helen raised the question about approaching SC again this year to allow residents
    to plant seeds in the flower beds in the Rest Garden. As there was no interest
    from villagers on this opportunity last year, GCC agreed not to contact SC again
    for this planting season.


    Helen announced she will resign from the Community Council. She is not able to
    attend the AGM, but her resignation will be formally accepted at the AGM.



    GCC meeting dates for 2021 have been selected by Jon and communicated to
    GCC councillors and to SC. Jeremy has updated the GCC notice on the village
    noticeboard to show the 2021 meeting dates.


  3. AOB



  4. Residents Forum



  5. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 26 April 2021 and AGM 2020 at 7.30pm held via Microsoft Teams.