Oct Extraordinary 2021 Minutes

Gargunnock Community Council
Extra-ordinary Meeting

FINAL minutes


Date: Wednesday 20th Oct 2021

Time: 19:30

Location: Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 816 9125 7991

Passcode: nWM5c5


  1. Apologies-None

  2. Matters Arising

    1. Complete co-opting process for DM and MB

      At the virtual Full-time members were individually polled and asked if they agreed to the co-
      opting of David Millar (DM) and Mike Buckley (MB). Result was unanimously positive for both
      DM and MB to join GCC

      DM and MB will become “full-time” members after attending 3 GCC meetings or 6 months from
      20.10.21-whichever is sooner


  3. AOB

    1. DM will get quotes for equipment to support virtual GCC meeting and circulate the
      information to GCC councilors

    2. DM will book the Gargunnock Community Centre, Garden room, planning for the
      next GCC meeting to be face-to-face

    3. If audio/virtual meeting equipment is available, by the next GCC meeting, DM will
      set this up for use in the garden room of the Community Centre


Next meeting: Monday 6th December-7.30 to 9.30pm, in Garden Room of the Gargunnock
Community Centre + virtual meeting capability (described above)