April 2022 Minutes

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Gargunnock Community Council

Regular Meeting


Date: Monday 4th April

Time: 19:30 – 20:30

Location: Gargunnock Community Centre (Garden Room & Waiting Room)

Zoom Meeting : Not available

Attendees: Christine Phillips (CPP), David King (DK), David Millar (DM), Lovat MacGregor (LM), Julie Cole (JC), Mike Buckley (MB) and Douglas Barr (DB)


1. Apologies- DM, LM, JC, MB

2. Declarations of interest- None

3. Adoption of previous meeting minutes 7th Feb- proposed (DK)/seconded (DB)

4. Matters Arising

A. Gargunnock CC Noticeboard-progress update (DB): noticeboard is ordered, deposit paid. Date for assembly expected w/c 11.4.22

B. Road junction at Station Road/junction with A811 ACTION: LM to provide an update at next meeting

C. Village shop update (CPP):

  • Funding applications awarded (£240+£4800)
  • Plunkett membership in progress

· Business consultants appointed-CMS.coop, based in Lancashire

· Feasibility and Business plan underway-CMS.coop have lots of experience and expertise in Scotland

· Open Public meeting planned for 12th May 2022, in Community Centre, agenda tbc and speakers will include Business consultant Dave Hollings

a. Aim of open public meeting to fully describe project and progress to date; outline future options and hold Q&A

5. External Reports: NONE

A. Police report: No actions

B. Planning report: No comments or actions

6. Internal reports

A. Finance (DB): current balance of GCC account – as of 4.4.22, balance is £2655.95

i. Admin grant application for 2023 to be submitted by July 2022

ii. DB still awaiting confirmation from Stirling Council that their blanket Insurance covers for all GCC assets. Reminder sent

iii. Not enough funds for camera to hold virtual meetings ACTION: DB to liaise with SB at Stirling council re-funding for camera

B. Stirling Cycle path (DK): Application will be submitted on 23.4.22


i. Informal feedback from Stirling council is positive

ii. Letter of support will be submitted from GCC ACTION for CPP to send to DK

7. Residents Forum: Nothing raised

8. AOB:

· Minute taker (DM/MB): no one in this role for some time however may be that there is an interested party

ACTION: MB to advise if there is an applicant


Stirling Council (SC)

Gargunnock Community Council (GCC) Gargunnock Community Trust (GCT) Douglas Johnston (DJ)

Date, time and venue of next meeting is AGM- Monday 9th May 2022