December 2022 Minutes

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Date: 5/12/2022 Time: 19.30

Location: Gargunnock Community Centre, in person only

In Attendance: Lovat MacGregor (LM), Douglas Barr (DB), Christine Phillips (CP), Lorna Rogers (LR), Julie Cole (JC), Richard Parkin (RP), Mark Dickson (MD), Cllr Gerry McGarvey (GM)

Members of the public: Andy Mayhew (AM), Martin Harrick (MH), Edmund Mansion (EM), Richard Parkin (RP)

No zoom available for this meeting only, as secretary is unavailable


  1. Apologies – David Millar, Mike Buckley, Lorna Roger


  1. Adoption of previous minutes

Proposed by DB, seconded by JC


  1. Declarations of interest: None arising


  1. Matters arising:
    • Christmas lights (LM, CP)

Christmas lights put up by local residents. Owing to electricity costs the GCC will add on a meter to the village’s lights so that the resident provider can be compensated. Owing to the fact they are ‘public lights’ there may be protocols to follow for Stirling Council in the future


  • Roads:
    • Speeding signs at entrance (LM)

Stirling Council rejected the application to erect and plug in radar signs as Gargunnock was deemed an ‘affluent village’.


ACTION: LM to send the response from Stirling Council to GM for action

  • Works to improve exit to village (LM)

No further response from Stirling Council. Rosery Fraser had agreed to chase this up with Stirling Council.


ACTION: LM to chase up with RF and copy in GM


  • Village shop (CP, MB, DB, JC)

The shop remains on the market. Unconfirmed reports that an offer has been made but nothing has been formally accepted.


Two applications have been made. The Islands and Rural Projects Grant (£55k) was refused and the Scottish Land Fund application (£155k) still pending.


  1. External reports
    • Police report: None received
    • Planning report (JC): No update from the A gate was erected a few years back on Leckie Road that some residents felt was out of keeping with the village. No planning permission was made at the time and the issue remains ongoing.


Earlsburn Windfarm Extension – the project has now been reduced to 13 turbines but the two that are visible from Gargunnock remain in the plan. Contrary to Stirling Council’s planning objectives but expect a formal planning submission to be made in due course. If no amendment is made the GCC will proceed with objecting to the application.


GM advised to check the Local Place Plan and reference if the application is in breach of it. GM further said that the GCC’s objection would ensure it goes to Panel. Draft objection letters can be distributed in the village and residents can file directly to Planning if/when an application has been made.


JC emphasised the GCC has supported renewable projects in the area (solar and wind) but feel that the scale and visible impact is going too far for this project.


ACTION: Find out which Councillors are on the Stirling Planning Panel (JC)


  1. Internal reports
    • Finance reports: Bank balance was £1373.19. Today stands at £1131.37 (hall lets, bought tree, minute taker and notice board)


  1. Residents’ forum
    • Andy Mayhew:
      • Confirmed that the children got their Christmas Cards in Ukraine from Gargunnock Primary School (66 cards)

  • Explained there used to be a path from the square to the Community Centre along the south side of Leckie Road. AM believes it should be reinstated to save residents from crossing the Members present questioned whether it was due to there being insufficient room to allow buses to pass the road now.

ACTION: CP to look into the background to the footpath


  • Edmund Mansion: concerns over a tree that is at risk of collapsing on his property. GM offered to assist Edmund directly on this issue.



  1. AOB:
  2. GCC meeting dates for 2023


  1. Provost Park Fencing issues

David Crow raised issue with the collapsed fence as there is dispute over who is responsible for the fence. Stirling Council has engaged solicitors to help determine the owner of the fence. Significant time has elapsed and the issue is not moving forward.

ACTION: GM recommends the issue is raised by the GCC with Stephen Bly


  1. Provost Park Upgrade and Exercise Equipment

Stephen Bly informed GCC that funding was available for exercise equipment and whether there was interest for such facilities in Provost Park.


ACTION: CP to talk with active residents to determine the interest in the type of equipment that people would use


  1. Resignation

Lorna is standing down from GCC owing to other commitments. Lorna’s efforts to assist the GCC were greatly appreciated and she will be missed.


Any residents interested in getting involved with the Community Council are welcome and encouraged to do so.



Next meeting: TBC