June 2022 Minutes

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Date: 06th June 2022 Time: 2030

Location: Gargunnock Community Centre


In attendance: Lorna Rodger (LR), Lovat MacGregor (LM), Douglas Barr (DB), Christine Phillips (CP), David Millar (DM), Mark Dickson (MD)

Virtual attendance: Cllr Gerry McGarvey, Ian Roger (IR), David King (DK),



1. Apologies

Julie Cole (JC) and Mike Buckley (MB)

2. Adoption of previous minutes

Proposed by DB, seconded by DM

3. Declarations of interest:


4. Matters arising:

  • New noticeboard (DB)

Arrived but damaged in transit. Should be sorted on 14 June (DB).

  • Speeding signs at entrance/exit to village (LM)

New designs acquired. Recommended design (happy/not happy speeding face) would cost £2,495 plus VAT as well as costs to connect to power. It costs an additional £475 for a solar kit. 3 signs are recommended for the village at Manse Brae, Leckie Road and Station Road. It would be possible to tailor these signs such as saying ‘Slow Down, School Area’ on Station Road (LM).

Cllr McGarvey recommends LM getting in touch with Angela McGibbon and Caroline Fraser from Stirling Council for advice/support on this issue.


ACTION: LM to contact the aforementioned parties concerning support/funding as well as enquire about ownership/maintenance/insurance issues. Cllr McGarvey has offered to coordinate a meeting for this.


  • Road works to be done at Station Rd/A811 (LM)

Verbal confirmation from previous Cllr that road improvements would be made.

Stephen Blyth says he has discussed the matter with the relevant Council Officer (Caroline Fraser?). Site survey has been completed and site plan being prepared to allow it to move forward to discussions with the relevant landowners.

Cllr McGarvey confirms the budget remains secure with the Council.

ACTION: LM to confirm whether Caroline Fraser is the relevant Council Officer for this issue.


  • Village shop (CP, MB, DB)

Funding applications to be submitted to Scottish Land Funds and UK Community Funds. The GCC is working in collaboration with the Gargunnock Community Trust and Shop Working Group to secure funding before an approach can be made to the owners with an offer.

The preferred option remains for community to acquire the existing shop owing to the central location providing the best footfall to serve the whole community.

5. External reports

  • Police report

Nothing received

  • Planning report


6. Internal reports

  • Finance reports:

Current balance £1,712.14 (only May expenditure was for Jubilee plaques)

7. Residents’ forum

· Concerns raised over whether the defibrillator in the phone box is still receiving power

ACTION: MB has checked the phone box defibrillator and it is still operational


8. AOB



· Confirmed that in accordance with the GCC Constitution that Lorna Rodgers can be co-opted as a member of Gargunnock Community Council. Proposed by DM, seconded by DK. Vote held and all members vote in favour.

ACTION: DM to get in touch with Stephen Blyth for any necessary paperwork


· Giant hogweed encroaching up Gargunnock Burn into the village. Health concerns associated with this issue.

ACTION: DK to email Cllr McGarvey who will follow up with Stirling Council to try and address the issue.


  • Road issues:

o No road markings on the junction of McNeil Crescent beside the shop. Issue highlighted after a near miss between a pedestrian and vehicle.

o Bollard on Manse Brae has been knocked down

ACTION: LM to take and submit photos of these issues to Cllr McGarvey




Next meeting: 08th August 2022






Date: 06th June 2022 Time: 1930

Location: Gargunnock Community Centre


In attendance: Lorna Rodger (LR), Lovat MacGregor (LM), Douglas Barr (DB), Christine Phillips (CP), David Miller (DM), Mark Dickson (MD)

Virtual attendance: Cllr Gerry McGarvey (Cllr GM), Ian Roger, David King (DK),

Presenters: Erin Murchie (Falck Renewables), Justin Reid (Reg Power), Keith Geddes (Pagoda)



A full copy of the presentation is available in pdf format.


All information is provided on the slides including a projected visual of the turbines from Gargunnock.


Naturalis is a joint venture between Falck Renewables and Reg Power. The scoping report containing the Environmental Impact Assessment for the project has been sent to GCC. It is likely there will be a reduction in the scale of the application from its current format. As the scheme is over 50MW it raises the approval process from Stirling Council to the Energy Consent Unit (Scottish Government) though Stirling Council remains an important consultee.

Falck already supports the Wind Farm Fund and stated they are committed to continuing to work with the community. It was emphasised that Falck will remain for the duration of the Windfarms and not just for the development phase.

It was stressed that the community’s views were a serious consideration in the planning process and would be taken seriously by both the authorities and developers alike. Both the developers and Councillor McGarvey agree that the Community Council was the appropriate mechanism to represent these views.

Questions raised:


What local jobs will be provided?

Effort to use local contractors for the development.

What efforts will be made to offset the carbon impact upon the destruction of peat?


Peat probing report is to be conducted this week and will provide more information as to the potential environmental impact.

What will happen to the blades upon decommissioning?

The current inability to recycle blades is recognised as an issue in the industry. The decommissioning process will have to be outlined in more detail as part of the submission.

Where are the turbines being manufactured?

This has not been determined yet, blades are produced across Europe.

How long will the development take to complete?

Estimated 12-18 months to build

What kind of Community Benefit Schemes have you been involved with?

There are a variety of different schemes. Over time Falck paid for a turbine at Fintry and the community now receives the revenue for that. They have 8 windfarms with cooperative schemes that offer an annual return. Most community benefits go to their onshore windfarms through Foundation Scotland and various community trust funds allowing the community to determine what to do with the funds. It is up to Communities themselves to say what they want and how they want it to work. It is also possible for Community Councils to group together to manage funds if there is an interest to do so.

Will Stirling Council have a say in the submission?

Yes, they have ability to object which would take it to appeal. As the scheme is over 50MW it is the Scottish Government (government energy consent unit) that will make the final decision.

(Question to Cllr McGarvey) Does the Council hold a position on the development?

The committee does not hold a position until a submission has been made. This will be informed by the views from local communities. Cllr McGarvey emphasised the Community Council’s voice is not to be underestimated in the process.

Will there be projected views of the turbines from Stirling Castle?

Yes. Cultural heritage sites such as Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument will be included in the projected views.

Do you have any insights into other proposals for the Gargunnock Hills?

Not aware of anything at this time. It is recognised there is a point that the landscape can get saturated. Projects are dealt with on a first come, first served basis so any future project would have to consider the impact of this project. An objective judgement will be made on the impact of cumulative projects on the landscape as part of the assessment. Shelloch and any other live developments will be taken into consideration.

Where is the entry point for the site?

Via the Touch Estate (detailed on the Site Constraints slide of the presentation)


Does the Community Council need to apply to be a Statutory Consultee for this application? It is assumed GCC would automatically be a Statutory Consultee but it is recommended to get in touch with Stephen Blythe to confirm

ACTION: CP to ask Stephen Blyth whether GCC will automatically be a statutory consultee or whether we need to register our position. A: GCC will automatically BE INCLUDED