February 2023 Minutes

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Date: 06/02/2022 Time: 19.30

Location: Gargunnock Community Centre


In Attendance: Christine Phillips (CP), Mark Dickson (MD), Douglas Barr (DB), Mike Buckley (MB), David Millar (DM), Richard Parkin (RP), Cllr Rosemary Fraser (RF), Julie Cole (JC)


Members of the public: Allan MacMillan (OM)


  1. Apologies


  1. Adoption of previous minutes

Proposed by DB, seconded by DM


  1. Declarations of interest: None


  1. Outstanding Actions from Previous Meeting

ACTION: CP to look into the history/ownership of the southern verge to Leckie Road

ACTION: Still no response from Steve Blyth on the issue of the fence at Provost Park. CP to chase.

ACTION: RF to share the names of the Councillors on the Planning Panel


  1. Matters arising:
    • Christmas lights (LM, CP)

GCC would need to pay electrician to conduct assessment to ensure lights are compliant and safe following new requirements from Stirling Council. A local resident has kindly offered use of their domestic outlet.


ACTION: DM to get an update from LM and look into getting rough costs to determine whether it is likely to exceed £500


  • Roads:
    • Speeding signs at entrance (LM)
    • Works to improve exit to village (LM)


Matters pending update from LM at next meeting


  • Village shop (CP, MB, DB, JC)

Discussions held with Development Scotland and the Plunkett Foundation.

Stage 1 funding application submitted to the Scottish Land Fund. Expect response in a few weeks’ time as to whether we can progress to Stage 2. There have been further damages to the property since last year.

Approximately £10k funds need raised to get an architect to determine repairs and refurbishment required. Request for tenders have been sent out for this work. Scottish Land Fund and Gargunnock Estates Trust have been approached for support for funding this work.


A Community Benefit Society (CBS) has been set up to support any potential management of the shop. The preferred course of action would be to lease the shop to a tenant to manage. Alternatively, it could possibly be run with the help of people and volunteers from the community. Development Scotland will help us issue Community Shares to allow residents to invest in the shop should the community succeed in securing ownership.


Should the community fail to purchase the shop premises other options can still be explored (pop up shop at the Community Centre etc.)


ACTION: CP to send copies of the Shop Survey to RF and AM


  1. Local Development Plan

The Local Place Plan will set out a 10 year plan for the village that will feed into the Local Development Plan.


DM to take the lead in forming a steering group to start to develop Gargunnock’s Local Development Plan. This will involve Community

Consultation to determine what the needs are of residents in the village. Additional volunteers are invited to assist in planning this.



  1. External reports
    • Police report: NSTR
    • Planning report: (JC) No major applications on the planning


  1. Internal reports
    • Finance reports: (DB)
      • Previous balance: £1,131.37
      • Current balance: £1057.58


  • Expenses: Hall lets, minute taker, lighting at the square


Douglas Barr is standing down as Treasurer after this meeting and Richard Parkin will assume responsibilities for Treasurer


  1. Residents’ forum
    • AM:
      • Potholes: Enquiring about the plans to fix the potholes on Leckie Road. Last update from Cllr GM was that there is a national shortage of source material for fixing the roads that is affecting the ability of Stirling Council to address this issue.
      • Footpaths: asked about the deterioration of some footpaths around the village and offered to assist any local group that may be working on maintenance
      • JC advised that the Paths group now had most of the funding to improve the Beeches Three tenders have been sent out to Landscape Contractors.


ACTION: JC to email RF specifying which Council owned footpaths need maintenance. RF offered to raise the issue at Stirling Council.


  1. AOB:
  2. Provost Park Upgrade and Exercise Equipment – to be captured as part of the Local Place Plan
  3. Leckie Road Closure

Leckie Road will be closed in March (August?) as it will be used as part of a cycling event (dates TBC).

  1. Membership of GCC/Community Council Elections: No AGM required this year. 03 April Stirling Council will publicise notice of Community Council Elections. Any residents are able to apply to be part of the Community Council. Following the application period, a count will be taken on 17th Results will be posted by Stirling Council. If it exceeds the maximum number, then it proceeds to a local election. If it falls under the minimum requirement the CC will be disbanded. Falling within the allowed numbers the CC will be reformed without the need for election. Following this process, should be CC be reformed Office Bearers will be elected at the inaugural meeting.
  2. Village Notice Board: (DB) The new board was damaged by high winds shortly after its The issue was raised with the supplier who finally said they have raised it with the manufacturer who will be in touch with us. RF suggested the GCC could apply to funding from Community Pride to repair it should the manufacturer fail to resolve the matter.
  3. Trossachs Search and Rescue: (MB)
  4. Resignation of Treasurer: DB resigned as Richard Parkin proposed by DB, seconded by DM and unanimously voted in as new Treasurer by GCC.
  5. Water supply issue: (MB) Parts of the village were without water for 36 hours. Although Scottish Water provided an adequate supply of bottled


drinking water it was not widely known where it was deposited for residents to collect.


Next meeting: 03 April 2023