April 2021 Minutes

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Gartmore Community Council

Minutes of meeting Wednesday 7th April 7.30 Zoom Meeting

Present : Janet Billett ( Chair ) , Wayne Glasse-Davies, Ian Dinwoodie , Colin Scrimgeour, Katie Goldie , Gerry McGarvey

Apologies : Cllr Martin Earl, Michelle Flynn ( Stirling Council ), Police Scotland In Attendance : Cllr Evelyn Earl , Willie Nisbet ( LLTNP) , Cllr Jeremy McDonald

1. Declarations - none

2. Adoption of previous meeting minutes - Minutes agreed by the members Proposer- Colin Scrimgeour

Seconder- Ian Dinwoodie

3. Matters Arising

Gerry asked for clarification that the Archway Wood felling license has been granted.

Katie said that it had as she had a copy of the application. Willie Nisbet said there will be conditions attached to the application that will need to be adhered to. He will get clarification from Simon Franks (LLTNP). The contractor, Douglas Hyslop, has agreed to meet Ruth Holmes and Katie Goldie to discuss the squirrels , but no meeting date has been forthcoming from him.

The three Core paths requested around Gartmore have been approved by the Reporter. Thanks were given for the hard work of Dave Robinson and Kenny Auld as part of the Access team for LLTNP. It was noted that the stile has been repaired and the tape and notices removed form the top of Ladies Walk in Gartmore Estate

Gerry Asked what progress had been made regarding the road safety analysis of Gartmore Main Street . Evelyn has emailed Carolyn Fraser to get this followed up.

4. Police Report

There have been reports of breaches of Covid regulations in the Gartmore area Reports have been made about the noise and speed of motorbikes on the A81

5. Planning

An application for a hut in Crinigart woods was made. GCC suggested that this should include the requirement for a composting toilet

An application for an extension to the Crooks was made — no objections have been received so the GCC takes a neutral position.

6. Community Trust Report.

Gartmore Trust updated the Community Council on the current matters in hand including the work on the defibrillator battery ( which has recently been replaced ) and updating the information post in the village square.

7. Treasurers report

The balance is currently £671.30. Expenditures were made for the minute taker, a community council printer and passing the final balance of the SSEN resilient communities grant to the village shop for ongoing Covid cleaning protocols.

8. Countryside Trust

Gerry gave an update on the Countryside Trust-

The Loch Lomond and The Trossachs Countryside Trust was set up in 2012 and is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. Addressing the climate and biodiversity emergency is now the single most important issue driving its work. It has specific aims around enhancing the National Park’s biodiversity; increasing resilience of communities to climate change through nature-based solutions; reducing reliance on carbon and improving the health and wellbeing of both residents and visitors. From April 2021 the Countryside Trust will take on an increased role that includes improved communications with communities on these topics and closer working with community groups in achieving positive actions to address the climate and biodiversity emergency. All Community Development Trusts and Community Councils in the National Park will be eligible to join the Trust as full members and the Countryside Trust which will seek to have a minimum of three community-based Directors, out of a total of nine. The Countryside Trust will be in touch with us over the coming months to explain further details on its governance and the opportunities to evolve further support to community groups.

Gerry will continue to act as the conduit between the GCC and the above organisation and the National Park Community Councils Forum

9. Flooding at the football field.

GCC expressed thanks to Evelyn and Martin for their input in resolving this matter. The broken pipe has now been located and mended.

It was also mentioned that more generalised flooding is and will be an ongoing issue affecting those at Shannoch Hill, Cobleland camp site and the A81. A more holistic view needs to be taken and Evelyn noted the GCC concerns.

10. Pot-holes near Wester Third /sewage treatment have been brought to the attention of GCC.

Gerry actioned.


Willie said that the LLTNP is aware of the expectation of increased visitor numbers this season. They have been awarded 1.7 million each year for 5 years from the National Government which enables more forward planning. Toilets facilities need to be upgraded to be Covid safe which may involve using Portaloos. There will be a greater Police presence and more Rangers. However he said it would be very difficult to eradicate all antisocial behaviour without the co-operation of the visitors themselves.

Willie stated that we are allowed to defer the AGM until covid restrictions are over NEXT MEETING JUNE 2nd 7.30 Either Zoom or in the Village Hall

Gartmore Community Council

Minutes of Meeting

Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Zoom Meeting

Present: Janet Billet (Chair), Gerry McGarvey, Wayne Glasse-Davies,

Ian Dinwoodie, Colin Scrimgeour, Katie Goldie

Apologies: Michelle Flynn (Stirling Council), Cllr Evelyn Tweed, Cllr Martin Earl

In attendance: Willie Nisbet (LLTNP), Cllr Jeremy McDonald (Stirling Council)

Press: No members of the press were present at meeting

Residents: Brian Patterson

1. Declarations of Interest- No declarations

2. Adoption of previous meeting minutes- Minutes agreed by the members

Proposer – Katie Goldie

Seconder – Gerry McGarvey

3. Matters Arising

 Community Council Social Media – Gerry McGarvey apologised for not

having progressed with this as yet and would move forward with this


 Archway Wood – Katie Goldie updated Gartmore Community Council on the

current situation regarding this matter.

4. Reports- External

Police Scotland

Report provided from

 Antisocial Behaviour – Nothing to report.

 Road Safety – Nothing to report. Police Scotland are continuing to use mobile

units in the area

 Theft – Nothing to report.

 Other Incidents/Activity of Note - On 12/5/21 there was a sheep worrying

incident at a property in the Gartmore area. Enquiries were carried out and a

male has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

If there are any issues to discuss, please contact Callander Police Office on 101

or email TrossachsTeithCPT@scotland.pnn.police.uk

Brian Patterson raised the issue of speeding motorcycles throughout the area and

the noise associated with these vehicles. Brian has been reporting this to Police

Scotland for the last twelve months but has had no success in having this matter

resolved. Brian was informed by Police Scotland that they were unable to stand

on the area of road (A81) with a speeding gun as this was a dangerous stretch of

road. They also do not have any access to a decibel meter to measure the sound

level. Brian had also suggested that officers could attend the area in which the

motorcyclists park to start a discussion with the group rather than anything more


It was noted that this was an issue throughout the village and beyond.

Janet Billet will contact Police Scotland on behalf of the community as it had been

raised in the meeting and there were concerns regarding not only the activity but

also how the matter had been handled generally. Brian will forward all

correspondence between himself and Police Scotland to Janet.


Trossachs Holiday Parks – Janet was contacted by residents living near the track

that leads to Trossachs Holiday Park. Concerns were raised regarding the

increase in the number of people using the track especially regarding security. It

was also noted that an application has been submitted to expand the park which

includes spreading of the track which is shared by the park and residents.

Residents are concerned as this could cause icing issues during the winter and

increase in vehicle speeds. The path is a public path and part of a Sustrans track.

Janet contacted the park asking for comment and received a response stating that

any works that would be carried out would be as per the terms as agreed by Stirling


GCC will continue to monitor the progress of the expansion.

Erection of Dwelling at Gilbert Park – Katie has been approached by local

residents in relation to comments made by Applicant regarding the planning

application. Namely regarding the site of the dwelling and possible zoning issues

and expectations regarding the success of application during the appeal process.