Dec 2021 Minutes

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Gartmore Community Council

Minutes of meeting Wednesday, 1st December 2021 Gartmore Village Hall

Present : Janet Billett ( Chair) , Ian Dinwoodie, Gerry McGarvey , Katie Goldie , Colin Scrimgeour Apologies : Wayne Glasse-Davies, Michelle Flynn , Willie Nisbet, Police , Claire Harvey, Residents : Stephen Hart, Marion McIntyre, Tracy Storr , Alan Yeaman, Sue Bates

1. Declarations of interest — None

2. Adoption of previous minutes — Minutes agreed. Proposer - Katie Goldie

Seconder - Janet Billett

3. Matters arising - Schedule of meetings 2022

Feb 2nd, April 6th, June 1st , August 3rd, October 5th , December 7th

4. Reports - external

Police Scotland - Removal of signs at a felling site — isolated incident

Planning Matters - Gilbert Park. Appeal to over turn the refusal of a single dwelling was rejected on the grounds of access to Park Ave

Trossachs Caravan Park - An application has been submitted to turn 38 tour- ing pitches into 31 static pitches using the same land

Gartmore Village Shop - Application to erect single story 2 bedroom accom- modation in the garden with access off Jellicoe Avenue. The GCC has received no comments from residents and does not object

5.Reports - Internal Gartmore Community Trust

Stephen Hart has upgraded the Trust/Hall/village Website with lots of positive feedback Consultations on the MUGA and CRTB closed on 30/11/21

The Community Right to Buy allows any community to put in an application for land/property in or closely adjacent to them. This then goes through a rigorous application process and funding rounds. The price is set by an independent valuation. GCT have consulted on four parcels of land adjacent to the village.

The Multi Use Games Area was one of the highest requests on the Community Action Plan Monkey Puzzle tree - Dead branches removed by Drew Kerr

Ogilvie-KG has negotiated for remedial work to be done on the external render as a joint venture with GCT and Ogilvie ( the original contractor ). Hopefully this will be done in the New Year

A raffle will be provided for Gartmore Fayre Dec 4th

6. Community Council Business


Treasurer’s Report - Non

Tree Felling at Archway Woods – The Chair sent a statement to the Stirling Observer which repre- sented the views of the people who had approached the GCC requesting action.

Gartmore News editorial body chose not to publish the GCC report hence censoring a democrati- cally elected community body. A letter has been sent from GCC to Gartmore News to clarify their editorial approach

Katie Goldie and Janet Billett along with any other interested parties and members of the commu- nity will meet with Cameron Maxwell ( Forestry Scotland ) at 12 noon 15th December to discuss concerns and what lessons can be learned going forward

Community Council emails. GMcG has spoken to Michelle Flynn about resolving this whereby not all Gcc members are on direct mailing but they do receive details via CS

7. AOB

Parking at Cobleland : Marion McIntyre ( local resident ) raised concerns regarding the parking on the junction and along the road opposite the Cobleland campsite. When it was busy it obstructed the vision of vehicles exiting their homes. Also when vehicles were parked on either side of the road this could obstruct the buses and large wood lorries

GMcG will raise this with Cllr Martin Earl and Cllr Jeremy McDonald. Next meeting April 6th 2022 7.30 in Village Hall