June 2021 Minutes

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Gartmore Community Council

Minutes of Meeting Wednesday, 2 June 2021 Zoom Meeting

Present: Janet Billet (Chair), Gerry McGarvey Wayne Glasse-Davies, Ian Dinwoodie, Colin Scrimgeour

Apologies: Michelle Flynn (Stirling Council), Katie Goldie

In attendance: Willie Nisbet (LLTNP), Cllr Jeremy McDonald (Stirling Council)

Press: No members of the press were present at meeting

Residents: Martin Fisher, Fiona Patterson, Ross Patterson, Anne Jackson, Ruth Holmes, Stephen Parks, Emma ?

1. Declarations of Interest- No declarations

2. Adoption of previous meeting minutes- Minutes agreed by the members Proposer – Wayne Glasse-Davies

Seconder – Gerry McGarvey

3. Matters Arising


  • Tree Works in Gartmore – No longer a matter for discussion.

Archway Wood – Previously an issue which Katie Goldie has worked on. Representation was made to GCC specifically about Archway Wood and concerns expressed by a member of the community regarding conservation issues and uncertainty regarding the need for clear felling as opposed to more precise management around Archway.

There are conflicting messages being presented in advocacy of clear felling which seem to run contrary to other opinions and there are concerns about whether or not the lack of evidence and information regarding this application is concealing something more ominous.

Ross Patterson attended the meeting to raise his concerns. Ross believed that the clear felling licence was unnecessarily destructive. Whilst he does recognise that safety of residents should be of the utmost importance it was believed that compromise was possible. A meeting took place between Katie, Ross, Ross’ father, Douglas Hyslop (Scottish Woodland) and Peter Sunderland in which it was proposed that tree surgery could be used in order to make the area safe rather than taking down the whole area of woodland when there are


red squirrel drays present. Ross also stated that there had been an outpouring of concern on social media regarding the cutting down of this well-loved area of woodland especially when compromise is possible. Anne Jackson also stated that this area of woodland is also a link to other areas of woodland so is quite important.

Colin asked about the diseased beech trees that had been raised by Forestry Commission and whether or not this was true. It was not believed to be true as this was only brought to the attention of GCC a few hours prior to this meeting.

As well as conservation issues it was queried by members of community whether the licence could be revoked given the concerns regarding the lack of evidence supporting the clear felling, the circumstances surrounding the granting of the licence and the lack of transparency and accountability regarding that as well as the lack of consultation with the community. It was also asked of GCC if they would be able to pursue this issue alongside other elected members and LLTNP.

Willie Nisbet, LLTNP, has made enquiries regarding revoking the licence and informed the meeting that Forestry Commission have greater powers than LLTNP. They are able to operate under a completely different set of rules from LLTNP and are exempt even from planning rules.

Willie had an email from Simon Franks, Woodland Officer at LLTNP which states that National Park is only a consultee in the felling licence process and once a licence has been granted it is very difficult to get it revoked and LLTNP has no process in getting in revoked. It may be possible for the community to engage with Forestry Commission. It is really an issue that needs to be resolved with discussions between community, landowner and Forestry Commission. LLTNP were consulted at the beginning of the process. Willie was also unsure as to whether there was an obligation on Forestry Commission to consult with the community prior to granting a licence but was aware of other communities that had been consulted by Forestry Commission but this did not mean they were obligated to do so. Ian raised concerns at the lack of rules for community consultation particularly of official groups such as community councils and groups.

It was noted that Katie Goldie had already conducted an immense amount of work holding every agency to account on this matter but GCC were now unsure as to how to move forward with this.

Willie pointed out that Mike Strachan, Operating Officer of Scottish Forestry Commission, who signed off the licence so communication needed to be taken up with him.

Cllr Jeremy McDonald suggested GCC engage Nature Scotland and compose a letter to Chief Executive of Forestry and Land Scotland and the Minister responsible for this area. The letter should query the licence and ask for outline which trees are actually dangerous and diseased and get a map of this. Write a letter that can be signed by Councillors.


Ruth highlighted that Scottish Forestry has guidelines on how to fell woodland with red squirrels in it but none of this was applied in this instance. These guidelines are not conditional, they must be followed. Red squirrels are a protected species under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004. These guidelines must be followed. Scottish Forestry are very clear, it states that any woodland managers, owners and forestry operators must follow these guidelines to not commit an offence.

Willie also mentioned it might be worth copying Cameron Maxwell of Perth and Argyll Conservancy into any correspondence.

Prior to this meeting GCC had not had sight of the licence. A copy of this has now been sent to attendees.

Using this new information that has come to light during this meeting, Katie will take this matter forward.

4. Reports- External Police Scotland

Report provided from 1 December 2020 to 31 January 2021

  • Antisocial Behaviour – On 9 April 2021, Police were called to a property in Gartmore regarding a possible breach of coronavirus regulations.
  • Road Safety - On 11/05/21 a vehicle was being driven in a dangerous manner in Gartmore. The vehicle was registered from out with the area. Local officers were made aware of the details however the vehicle had left the area.

On 24/05/21 a number of calls were made to police about a possible abandoned vehicle in a layby near to Trossachs Holiday Park. Local officers were aware of the vehicle and the circumstance as to why it was there.

  • Theft - There has been no reported thefts in the area. However between 29th and 31st May a vehicle was stolen from the Lochearnhead area. We remind local residents to report any suspicious people/vehicles in the area.
  • Other Incidents/Activity of Note - On 12/5/21 there was a sheep worrying incident at a property in the Gartmore area. Enquiries were carried out and a male has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

During the reported period there has been calls to police regarding possible bogus workers in the Port of Menteith and Aberfoyle area approaching properties asking residents if they would like work carried out on their driveway. Thankfully no one has agreed for any work to be carried out and the workers have left when asked to do so. We ask that if you require work carried out on your property, to obtain quotes from recommended companies. For more information please check online at



If there are any issues to discuss, please contact Callander Police Office on 101 or email TrossachsTeithCPT@scotland.pnn.police.uk



Extension at The Crooks – This application has been approved.

Extension at Cayzer Court – An application has been submitted for 3 Cayzer Court for the erection of a dormer extension to roof and erection of a single storey wraparound extension.

Recreational Hut at Crinigart Woods – GCC previously submitted comment that composting toilet should be required. Planning was granted but this condition was refused. A composting toilet may be installed externally further down the line.

5. Reports- Internal Sub Groups Community Trust:

The Community Development Trust are continuing to address the Community Action Plan priorities. One of which was Core Paths and Signage, all paths have been approved by Scottish Government and should be adopted by LLTNP at their next board meeting which is due to take place on 14 June. CDT discussing a range of improvements required for the paths such as clearing, new user friendly gates and signage.

The LLTNP information post in the village square is to be updated. LLTNP will look after one side, CDT will look after the other two sides – one for information regarding Gartmore and one to be devoted to paths and cycle routes. All information will be kept accurate using QR codes which will link to up to date information and maps.

Defibrillator cabinet is now temperature regulated and will be able to operate reliably all year round.

Community hall is open, regular users are returning and the first wedding has taken place with more due to take place in the coming months.

AGM is due to take place on 22 July, new member applications have been delivered to households identified as not being Trust members. The Trust are always open to suggestions for potential new board members.

Willie pointed out that Community Partnership is no longer part of LLTNP and has been replaced by Countryside Trust. Willie is encouraging GCC and the Trust to become members of this new organisation.


There is a petition in the village shop seeking signatures to establish interest in principle for putting in community right to buy woodland applications in line with a lot of other communities. The petition is to find out how much interest there is in pursuing this. Petition will be in shop for a little while longer.

6. Community Council Business – Treasurer’s Report


One payment has been made for annual insurance payment. Current balance of

£649.90. Annual accounts will be produced in next couple of weeks.




Item 1 – Parking at Top of Main Street – Concerns were raised by Wayne regarding the positioning of parked cars which were too close to the corner of Main Street. It was thought to be very dangerous and made it difficult for buses and other large vehicles such as grit vehicles in the winter and emergency vehicles to get round. It was queried whether action should be taken such as having double yellow lines painted. It was highlighted by Janet that this may already be illegal but did not make any difference. Gerry pointed out that road safety issues on Main Street are already being examined at the moment, albeit from a school safety perspective. It was suggested that this might gain more traction if it was taken from a road safety perspective and could be added to the current project.

Action – Gerry has asked for an outline of all the issues and will follow up.

Item 2- Black Bull Sign – A new sign has been installed on Glasgow Road. Concerns have been raised that the sign is too close to the road side as the perception is that the new sign impedes onto the road although it is not clear if it actually does. Janet spoke with Anita regarding the new sign who thought that it was simply a matter of swapping out the old sign for the new. This was not the case as the Planning Department of LLTNP need to be contacted first, Willie confirmed this was the case.

Action – Janet previously advised that Black Bull contact LLNTP.

Item 3 – Communication – Gerry raised the idea of GCC creating a social media presence as a means of sharing information to the people of Gartmore quickly and increasing the reach of GCC.

Action – Members of meeting in favour, Gerry to proceed with setting up social media account.

Item 4 –Annual General Meeting – It was raised that, as yet, GCC had not had their AGM. Janet is trying to find out whether or not this has to happen or whether it can be delayed until it is possible to have face to face meetings.


Action – Find out whether it is possible to delay until restrictions allow face to face meetings.

7. Next meeting - Wednesday 4th August 2021 – 7.30pm Location TBC