Aug 2022 Minutes

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Gartmore Community Council

Minutes of Meeting Wednesday, 2 August 2022

Gartmore Village Hall, Gartmore


Present: Janet Billett (Chair), Wayne Glasse-Davies, Colin Scrimgeour, Ian Dinwoodie, Mike Evans

Apologies: Chris Webster, Police Scotland

In attendance: Cllr Elaine Watterson

Press: No members of the press were present at meeting

Residents: Ian Roe

1. Declarations of Interest- No declarations

2. Adoption of previous meeting minutes- Minutes agreed by the members Proposer – Wayne Glasse-Davies

Seconder – Ian Dinwoodie

3. Matters Arising


Gartmore Community Council - Co-opting of new members

Two vacancies had arisen within the Community Council due to Gerry McGarvey and Katie Goldie stepping down from their roles. Applications were made by Chris Webster and Mike Evans. All appropriate checks have been carried out meaning that both Chris and Mike can be co-opted as full Gartmore Community Council members.

Gartmore Community Council – Vacant Positions

There were still two vacant positions within Gartmore Community Council after the role of Treasurer, Planning Representative and Chair were filled at the recent AGM. Mike Evans put himself forward for the role of Vice Chair; proposed by Colin Scrimgeour and seconded by Ian Dinwoodie. Colin Scrimgeour volunteered to remain in the role of Secretary; proposed by Janet Billet and seconded by Wayne Glasse-Davies.


4. Reports- External Police Scotland Police Report

No activity to report.

If there are any issues to discuss, please contact Callander Police Office on 101 or email



Forth House – Having problems fitting a rear window because it is the wrong ori- entation – discussing with planning whether they are able to do that.

Aberfoyle Farm

Lilac Cottage – Application to install double glazed windows has been approved.

5. Reports- Internal Sub Groups Community Trust:

Matters relating to Gartmore Community Trust business were discussed.

6. Community Council Business – Treasurer’s Report


The annual accounts were approved at the AGM on June 29th.

The administration grant and Minute Taker cost funding for 2022-23 have been applied for.

The balance of the CC Treasurer account on May 30th 2022 was £734.90, down from £749.90 on May 30th. This is due to a payment to Gartmore Community Trust for Hall room rental.

There were no outstanding invoices on May 30th 2022.

Discussions took place as to how GCC could support the newly formed shop steering group. Cllr Watterson mentioned that Jean Currie could be a useful resource in terms of applying for grants and funding.



Item 1 – Overgrown Trees and Bushes


GCC were contacted by a community member regarding overgrown bushes and trees on the Gartmore to Dalmary road and the road along to Drymen and whether or not Stirling Council are planning to do anything about cutting back. There are also two bridges along the A81 are overgrown which is hindering sight for drivers.

It was also raised that there was an issue with signage on A81 from Aberfoyle to Gartmore as the sign for Trossachs Holiday Park and Gartmore. As the sign for Gartmore is at the bottom and the plants are overgrown which means the Gartmore sign is being hidden.

Action – GCC to send email to Cllr Watterson all the details along with photographs of overgrown areas.

Item 2 – Water Pipe Issue


There is an ongoing issue with a burst water pipe in Gartmore. The pipe bursts regularly, is repaired by Scottish Water and then bursts a short time later further down the pipe. As a result of this often some homes within the village have no water in their homes and this is also impacting businesses relying on running water to maintain high standards of hygiene. Some community members were without water for three days as Scottish Water did not deliver bottled water to those affected by the most recent incident. Cllr Martin Earl has reported that Scottish Water are looking at their investment plans for the area but suggests Gartmore community members contact Scottish Water to complain every time that it happens in order to keep the pressure on.

Action – GCC to write to Scottish Water to request that they replace the full water pipe.

Item 3 – Community Right to Buy


Wayne was co-opted by the Commuity Trust to investigate the community achieving the right to buy for the woodlands round Gartmore and achieved this for Sow Park. An application was about to be submitted for the rest of the woodlands when the owners sold it. This now means that the application requires a great deal more community support which was gathered successfully. However, the search for the new owners has been unsuccessful and all avenues have been exhausted. Legally the owners do not need to register with Land Registry.

There is potential to continue with the application in an effort to bring this to the attention of Scottish Ministers who will then have to make the decision as to whether to turn it down because they know that it has been sold. Cllr Watterson suggested that GCC take this up with the local MSP.

Action – GCC to contact MSP Evelyn Tweed

Item 5 – East Gartmore Roadworks – Debris and Waste


After the recent roadworks carried out in Gartmore it was noted that there was a lot of rubbish, debris and signage left behind by Stirling Council. Cllr Watterson stated that there was a new Head of Department for Roads and there was expected to be a settling period and advised GCC to submit complaints as the more complaints that are made the better.

Item 6 – Cllr Watterson


Cllr Watterson introduced herself to GCC and shared information regarding the various committees and boards that she will be sitting on. Cllr Watterson is the vice chair of STEP (Stirling Enterprise) and is currently pushing for more outreach work in rural communities by STEP and by Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB). STEP can support rural businesses and enterprise whilst CAB can offer advice on what financial support and benefits are available to people. There is potential for CAB advisor to work within the Village Hall or attend someone’s house.

Item 7 – Older Person’s Project


Cllr Watterson and Cllr McGarvey are currently working on a grassroots project to support the elderly throughout Stirlingshire. One element of this project is potentially working with Professor Dawn Skelton who has devised an exercise and motivation programme which specifically works on balance with the aim to reduce the amount of falls. The regime is simple and can easily fit in to someone’s day. The project also hopes that this project could support those that have come out from hospital after having had surgery but are unsupported due to a lack of physiotherapists and practitioners. There are also plans to create a directory which highlights all available services throughout the regions and would be specifically useful to older people (such as lunch clubs, dementia clubs, NHS services, social work). The proposal for the project has to be taken to Council Meeting for approval and if approved community consultation can begin.

Item 8 – Community Member Complaint


A community member had submitted an email to GCC making several complaints. The complaints were noted and a response will be sent.

7. Next meeting - Wednesday, 12 October 2022 – 7.30pm, Gartmore Village Hall.