Dec 2022 Minutes

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Gartmore Community Council

Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, 7th December 2022
Gartmore Village Hall, Gartmore

Mike Evans (Acting Chair), Wayne Glasse Davies, Colin Scrimgeour,
Ian Dinwoodie, Chris Webster

Apologies: Janet Billett, Police Scotland

In attendance: Cllr Gene Maxwell, David Mackie (LLTNP)

Press: No members of the press were present at meeting

Residents: 2

Declarations of Interest- No declarations

Adoption of previous meeting minutes- Minutes agreed by the members

Proposer – Colin Scrimgeour

Seconder – Chris Webster

Matters Arising

Update on Surface Integration of area in front of Village Hall – from Black Bull to the site of the shop
Wayne and Chris approached Gartmore Community Development Trust to determine ownership and, if possible, acquire ownership for Gartmore community. Area has been defined and it seems that there is no extant owner, the site was previously owned by the Cayzer Estates which is now a defunct organisation. The next step is to approach KLTR regarding acquiring approval for the transfer of ownership of the site for the community. That requires the approval of Stirling Council who are already aware of this. This can be a long and drawn out process ranging from one to three years. It is worth noting at this stage that, as well as seeking to change the surface of the ground covering, there is also a desire to create seating areas to enable socialising in order to help mitigate the loss of the shop in its secondary role as a social hub.The Design Team of Chris Webster and Sandy Phillips are developing a proposal to eventually put to the community for discussion.

Update on behalf of Shop/Services Steering Group
It was very quickly identified that the shop played a pivotal role in tackling social isolation. Practical items like newspapers etc. were resolved very quickly. In order to continue to tackle social isolation the Community Coffee Morning was established with great success and will continue to run in 2023.
The group are looking at a number of different funding options to continue and further enhance their work including ‘Let’s Get Together’ funding from Stirling Council.
At present there are 37 volunteers for this steering group.
There were nearly 100 responses to the community consultation. It was found that 72% of respondents would like to see a community café that sold shop provisions.
Overall, the response has been very positive but it is still early days.

Reports- External
Police Scotland
Police Report
If there are any issues to discuss, please contact Callander Police Office on 101 or email

Certificate of Lawfulness (which had lapsed) awarded to Cobleland Campsite
Change of Use from Retail to Residential of former shop to residential flat – Ian Dinwoodie to respond on behalf of GCC to support.

Community Council Business – Treasurer’s Report
The balance of Gartmore Community Council Treasurer account on December 6th 2022 was £1,164.10, of which £500.00 is for the Village Shop Replacement Project. Recent Community Council expenditure has been on Hall rental (£30), Hall rental for the Shop Steering Committee (£42), a Minute Taker payment for October (£40) and an annual payment of £35 to the Lady Haig Poppy Fund. Currently £424.10 is available for allowed Community Council expenditure other than Minute Taker costs. There were no outstanding invoices on December 6th 2022. .

Item 1 – Road Markings on A81
An MOTP enquired as to when road markings were going to be reinstated on the recently resurfaced area of road on A81.
Cllr Maxwell to enquire.

Item 2 – Wester Cow Park (The Wee Wood)
David Mackie (LLTNP) was present at the meeting. He advised that Dave Robinson was due to follow up on the repairs to the bridge.
Action - Wayne to email Dave Robinson to chase up.

Item 3 – Gartmore Community Council Meeting Minutes
An enquiry was raised as to when the minutes of GCC meetings are published online. It was stated that the minutes are not published and shared until they have been approved at the next Community Council Meeting. It was also mentioned that the GCC website is currently under review.

Next meeting - Wednesday, 1 February 2023 – 7.30pm, Gartmore Village Hall