June 2022 Minutes

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Gartmore Community Council (GCC)

Draft minutes of meeting held 29th June 2022 in the Main Hall (following the AGM)

GCC members present:

JB Janet Billett (Chair)

WGD Wayne Glasse Davies (Treasurer)

ID Ian Dinwoodie (Planning Rep.)


ME Martin Earl (Stirling Councillor (Conservative) for Trossachs and Teith Ward)

Members of public:

Mike Houghton-Evans, Susan Phillips, Chris Webster


Colin Scrimgeour, Katie Goldie (who has recently resigned), Willie Nisbet. Claire Harvey was also absent so ID took the minutes

1) Minutes of last meeting (Wed06Apr22)

Proposed WGD; seconded JB


2) Matters arising


3) Treasurer’s report

WGD advised our current balance of £749.00, owing to relatively low expenditure this year. There is a perception that the higher the balance, the lower will be the local authority award from Stirling Council. ME is unaware of this and suggested that we ask other CCs if this is their experience.

4) Police report

No officer attended the meeting but a report had been sent. Our discussion included the following:

Speeding and noisy motorcycles on the A81: The Police lack the equipment and resources to monitor incidents effectively. ME has suggested that they make more frequent, informal visits to discuss the issue where bikers congregate i.e. in Aberfoyle car park.

Caravan in Jellicoe Avenue: This has been causing an obstruction for many weeks and has been reported to the Safer Communities team. JB will ask Stephen Bly (Community Council Enquiry Co-ordinator) for an update.

“Forest stalker”: There have been no reported sightings in recent months.

5) Planning

Regarding the recent rejection of both the planning application to construct an eco-house in the garden ground of the Village Shop, and the subsequent appeal, ME suggested that the application could yet be examined and revised. He advised the CC to be aware of changes to planning policy which might be brought in as part of the scheme which will succeed the Local Development Plan in 2023.


Plans for a new accommodation building at Blarnaboard have been approved.

LLTNPA planners have been asked to comment on a wall which has been built outside The Lochans on main street.

7) AOB

ME advised that, following elections at Viewforth, he and Gerry McGarvey will be taking up posts on the LLTNPA board from October.

JB made us aware of two local safety issues: the barely visible white give-way lines at the bottom of main street; and the Trossachs Holiday Park sign which is overshadowing the Gartmore direction sign on the A81. She will make the appropriate authorities aware.

MHE , aware of local tensions surrounding the proposed MUGA (multi-use games area) development being assessed by GCT, suggested that GCC might get involved to “take the heat out of the issue”.

6) Date of next meeting

3rd August 2022