Feb 2023 Minutes

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Gartmore Community Council

Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday, 1 February 2023
Gartmore Village Hall, Gartmore

Present: Janet Billett (Chair), Mike Evans, Wayne Glasse-Davies, Colin Scrimgeour, Ian Dinwoodie, Chris Webster

Apologies: Police Scotland

In attendance: Cllr Martin Earl, David Mackie (LLTNP)

Press: No members of the press were present at meeting

Residents: 2

Declarations of Interest No declarations

Adoption of previous meeting minutes
Minutes agreed by the members

Proposer – Wayne Glasse-Davies

Seconder – Ian Dinwoodie

Matters Arising
Update on Surface Integration of area in front of Village Hall – from Black Bull to the site of the shop
Wayne informed Gartmore Community Council (GCC) that there had been no further progress but contact had been made the lawyers of the Cayzer Estate to confirm that there would be no objections, once this comes through contact will be made with KLTR about taking it further.

Bridge at Wester Cow Park “Wee Wood”
Received advice that Dave Robinson would provide boards to allow the community to repair the bridge pending permission from the land owner. The boards have not yet arrived.

Update on behalf of Shop/Services Steering Group
The steering group continues to deliver the programme GCC asked them to deliver. It was felt that one of the main services provided by the shop was tackling social isolation, There is funding available through Stirling Council’s ‘Let’s Get Together’, the steering group have met with the Community Trust and Black Bull and a bid was submitted and £500 was rewarded. The next step is for the Black Bull to provide a hub during the day. More discussions will take place after the Black Bull’s AGM which is due to take place this month. There is potential for a café to be held in Black Bull and possibly develop further to develop some goods that people may want to buy in the village. It would be a Black Bull initiative supported by steering group volunteers. Rather than there being donations for home baking it would be users having to buy food and drinks.
In the meantime the coffee mornings will continue in the village hall on Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings.
The steering group are always looking for volunteers.

Disabled Parking Bay
Cllr Martin Earl updated GCC on the progress of the Disabled Parking Bay installation.

Reports-- External
Police Scotland
Police Report
If there are any issues to discuss, please contact Callander Police Office on 101 or email TrossachsTeithCPT@scotland.pnn.police.uk

Cromdale Cottage – Flat Roof Extension – No comments were made.

Community Council Business –– Treasurer’s Report
The balance of Gartmore Community Council Treasurer account on January 31st 2023 was £1,812.11, of which £1250.00 is for the Village Shop Replacement Project. Recent Community Council expenditure has been on Hall rental (£24), a Minute Taker payment for December 2022 (£40) and a printer ink purchase (£37.99). There were no outstanding invoices on 31st January 2023.

Item 1 – Bus Timetable
A Gartmore community member contacted GCC regarding the new bus timetables. The new timings mean that people only have fourteen minutes from the time of drop off to get thier shopping before the bus bringing them back to Gartmore is due to leave the stance. The next bus is two hours later.

Action – Cllr Earl to enquire as to the reason for the change in timetable.

Item 2 – Road Markings and Signage
The road markings have still not been repainted since the road was resurfaced. There was also hope that, as the whole village now has a 20mph limit, additional signage could be installed.

Action – Cllr Earl to enquire as to when the works will take place.

Item 3 – Stirling Council Budget
Cllr Earl informed GCC that budget discussions were still taking place as Stirling Council worked hard to set out their budget for the next financial year.

Item 4 – Blocked Drains
Iain Roe reported blocked drains being an issue throughout the village.

Action – Janet to email Stephen ( )

Item 5 – Scottish Water Vehicle
Chris highlighted the issue of a Scottish Water vehicle sitting idle with the diesel engine running all day. Chris had tried to raise this with Scottish Water but had been told it was a subcontractor. Cllr Earl asked Chris to email him with details of discussions that took place between Chris and Scottish Water for him to chase.

Action – Chris to email details to Cllr Earl.

Item 6 – David Mackie  –– Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park
David introduced himself to the group and stated that GCC were welcome to contact him should the need.

Item 7 – Planning Application Shop Change of Use
An MOTP attended the meeting to highlight her upset at the timings of the planning letters for the change of use of the shop coming after the date of the last GCC meeting. Therefore, not allowing the community the opportunity to pass comments to GCC. It was explained that the letters being delayed were likely down to the industrial action taking place at the time and was out of GCC control. No submission had been made on behalf of the community regarding this specific application.
Mike further explained that the majority of the shareholders lived in Gartmore and the need to change the use from shop to residential dwelling was based on the financial situation of the shop, which was communicated to the shareholders prior to the application being submitted. The majority of the shareholders had voted to decide the fate of the shop.

Item 8 – EV Chargers in Gartmore
Colin asked Cllr Earl whether Gartmore would be having any EV chargers installed. Cllr Earl explained that Gartmore Community Trust could contact Stirling Council to put Gartmore forward as a potential site for the chargers.

Next meeting -- Wednesday, 5 April 2023 – 7.30pm, Gartmore Village Hall.