Jun 2023 Minutes

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Gartmore Community Council

Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 7th June, 8.00pm, Gartmore Village Hall

Those Present: Janet Billett (Chair), Wayne Glasse-Davies, Colin Scrimgeour, Chris Webster, Mike Houghton-Evans

Apologies: Ian Dinwoodie

In attendance: Gene Maxwell, SNP, Trossachs and Teith Councillor, Stirling Council

Members of the public: Moira Heath, Carol Irvine

1. Declaration of Conflict of Interest: No declarations

2. Adoption of previous meeting minutes – Minutes agreed by the members

Proposer – Mike Houghton-Evans
Seconder – Chris Webster

3. Matters arising: Shop Services Steering Group update –MHE same services are still being
provided, newspapers, eggs etc and projects to help improve social isolation. Volunteers are
still running a community café but the venue has moved to the Black Bull. They are keeping
an eye on attendance and there will be a meeting later in the month to discuss how this is

4. Police Report: PC Lorna Deans
“Over the weekend of 28th April to 1st May damaged has been caused to property within the
grounds of Gartmore Primary School. After enquiry – this remains undetected.
Over the weekend of 5th to 9th May further damage was caused within the grounds of
Gartmore Primary School. This also remains undetected.
Overnight between 6th and 7th May damage was caused to a vehicle within Trossachs holiday
park, Gartmore. Enquiries have been carried out and this remains undetected.
On 5th May a member of the public contacted police regarding vehicles parked on the
pavement on Main Street, Gartmore. Police attended and noted there were no
There have been no reported thefts in the Gartmore area during this time.”
If there are any issues to discuss, please contact Callander Police Office on 101 or email

5. Planning Matters – no planning matters to be discussed currently

6. Treasurer’s Report – Wayne Glasse-Davies
The balance of Gartmore Community Council Treasurer account on June 6th 2023 was
£2427.87. The direct Community Council funds are now £370.87, due to expenditure of £40
on Minute taking and £24.24 on additional indemnity insurance for the next year. A sum of
£120 was received, assigned to the hosted Shop Steering Committee funds, which now stand
at £1475.
The 2023-2024 administration and Minute Taker grant has been applied for and the annual
accounts provided to Stirling Council.
There were no outstanding invoices on 6th June 2023.

7. AOB –
a) Communication from a MOTP had been received regarding the issue of there being no road
markings at the bottom end of the village next to Cobleland Campsite after it had been
recently tarmacked. No-one had any knowledge of there ever being markings or 40 mph
signs in that area. JB explained that there had been a near miss with a child. The campsite
appears to be much busier under the new ownership and MHE thought that road signage
should be addressed. A pedestrian sign might be a good idea. GM said that planning take a
good approach to new signage where it affects a tourist area. He agreed to raise this with
planning. CW thought 40mph is too fast. Others thought 20mph in keeping with the rest of
the village would be best. JB said there was another issue with particularly cyclists coming
down the old Drymen Road as there is a steep hill. She noted that it looked like the bridge
had also been damaged. CW contacted Stephen Bly (Community Council Enquiry
Coordinator, Stirling Council) about the approaches to the village and that there is no
warning that a 20mph sign is coming up. No additional signage has been put in place yet but
SB said it was being followed up. CW felt that people were not adhering to the speed limit.
CW felt there should be a physical barrier on the roads to make traffic slow down as there
would be quite a bump to their vehicles if they went over these at speed. JB reiterated that
the other end of the village required something else too. Give Way signs in Thornhill
appeared to be a good way of slowing traffic down. GM said that rubber speed bumps were
in the process of being installed outside Callander Primary School and this may be something
to consider. At Aberfoyle Primary School there is a temporary measure to try and stop
traffic speeding but it seems to be ineffectual. ACTION: GM

b) One SORN vehicle has been removed from the village hall car park but appears to be on the
pavement in the main street. MHE will address this. ACTION: MHE

c) Parking – cars are inconsiderately parked at the top end of the main street which causes an
issue when driving round the corner next to the football field. MHE suggested that the
police should be contacted to have a quiet word with the owner of the vehicles concerned.
CW was asked to address this issue ACTION: CW

d) There is a drain constantly blocked down Station Road next to the Inkpot (entrance to
Gartmore House). Scottish Water were contacted and there is currently some work
happening there but it doesn’t appear that they are addressing this issue. CW also offered
to contact Stephen Bly to ask for all the drains to be cleared as most appear to be full of silt

e) CS received an email from Trossachs Bikes regarding a cycle track over the field from the
Wee Wood. JB directed CS to inform Trossachs Bike to contact the Access Officer of the
Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park (LLTTNP) and Angie Newton, Paths
Coordinator of Gartmore Community Trust. ACTION: CS

f) GM will be attending a meeting to discuss Council finance. The budget has been reduced.
The Council is very short of money and there is a voluntary redundancy scheme taking place.
Office space is being looked at to try and reduce this by 40%. CW asked the Councillor about
the state of some roads around the area. A million pounds extra has been put into
upgrading roads. A major road was recently closed to re-tarmac a layby which seemed
disproportionate in which roads get priority. Council policy is to jet patch any potholes that
are reported to try and fix an issue quickly. However, this takes away the money set aside to
do a proper re-tarmac. JB said that often people who live in rural areas feel that they are
forgotten when so much gets done in Stirling particularly for cycle routes in the town centre.

g) A MOTP mentioned a hole in the side of the road outside Hugh Mathieson’s house on
Station Road that is very dangerous. There is now a sandbag and traffic cone placed on
there. CW said that a complaint can be lodged with Scottish Water. The MOTP was advised
to contact them. ACTION: MOTP

h) A MOTP raised the issue of parking at the Village Hall. She said that a maximum of 200
people could be coming to an event. HW explained that the former Hall Management Group
always directed traffic to areas where people could park safely and assumed the Community
Trust were advising hall hirers similarly. WGD directed the MOTP to speak to the
Community Trust to discuss this issue. CW suggested that people hiring the hall are asked
not to park overnight. ACTION: MOTP

i) A MOTP raised the issue that new trees should have been planted in Bees Wood at Archway
Cottages by now. Committee members thought that the timescale was that they should be
re-planted by October 2023. JB said she would contact Douglas Hyslop regarding this.

8. Date of Next Meeting – Wednesday 2 August at 7.30pm, Gartmore Village Hall