April 2021 Minutes

Adopted minutes of meeting held on 21 April 2021





Members present Heidi Bryce, Caroline Carrick, Andrew Donaldson,

Susie Henderson, Elizabeth Jones, Hilary McGregor,
Jim Ptolomey (Chair), Fiona Rennie


Apologies Police Scotland


In attendance Doug Ashworth, Cllr Rob Davies, Graeme Fraser KCFC,
Euan Shaw,

35 members of the public,

Christine Bauwens (Minute Secretary)


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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the KCC meeting on 21 April 2021 was held
via Zoom.


Following the recent death of Mr Jim Fallas, Jim Ptolomey informed the meeting of the
Fallas family’s wish to thank everyone for their condolence messages, cards and kind
remarks. Current coronavirus restrictions meant that limited numbers could attend the
funeral, but the family deeply appreciated those gathering outside the church to show




The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting.




  • CC1033 – Matters Arising - Roads and General Maintenance


    Resurfacing work on Branziert Road and repairs to the footpath at the lower end
    of Station Road have been completed.

  • CC1039 – Roads and General Maintenance Report


    KCC have responded to consultation on 20 mph limit in Killearn.



    As Police Scotland was unable to attend the meeting, due to it being held via Zoom,
    Fiona presented the following Police Report:


  • Reports of persons causing a disturbance in Beech Drive but no trace on police

  • Reports of youths on the primary school roof. No trace on police arrival. No
    damaged caused to the school.


    Adopted minutes of meeting held on 21 April 2021


  • Report of youths gathering against COVID restrictions in The Glen, near to
    Lampson Road. Again no trace on police arrival.

  • Mountain rescue and all emergency services deployed at the Devil’s Pulpit,
    Finnich Glen to rescue a male who had fallen from a ledge to the bottom of the
    glen, suffering serious injuries as a result. A further rescue took place to assist a
    female who was conveyed to hospital with a suspected broken ankle.

  • The area around Glengoyne Distillery continues to be monitored with police
    deterring drivers from roadside parking there.

  • Police and SC Enforcement Officers have issued numerous parking tickets to
    vehicles parked on double yellow lines around East Loch Lomond and Devil’s

  • Report of fraud in Killearn involving the sale of music festival tickets.

  • Report of attempted theft in trying to open a parcel drop off box. No entry gained.

  • Theft by shoplifting at Killearn Co-op and Strathblane Co-op. Enquiries are
    continuing into these linked events.

  • The problem of sheep worrying by dogs at this time of year.

  • Advice on keeping bikes safe.

    The full police report is available on KCC website www.killearncc.org.uk


    A local resident expressed concern at parking tickets being issued to drivers parked
    properly in the layby on B834 near Finnich Glen.


    CC1049 – KCFC UPDATE


    Graeme reported that the Heritage Trail boards have now been installed in various places
    around the village but will be kept covered until the official launch in May. Regular users
    of the Village Hall are looking forward to starting up classes pending the lifting of COVID


    CC1050 – BROADBAND


    Doug informed the meeting that Euan Shaw of iLomond has been going through the
    process of registration with Digital Scotland so that vouchers for premises in Killearn, not
    yet served by a fibre-based connection, can be accepted. It is hoped the process will be
    completed by the end of the month. All those who have shown an interest in the scheme
    have been updated with progress so far.


    Doug also explained about BT’s switchover to Digital Voice. This applies to only a few
    premises in Killearn at the moment whose phone calls will be delivered through the fibre
    broadband connection rather than the usual metal connection. If these premises have
    special services such as a health pendant or burglar alarm, these should not be switched
    over. Please contact BT on 0800 800150 or text ALARM to 61998 to stop the switchover
    on these lines. If multiple telephone sockets are used, an adapter or special handset is
    available free of charge from BT.


    CC1051 – PLANNING


    Planning Schedule


    Adopted minutes of meeting held on 21 April 2021


  • Valid Planning Applications Received


    21/00218/FUL Erection of Single Storey Extension to Rear of Dwelling House at
    Ferndale, 2 Drumbeg Loan, Killearn G63 9LG

    No comment.


    21/00222/FUL Remove Internal Wall, Widen Doorway and Installation of
    Conservation Rooflight at The Toll House, 18 Balfron Road, Killearn G63 9NJ
    No comment.


    21/00223/LBC As above for Listed Building Consent.
    No comment.


    21/00210/FUL Change of Use to Class 1 (retail use) and Class 3 (seated
    restaurant) Including Internal Alterations to Create an Internal Mezzanine Floor
    and New Window to North East Gable at Turnip The Beet, Unit Oak 4,

    Killearn Mill, Killearn G63 9LQ
    No comment.


    21/00248/FUL Conversion of Existing Outbuilding to form External Family Space
    Ancillary to Existing Dwelling House at 29 Main Street, Killearn G63 9ZJ

    No comment.


    21/00258/FUL First Floor Extension and Conversion of Stables Building from
    Residential Care Unit to 4 Private Residential Units at Land and Stables Building
    at Ballikinrain School, Fintry

    No comment.


    21/00259/LBC As above for Listed Building Consent
    No comment.


    21/00193/FUL Erection of 4 no Dwelling Houses at Land at Former
    Glenshee Cottage, Boquhan


    KCC has objected to this application on the following grounds:


    Style of houses not in keeping with settlement and out of character with
    adjacent properties.

    Four houses constitute overdevelopment of site.

    Environmental impact as the first thing seen on entering the village is the
    new development.


    Drainage issues which could lead to surface water problems and flooding.


    Odours from septic tanks at required location likely to permeate through
    the settlement, further adversely affecting the environment.


    Local Boquhan residents attending the meeting, also objected on the grounds of
    difficulty in exiting the site safely as unable to see oncoming traffic from both
    Killearn and Balfron.


    21/00132/FUL Erection of Shed to Store Garden Maintenance Equipment at
    Carbeth House, Drumtian Road, Killearn

    No comment.


    Adopted minutes of meeting held on 21 April 2021


    21/00313/FUL Extension to Dwelling House, Alteration to Roof to form Dormer to
    Rear and Formation of Attached Ancillary Accommodation at Daavar,

    Endrick Road, Killearn G63 9QD
    No comment.


  • Decisions of Appointed Officers

    21/00138/FUL Extension of Bedroom at First Floor Level into Footprint of Existing
    Balconyat 9 Drumbeg Loan, Killearn G63 9LG


    21/00133/FUL Two Storey Extension and First Floor Extension of Dwelling House
    at Little Carbeth, Drumtian Road, Killearn G63 9QB


    20/00878/FUL Installation of 6 glamping pods, with access track, parking area and
    associated ground works and drainage for the purpose of short term holiday lets
    at Land 450m South East of Meikle Drumquharn, Balfron Station.

    Approve with conditions, pending Panel Meeting on 27 April.

    Mark Hamill spoke to the meeting expressing his concerns about KCC’s
    comments and objection to the above application. It was explained that KCC had
    been contacted by local residents in the immediate area to hear their opinions.

    These, along with other objections measured against the local development plan
    and planning guidelines, were taken into consideration when KCC objected to the
    application. The objection was confirmed again following discussions. It was noted
    that further dialogue would take place between KCC and Mr Hamill.


  • Planning Applications Withdrawn

    20/00868/FUL Erection of Building to form Garage and Holiday Let Unit at
    Carbeth Lodge, Drumtian Road, Killearn G63 9QB.


  • Planning Enforcement

    EN/21/017/UNA Formation of Large Timber Decked Area at Balfron Road, Killearn
    G63 9NJ


    Other Planning Matters


  • Rural Stirling Housing Association – Lampson Road site.
    No further information is available.

  • Former Killearn Hospital Site

    Section 75 is almost complete. The final top surface of the footpath on lower
    Station Road will be carried out by CALA as a requirement of SC.

  • Development of Former Killearn Hotel
    Paperwork is in the final stages of completion.



    Temporary repairs to footpath on Station Road and resurfacing work to Branziert Road
    have been completed. KCC looks forward to hearing the next steps from SC regarding
    the 20 mph consultation for Killearn.


    Adopted minutes of meeting held on 21 April 2021


    The very poor condition of the A81 between the roundabout at Oakwood Garden Centre
    and the roundabout at the bottom of Station Road was raised by a Killearn resident. It
    was agreed KCC highlight this to SC.


    Another resident spoke about the bridge at Boquhan Burn near Branshoggle on the B818
    which requires urgent attention. The resulting road closure is causing great
    inconvenience and difficulty to local farmers. Cllr Rob Davies agreed to bring the matter
    of this bridge, along with four other bridges in the area, to the next SC meeting.




    Cllr Davies reported that the next SC meeting will take place on Thursday 29 April.
    Forthcoming election for Members of the Scottish Parliament will be held on Thursday 6
    May. In addition, due to the sudden death of Cllr Graham Lambie, the election of
    councillor to Stirling Council will also take place on 6 May.




    Bank Interest £0.37
    Current Bank Balance £1050.66

    From the grant for Sharing Happiness Project, £126.50 has been spent on red noses for
    Comic Relief Day. A total of £436.00 has been spent from the £500.00 grant.




    A question was asked from a member of the public regarding a trench being dug at the
    former Killearn Hotel. It was explained that SC required the developer to dig a trench
    100m x 1.5m to look for any artefacts of interest. Nothing was found and the trench has
    now been backfilled.


    As the Bank of Scotland in Killearn has now closed, a question was asked about the
    mobile banking service. It was agreed KCC write requesting further information.
    (Action JP)




    Fiona reported on the following:


  • As SC will not be planting out their summer bedding this year, they have offered
    an alternative of wildflower seeds. These have been sewn by Colourful Killearn.

  • KCC plan to undertake a public waste bin survey of the village and possibly look
    at repositioning some bins. KCC also wish to express gratitude to the SC team
    who conscientiously empty the bins and clear up rubbish in the village.(Action FR)



The launch of the Killearn Heritage Trail will take place on 20 May 2021.




The next KCC meeting is scheduled for 19 May at 8.00 pm. This will be held again via
Zoom and details will be confirmed nearer the time. The meeting ended at 9.05 pm.