Jan 2021 Minutes

Adopted minutes of meeting held on 20 January 2021





Members present Caroline Carrick, Andrew Donaldson, Susie Henderson,
Elizabeth Jones, Hilary McGregor, Jim Ptolomey (Chair),
Fiona Rennie


Apologies Heidi Bryce, Police Scotland


In attendance Doug Ashworth, Cllr Rob Davies, Graeme Fraser KCFC,
Cllr Graham Lambie, Euan Shaw

19 members of the public,

Christine Bauwens (Minute Secretary)


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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the KCC meeting on 20 January 2021 was held via




The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting.




There were no matters arising from the minutes.




As Police Scotland was unable to attend the meeting, due to it being held via Zoom,
Fiona presented the following Police Report:


  • There were two road traffic accidents due to the recent snow and ice. No injuries
    were caused.


  • Male arrested for drink driving in Killearn and reported to the Procurator Fiscal.


  • Reports of vehicles parked at the area of Glengoyne Distillery during Christmas
    and New Year. Although no vehicles were found to be causing an obstruction, this
    area will be monitored in the future for parking and breach of Covid restrictions.


  • Ongoing enquiries into the break in and theft of high value bikes from Country
    Cycles in Killearn.


  • Male cautioned and charged with recent theft by shoplifting from the Co-op.


  • Reports of suspicious persons in the Killearn area investigated but no trace on
    police arrival. Residents are encouraged to phone the police if they see anyone
    suspicious as all such reports are taken seriously and will be investigated.


    Adopted minutes of meeting held on 20 January 2021


  • Emails, texts or WhatsApp messages purporting to be from the government,
    HMRC, WHO or a coronavirus-related charity should be examined very carefully
    to ensure they are legitimate, as there have been recent scams using Covid to
    trick people into parting with money or information.

    The full police report is available on KCC website www.killearncc.org.uk


    CC1008 – KCFC UPDATE


    Graeme reported on the opening of the Kitchen Window café in mid-December and the
    encouraging feedback received. However, since going back into lockdown on Boxing
    Day, the café is currently only permitted to operate on a takeaway or delivery basis. The
    meeting was informed that KCFC are looking at ways to improve communication with the
    local community and will report on same in the future.


    CC1009 - BROADBAND


    Doug informed the meeting that the proposed fibre cabinet on the corner of

    Graham Road and Main Street has not yet been installed. There has been no recent
    feedback from Digital Scotland regarding the R100 programme but, as a result of Covid,
    the roll out of same has been delayed with probable completion date now being 2025. It
    could also be that Openreach may be concentrating on maintaining the existing
    infrastructure and connectivity, rather than undertaking new work while being
    understaffed. Consequently Doug is organising a leaflet drop to residents of the Branziert
    and Drumbeg Loan to raise sufficient firm interest in a wireless service to this area of the
    village. For further information, please contact Doug Ashworth through KCC.


    KCC wish to express thanks to Doug and Euan for their continued work on broadband.


    CC1010 – PLANNING


    Planning Schedule


  • Valid Planning Applications Received


    20/00868/FUL Erection of Replacement Garage with Ancillary Accommodation at
    Carbeth Lodge, Drumtian Road, Killearn G63 9QB

    No comment


    20/00907/FUL Formation of Two Dormer Windows on Rear Elevation of
    Dwellinghouse at 18 Branziert Road, Killearn G63 9RG

    No comment


  • Decisions of Appointed Officers


    20/00650/FUL Amendment to Extension Roof Approved under Permission
    19/00900/FUL at The Tollhouse, 18 Balfron Road, Killearn G63 9NJ
    Approve with Conditions


    20/00651/LBC. As above.
    Approve with Conditions

    20/00695/FUL Proposed Pedestrian and Separate Vehicle Gate at
    31 Main Street, Killearn G63 9RJ

    Approve with Conditions


    Adopted minutes of meeting held on 20 January 2021


    20/00726/FUL Construction of New and Extended Footpaths, Alterations to Walls,
    MinorRe-alignment of Access and Other Ancillary Road Markings, Signage,
    Landscaping, Street Lighting and Bus Shelters with Associated Minor Works at
    Glengoyne Distillery, Strathblane G63 9LB

    Approve with Conditions


    20/00804/FUL Single Storey rear Extension to Dwellinghouse with Adjoining Shed
    at 5 Aitken Street, Killearn G63 9BH



    20/00731/FUL Erection of single storey garage at 21 New Endrick Road,
    Killearn G63 9QT

    Approve with Conditions


    20/00751/FUL Convert existing bungalow to 1.5 storey to provide additional living
    accommodation in upper storey at Beechwood, 2 Lampson Lane,

    Killearn G63 9PF
    Approve with Conditions

    20/00772/FUL Single storey extension to front of dwelling house at
    17 Napier Road, Killearn G63 9PB



    20/00686 PPP Erection of house within walled garden at Stockinghill,
    Station Road, Killearn G63



    Other Planning Matters


  • Rural Stirling Housing Association – Lampson Road site
    No further information is available.

  • Former Killearn Hospital Site


    It was confirmed that no sale of houses will take place until a suitable path to the
    village has been built. This could be along the A81 and up Station Road, but an
    off-road path is also being investigated with information awaited from the Gordon
    Trust regarding such a path going through their land.

    It was noted that the footpath at the lower end of Station Road has been badly
    damaged because of recent bad weather and requires urgent attention. SC
    representatives have been contacted and a response is awaited.

  • Development of Former Killearn Hotel


    Temporary fencing has been erected around the building and the developer has
    begun taking down internal fittings and fixtures until permission is given for
    demolition. Full planning consent is now through and when agreement on Section
    75 is reached, it is hoped demolition can begin. It is envisaged demolition will take
    about three weeks and hoped that, by the end of April, everything will be cleared
    to allow building work (approximately 50 weeks) to commence in May.



  • Finnich Glen

    Adopted minutes of meeting held on 20 January 2021


    The developer is in ongoing discussion with SC regarding details of conditions
    and will keep KCC advised of progress.



    It was agreed to contact SC with the following requests; attention be given to the gullies
    on Station Road, the re-filling of grit bins after recent wintry weather and a request for dog
    waste bin on Lampson Road near the cowfield. (Action JP)




    Cllrs Davies and Lambie were both in attendance and reported on the following local


  • Covid infection cases rose recently to 162 per 100,000 population in some areas
    of Stirling. Members of the public were reminded of the current rules to keep
    within their council boundary except for essential reasons.


  • Central vaccination points are being looked at within the region. Both the Village
    Hall and Kirk Halls have offered accommodation if required. Vaccination has
    commenced within the community at Killearn Health Centre. Local residents are
    requested not to phone Killearn Health Centre asking when they will receive the
    vaccine and are assured they will be contacted with appointment details at the
    appropriate time.


  • Future SC road repair works to include B822 Fintry – Kippen, Napier Road and
    A809 Stockiemuir Road.


  • A 20 mph limit within Killearn is being considered. Consultation will take place in
    due course.


  • Applications for wind farm development near Arnprior and for a whisky distillery
    near Gargunnock have been received by SC.


  • Sustrans funding from SC may be available to help with path from former Killearn
    Hospital site to the village. It was agreed Cllr Lambie and Caroline will investigate
    this further.




    Elizabeth gave the following report:


    Thanks to local businesses were expressed for their support of the Christmas lights
    project- £1579.54 has been received to date. Invoice will be paid when received.


    Income £0.29 Bank interest


    Expenditure £44.95 Christmas cards for Sharing Happiness Project

    £14.39 Administrative costs for Zoom meetings
    Current Bank Balance £3609.09




    Adopted minutes of meeting held on 20 January 2021


    There were no questions from members of the public.




    Fiona reported on the following items of correspondence:


  • SC inspected swing in playpark and removed it. New parts are on order and
    update is awaited

  • Concern about dangerous parking at Glengoyne Distillery on A81.


  • Communication from Health and Social Care Partnership regarding closure of
    Strathendrick Care Home in Balfron. As neither elected councillors nor members
    of KCC knew about this, it was agreed KCC urgently request further information.
    (Action JP/FR)



The Blood Transfusion Service will be visiting Kirk Halls on 9 February 2021. Due to
Covid restrictions, those wishing to give blood must apply beforehand.


KCC wish to thank SC team for handling the recent bin replacements so efficiently in
such poor weather conditions.


The meeting was informed that as from the beginning of the new financial year, the
emptying of brown bins will be charged at £35 per bin per year. This is because, unlike
grey and blue bins, the uplift of brown bins is not a statutory service. Residents can have
more than one brown bin but will be charged accordingly. Should a brown bin not be
required, SC will provide a 5 litre bin for food waste free of charge.


On behalf of delighted recipients, Graeme expressed appreciation and thanks for potted
bulb gifts in the Spreading of Happiness Project.




The next KCC meeting is scheduled for 17 February 2021. This will be held again via
Zoom and details will be confirmed nearer the time.


The meeting ended at 9.12 pm.