June AGM 2021 Minutes

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HELD ON 16 JUNE 2021


Members present Heidi Bryce, Andrew Donaldson Susie Henderson,

Elizabeth Jones, Hilary McGregor, Jim Ptolomey (Chair), Fiona Rennie

Apologies Caroline Carrick, Euan Shaw

In attendance Doug Ashworth, Cllr Rob Davies, Cllr Jane Hutchison, Graeme Fraser KCFC, 25 members of the public, Christine Bauwens (Minute Secretary)

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the AGM of Killearn Community Council on 16 June 2021 was held via Zoom.



The minutes of the AGM held on 18 November 2020 were accepted as a true record of the meeting, moved by Fiona Rennie and seconded by Elizabeth Jones.



The Chair presented the Annual Report for the year 2020/2021. The Annual Report is attached to the minute.



The accounts for the year 2020/2021 were presented to the meeting. Adoption of the accounts was moved by Elizabeth Jones and seconded by Jim Ptolomey. The Audited Accounts are attached to the minute.



Jim Ptolomey was re-elected as Chair of the Council, proposed by Fiona Rennie and seconded by Andrew Donaldson. Fiona Rennie was re-elected as Vice Chair and Secretary of the Council, proposed by Jim Ptolomey and seconded by Elizabeth Jones. Elizabeth Jones was re-elected as Treasurer, proposed by Jim Ptolomey and seconded by Susie Henderson.



It was agreed the next KCC AGM would be held on 15 June 2022. The Chair declared the meeting closed at 7.59 pm.



At the last AGM held by zoom on 18th November, office bearers re-elected were;- Jim Ptolomey Chair

Fiona Rennie Secretary

Elizabeth Jones Treasurer

Other members of the Council continuing were;-

Andrew Donaldson (web site), Hilary McGregor (social/health care and neighbourhood and community reference group, Susie Henderson (no specific remit), Caroline Carrick (face book) and Heidi Bryce (education).

At the end of the calendar year Janet Duncan moved to the south of England to be closer to family and resigned from the Council after more than 30 years.

All meetings throughout the year have been held by zoom due to pandemic restrictions, however these have generally been attended by 35 – 40 residents.

Throughout the year regular updates were reported in respect of major development by Cala at the site of the former Killearn Hospital and for the redevelopment on the Killearn Hotel site. Site starts for both are now imminent. Social Housing proposals for Lampson Road remain in abeyance.

Otherwise there have been issues with flooding in the cow field which we understand Scottish Water are now dealing with, there has been normal infill development, ongoing concern over roads and speeding which is now to be debated with Stirling Council. There has been ongoing parking issues at Dumgoyne and Finnich Toll.

Other topics of concerns included alterations to bin collections and the ongoing struggle to establish good broadband connectivity in the village for which a wireless solution has ultimately found favour in the Branziert and Drumbeg Loan areas. To this end the Community Council is appreciative of the ongoing efforts being made by Doug Ashworth and Euan Shaw on our behalf.

The Community Council commenced proposals for a joint pedestrian and cycle path from the proposed new Cala development to the village and this is an ongoing project involving much discussion with the roads department, the developer and the relevant land owners.

At Christmas the Community Council, in conjunction with the village nurseries delivered cards and plants to some 60 residents in the village as part of our Sharing Happiness initiative. Additionally festive lighting was purchased for display on lampposts on Balfron Road. This was followed up by distribution of red noses in March and mini Easter Eggs in April.

In February our MSP Alyn Smith attended to address community concerns and in March we had a presentation from Loch Lomond Fisheries Preservation Trust outlining the ongoing work being undertaken around the river Endrick involving removal of invasive species and planting of native trees in the area. At this meeting we were sadly advised of the death of Councillor Graham Lambie who had always worked hard to represent the community since being appointed in 2007.

The Community Council continued to relay via our website, all information relative to the pandemic and other issues emanating from Stirling Council.


Thanks to all our Community Council members, elected councillors and Police for their support during the year.

A special thanks to our minute secretary Christine Bauwens for her continued service in what has been a much more difficult environment in which to ensure all business has been properly recorded.

We all look forward to hopefully being live again by September but will await Government guidance.

Jim Ptolomey Chair

Killearn Community Council June 2021