May 2021 Minutes

Adopted minutes of meeting held on 19 May 2021




Members present Heidi Bryce, Andrew Donaldson, Elizabeth Jones, Hilary McGregor,
Jim Ptolomey (Chair), Fiona Rennie


Apologies Doug Ashworth, Caroline Carrick, Susie Henderson, Police


In attendance Cllr Rob Davies, Graeme Fraser KCFC, Nick Hawkins KCFC,
Cllr Jane Hutchison, Euan Shaw,

26 members of the public,

Christine Bauwens (Minute Secretary)


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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the KCC meeting on 19 May 2021 was held
via Zoom.


Jim introduced Jane Hutchison as the newly elected councillor for this area and
welcomed her to the meeting.


On behalf of KCC, Jim expressed sincere thanks to SC Community Development Officer
Pam Campbell, for all her help and support over the years and wished her well in her new
position with East Dunbartonshire Council.




The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting.




There were no matters arising from the minutes.




As Police Scotland was unable to attend the meeting, due to it being held via Zoom,
Fiona presented the following Police Report:


  • Reports of persons within the grounds of Killearn Primary School but no persons
    found on arrival of police.

  • More mountain rescues carried out at the Devil’s Pulpit, Finnich Glen. Ongoing
    parking issues at the Glen with police and SC enforcement officers in attendance.

  • Cycling accident near Gartness Road when cyclist fell off his bike and fell down an
    embankment. He suffered minor injuries and was taken by ambulance to hospital.

  • Two males found in possession of cannabis at The Square, Killearn and one male
    found in possession of cannabis at the Devil’s Pulpit. All issued with Recorded
    Police Warnings.


    Adopted minutes of meeting held on 19 May 2021


  • Road traffic collision near to Devil’s Pulpit when vehicle overturned. No injury
    sustained but the road was closed as vehicles blocked carriageway.

  • Driver caught speeding at 73 mph on Station Road and reported to Procurator

  • Further report of theft by shoplifting at Killearn Co-op. It is thought to have been
    carried out by the same person as previous and enquiries are ongoing.

  • Another fraud reported in Killearn with caller stating that the recipient was involved
    in criminality and demanding payment.

  • The problem of sheep worrying by dogs at this time of year.

  • Advice on keeping bikes safe.

    The full police report is available on KCC website


    CC1062 – KCFC UPDATE


    Graeme reported that there has been a little more group activity in the Village Hall as
    COVID restrictions ease. The Kitchen Window café will open for normal service on
    Thursday 20 May. Thanks were expressed to Colourful Killearn for their efforts with
    planting in the village.


    Nick Hawkins spoke to the meeting about the Killearn Heritage Trail to be launched on
    20 May by pupils from Killearn Primary School. On 22 & 23 May, local residents are
    encouraged to follow the Trail and take part in local promotions. Thanks were expressed
    to all those involved in the project from the original excavation of an old building in
    Killearn Glen, to the production of the eight Heritage Trail boards situated around the
    village, and the creation of the Killearn Heritage Trail website


    CC1063 – BROADBAND


    As Doug was unable to attend the meeting, Euan spoke about the voucher scheme now
    available for the proposed Fixed Wireless Internet Service and the BT switchover to
    Digital Voice. Further information is available at


    CC1064 – PLANNING


    Planning Schedule


  • Valid Planning Applications Received


    21/00340/FUL Dormer Extension to Dwelling House at 7 Gartness Mill Cottages,
    DrymenG63 0NJ

    No comment.


    21/00308/FUL Extend a Portion of Existing Fence to a Height of 2m in Front of
    Garden at 31 Lampson Road, Killearn G63 9LT

    No comment.


    Adopted minutes of meeting held on 19 May 2021


    21/00351/FUL Alterations and Extension to Dwelling House Including Formation
    of an Attached Garage and Annex, Formation of Balconies, Addition of Pitched
    Roof over Existing Flat Roof Element of Existing Dwelling, Erection of Dormers,
    Installation of Rooflights, Lounge Extension and Replacement of Existing Porch at
    Westfield, 2 Greenend Road, Killearn G63 9NP

    No comment.


    21/00360/FUL Erection of Dwelling House at Garden Ground to Side of
    26 Graham Road, Killearn G63 9RR

    No comment.


    21/00428/LBC Removal of a load bearing wall to join two small rooms and widen
    a doorway at The Tollhouse, 18 Balfron Road, Killearn G63 9NJ

    No comment.


  • Decisions of Appointed Officers

    21/00186/FUL Erection of Dwelling House Approved under Terms and Conditions
    of Planning approval 11/00441/MSC at Land at Killearn House Walled Garden,
    Killearn G63

    Approve with Reasons.


    20/00056/CON Demolition of Hotel at The Killearn Hotel, 2 The Square, Killearn
    G63 9NG

    Approve with Conditions.


    21/00132/FUL Erection of shed to store garden maintenance equipment at
    Carbeth House Building and Gardens, Drumtian Road, Killearn

    Approve with Conditions.


    21/00248/FUL Conversion of existing outbuilding to form external family space
    ancillary to existing dwellinghouse at 29 Main Street, Killearn G63 9RJ
    Approve with Conditions.


  • Planning Applications Withdrawn

    21/00193/FUL Erection of 4 Number Dwelling Houses at Land at Former
    Glenshee Cottage, Balfron


    21/00222/LBC Remove Internal Wall, Widen Doorway, Installation of
    Conservation Rooflight at The Toll House, 18 Balfron Road, Killearn G63 9NJ


    21/00223/FUL Installation of Conservation Rooflight at The Toll House,
    18 Balfron Road, Killearn G63 9NJ


    Other Planning Matters


  • Jim informed the meeting of proposed tree planting of 19.6 hectares at Quinloch
    Muir. KCC has no objections to this and it was agreed to write in support of the
    scheme. (Action JP)

  • Former Killearn Hospital Site

    Section 75 is almost complete. It is hoped building will start at the end of the year.


    Adopted minutes of meeting held on 19 May 2021


  • Development of Former Killearn Hotel

    Permission for the demolition of the hotel has now been granted and will probably
    proceed at the end of the month. The developers hope to start building in August.



    The new 20 mph scheme for Killearn is due to be implemented at the end of May. New
    road signs will be erected in the relevant areas of the village.


    A local farmer has approached SC requesting a 40 mph buffer zone for 600m south of
    the 30 mph boundary on A875 where there are two entrances to farms.


    The bridge at Boquhan Burn near Branshoggle on the B818 was again discussed.

    Cllr Davies raised the issue at the recent SC meeting but there appears to be a shortage
    of funds to deal with such matters. As the bridge now poses a serious risk, the road will
    not re-open. It was agreed KCC write to SC highlighting the urgency of the situation and
    asking what SC are spending their road’s budget on if not on such issues as vital bridge
    repairs and maintenance. (Action JP)


    A local resident asked about work on two new drains on Birch Road which started a
    number of weeks ago but seems now to have been abandoned. It was agreed KCC
    enquire about this. (Action JP)


    Part of the newly resurfaced road at The Branziert has been dug up and it was requested
    KCC ask the reason for this. (Action JP)


    In response to a question about the proposed pedestrian crossing for Killearn, there is no
    information available as yet. However, it is hoped that this may form part of the
    forthcoming Killearn Gateway Project.


    The meeting was informed that Susan McDougall, SC Transport Planning Officer will
    attend the KCC meeting in June and it is hoped she will be able to provide more
    information on local roads’ matters.




    Cllr Davies welcomed Cllr Hutchison to the Ward.


    The new SC budget for roads has been set and work is scheduled for the following areas
    of Killearn:


    A81 from Blane Smithy to Oakwood roundabout
    Drumbeg Loan

    Gartness Road
    Drumtian Road


    The next SC meeting will discuss a new IT system for Stirling Council.




    Elizabeth reported that KCC end of year accounts have been audited and a formal report
    will be given at the AGM in June.




    Adopted minutes of meeting held on 19 May 2021


    There were no questions from members of the public.




    Fiona reported on the following:


  • Continuing correspondence with SC regarding more waste bins in village.

  • Request from CALA to SC that the area around the development of former
    KillearnHospital be reduced to 40 mph.

  • Giant Hogweed control by Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust on banks of River Endrick
    and Blane Water.

  • There has been continuing dialogue with BT with reference to the phone box on
    Main Street at Well Green. BT is still considering use of the phone box and
    therefore there is no option at the present time for adoption by the community.



The meeting was informed of police being called recently to deal with fires started by
young people gathering in Station Woods. Whilst this was not initiated by the local
landowner, he expressed concern that the youths involved did not realise the implications
of possibly having a criminal record and the problems that would cause in the future.

Parents are requested to advise their young people to act responsibly while gathering
together and to respect the woodland while also enjoying the amenities.




The next KCC meeting is scheduled for 16 June at 8.00 pm with KCC AGM taking place
beforehand at 7.45 pm. This will be held again via Zoom and details will be confirmed
nearer the time.


The meeting ended at 9.04 pm.