Nov 2021 Minutes

Adopted minutes of meeting held on 17 November 2021





Members present Caroline Carrick, Andrew Donaldson, Susie Henderson,
Hilary McGregor, Jim Ptolomey (Chair), Fiona Rennie


Apologies Heidi Bryce, Elizabeth Jones, Police Scotland


In attendance Doug Ashworth, Cllr Rob Davies, Graeme Fraser KCFC,

Cllr Jane Hutchison, Jessie-Anne Malcolm NHS Forth Valley,
Graham McNeil Land Director CALA, Euan Shaw,

Andrew Woodrow Planning Associate Barton Wilmore Architects,
15 members of the public,

Christine Bauwens (Minute Secretary)


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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the KCC meeting on 17 November 2021 was held
via Zoom.


Jim welcomed Jessie-Anne Malcolm of NHS Forth Valley to the meeting.




The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting.




  • CC1100 – Matters Arising - Presentation by Crispin Hayes


    A meeting has taken place between Kenneth Alexander and Boquhan residents to
    further discuss the proposed cycle path project. A further meeting, to include
    Killearn residents, will be held at a future date.

  • CC 1100 – Matters Arising - Broadband

    Jim informed the meeting that SC has now signed a contract with BT for improved
    broadband connectivity at Killearn Primary School.




    As Police Scotland was unable to attend the meeting, due to it being held via Zoom,
    Fiona presented the following Police Report:


  • Males were reported to be in the building site of former Killearn Hotel. Police
    attended and found no trace on arrival. Premises were checked and all found to
    be in order.

  • Male driver issued with a recorded Police warning after a road rage type incident
    at temporary traffic lights on B834.


    Adopted minutes of meeting held on 17 November 2021


  • A female driver hit another vehicle parked at Killearn Co-op. This was reported to
    Police after unsuccessful attempt to trace owner within the shop.

  • Vehicle hit by an unknown vehicle while parked on Main Street, Killearn.


  • Police attended area near Blane Smiddy roundabout and removed loose dropped
    screws from the road.

  • Bike shop at Oakwood Garden Centre broken into and a quantity of high value
    bikes stolen. Police enquiries are continuing.

    The full police report is available on KCC website


    CC1115 – KCFC UPDATE


    Graeme informed the meeting that the Paths Group have been approached by the co-
    ordinator of the Kings Highway Project to become involved in same. Although KCFC are
    involved with the proposed cycle path between Killearn and Balfron, they do not feel able
    to take on further work and wondered whether it may be something that KCC might like to
    pick up.


    A member of the public asked about the path between Boquhan and Killearn which
    requires maintenance. It was agreed KCFC make enquiries as to who is responsible for
    its ongoing maintenance.


    The proposed evening with Jackie Savery and Nigel Pope of Maramedia will now take
    place in the new year. Final details of the date will be announced.


    CC1116 – BROADBAND


    Euan spoke to the meeting regarding the expansion of ultra-fast broadband provision in
    certain parts of the village including Rowan Crescent if residents are eligible for funding.
    As more people are working from home, due to Covid-19, demand for improved upload
    speeds have also come from residents in Cedar, Elder and Elm roads. Anyone wishing
    assistance or further information should contact Euan Shaw or Doug Ashworth. It was
    also agreed JP contact Alyn Smith MP again regarding Killearn’s broadband situation.
    (Action JP)


    Doug also spoke on the ongoing issues with BT Digital Voice. Up-to-date information is
    available on KCC website at


    CC1117 – PLANNING


    Please see KCC website to see the full planning schedule.


    Other Planning Matters


  • Development of Former Killearn Hotel
    Ongoing work taking place at the site.

  • RSHA Development at Lampson Road
    No further information available.


    Adopted minutes of meeting held on 17 November 2021


  • Former Killearn Hospital Site

Jim welcomed Graham McNeil of CALA and Andrew Woodrow of Barton Wilmore
Architects to the meeting to help explain the reasons behind a change to the
planning application for development of the former hospital site, which proposes
decontamination of only 80% of the site.

Jim explained that the community position was a desire to see the site developed
and completely decontaminated.

The SC planning panel has deferred a decision on approving the revised proposal
to early December, pending a hearing.

Graham and Andrew were asked to explain the situation from their perspective.

The meeting was shown a plan outlining the CALA site boundary, permission for
which has been granted for residential development. The area next to this has
been given planning permission in principle for commercial/mixed-use eg retail,
care-home etc. The landowner will retain ownership of this part of the site pending
commercial development.

Graham explained that the original plan, and still their preferred option, was that
CALA, although purchasing only the residential development area of the site,
would clear and decontaminate the whole site, including the commercial
development area. The additional cost of decontaminating the commercial site is
not significant in the overall costs of the project and would offer greater
confidence and reassurance all round. CALA is now not being given access to this
commercial development area by the landowner and can no longer
decontaminate that area. Therefore, CALA has been obliged to resubmit the
planning application covering decontamination of the residential development
area only.


CALA has commissioned two independent consultants who have both ascertained
that there is no risk posed to the residential development and the local
environment if the adjacent commercial site is not developed or if the site is
decontaminated at a later date. However, the landowner will be responsible for
securing this area and protecting the public.


CALA noted that they have spent years on planning for development of the site
and are firmly committed to the development. However, as they are not being
granted access to the commercial area of the site, CALA cannot commit to the
remediation of that area. This has necessitated the change to the planning


Members of the public questioned CALA on their motivations and the need for
change to the planning application, again stressing the desire for decontamination
of the whole site at the start of the project.


It was agreed that Jim speak to the landowner as a matter of urgency to find out
more information and contact the Planning Department in order to reach a
satisfactory conclusion to the matter. (Action JP)




20 mph cardboard notices have been attached to lamp posts to alert drivers to the new
speed limit within Killearn. Residents were reminded the 20 mph zone is an18 month trial


Adopted minutes of meeting held on 17 November 2021


and to bring questions or comments to the KCC meeting in January when a
representative from SC Roads Department will be in attendance.


SC have been notified of blocked gulleys on Station Road and Main Street.


With increased construction traffic at the former hotel site, it was agreed to ask SC to
repaint the road markings on Balfron Road at the old bank building as a matter of
urgency. (Action FR)


It was also requested that SC look at preventing the surface water which flows near the
chicane on Station Road as, if this turned to ice, it could be hazardous. (Action JP)


Jim updated the meeting on the situation re the local bridges. SC have been granted

£1.5m in funding from Scottish Government reserves and tenders for Catter Burn Bridge
are now going out. A meeting was held on 17 November for residents and businesses
affected by the closure of Branshogle Bridge. A contractor will be appointed shortly and
will hope to start work on 29 November. With regard to Blane Bridge, the existing barriers
have been extended and traffic lights installed to prevent vehicles stopping or starting on
the bridge itself. Weekly monitoring of the bridge will be done by SC and maintenance
scheduled as required.


It was noted that the owners of the land south of Blane Bridge have been in contact with
SC expressing their willingness to cooperate.




Cllr Davies and Cllr Hutchison reported on the following:


  • Issues arising from closure of bridges at Branshogle and Catter Burn.

  • SC is on the shortlist to submit a bid for UK City of Culture 2025. Rural areas have
    been assured that they will also benefit if the bid is successful.

  • In order to have a direct voice to SC, it is proposed that a 5-minute presentation can
    be made by community groups to the Council.



    As Elizabeth was unable to attend the meeting, there was no Treasurer’s Report.




    A member of the public requested a street light be erected near the oak tree in the park. It
    was agreed to contact SC about same. (Action FR)


    It was also stressed that dog owners must take responsibility for cleaning up after their
    dogs and should not leave filled bags hanging on bushes or on the ground.




    Fiona informed the meeting of the following:


    • Thanks to KCFC and Killearn Trust for partnering with KCC to fund the operation
      of the Christmas lights. The lights are expected to be installed on 1 December.



      Adopted minutes of meeting held on 17 November 2021


    • SC to erect more cycle racks at Killearn Primary School.


    • Lampson Road will be closed on 9 December for Scottish Water works.


    • SC’s winter gritting programme is now ready.


    • Hogmanay Firework Display to be held at Wallace Monument and viewed from
      afar. There will be no fireworks at Stirling Castle.

    • Broken pipe in the cow field has been reported to Scottish Water.



Lyndsay Kirk advised the meeting that the Advent Window Trail around the village will
take place from 1 – 24 December. The first window, designed by Killearn Primary School,
will open on 1 December at 6.30 pm at Killearn Village Hall, where there will also be carol
singing and market stalls.


Killearn Christmas Post will start on 4 December. Full details available on Killearn For All
Facebook page. Users of this delivery service are asked to give generously to support
children’s hospices in Scotland.




The next KCC meeting is scheduled for 15 December 2021 at 8.00 pm. Details of how to
join the Zoom meeting will be issued nearer the time.


The meeting ended at 9.56 pm.