Oct 2021 Minutes

Adopted minutes of meeting held on 20 October 2021





Members present Andrew Donaldson, Hilary McGregor, Jim Ptolomey (Chair),
Fiona Rennie


Apologies Heidi Bryce, Caroline Carrick, Susie Henderson, Elizabeth Jones,
Police Scotland


In attendance Doug Ashworth, Cllr Alistair Berrill, Cllr Rob Davies,

Graeme Fraser KCFC,

Jessie-Anne Malcolm NHS Forth Valley,
17 members of the public,

Christine Bauwens (Minute Secretary)


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The KCC meeting on 20 October 2021 was held via Zoom.




Subject to a change of wording in CC1092 Roads and General Maintenance, paragraph
2, the minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting. “…claim of a lack of
evidence from SC 30 year old traffic statistics…” should be changed to “… claim of a lack
of evidence from SC traffic statistics over a 30 year period…”.




  • CC1087 – Presentation by Crispin Hayes, Cycle Paths Services Ltd


    A meeting will take place on 2 November in Killearn Village Hall with

    Kenneth Alexander and Boquhan residents to further discuss the proposed cycle
    path project. A public meeting will also be held at a future date to be announced.


    A member of the public commented on the proposal for only one dedicated lane
    for vehicular traffic crossing the bridge at Balfron and the possible structural
    problems caused by 100% increase in traffic on this half of the bridge.


  • CC 1090 – Broadband

    Jim informed the meeting that KCC has written to Alyn Smith MP regarding the
    broadband problems at Killearn Primary School. A reply is awaited.




    As Police Scotland was unable to attend the meeting, due to it being held via Zoom,
    Fiona presented the following Police Report:


  • Male cautioned and charged with assault after an incident outside The Old Mill.

  • Male found in possession of cannabis in Main Street, Killearn.


    Adopted minutes of meeting held on 20 October 2021


  • Accident on A809 north of Queen’s View car park involving two motorcycles and
    two vehicles. The riders of the motorcycles both sustained broken bones and were
    reported for Road Traffic Act offences.

  • Accident on A81 at junction with Gartness Road involving a van and car. One
    driver issued with a fixed penalty for careless driving.

  • Accident on A875 between Killearn and Balfron involving one vehicle. No injuries
    were sustained.

  • Speed checks have been carried out in Boquhan with further checks due in
    Killearn in the near future.

  • Suspicious male attended a door in Gartness Road stating he was an ex-convict
    and in need of help. He left soon after and police found no trace of him.

  • Break-in at St Mocha Café on the Stockiemuir Road.

    The full police report is available on KCC website www.killearncc.org.uk


    CC1102 – KCFC UPDATE


    Graeme informed the meeting that activities at the Village Hall are continuing to increase.


    Discussions are taking place with Killearn residents Jackie Savery and Nigel Pope of
    Maramedia, TV production company specialising in wildlife filmmaking. It is hoped
    another evening activity with them can take place in December.


    KCFC AGM will take place on 21 October 2021.


    CC1103 – BROADBAND


    Doug reported on the ongoing problems with the Broadband Voucher Scheme which
    have resulted in all applications from the Branziert and Drumbeg Loan for Euan Shaw’s
    project being stopped and having to be reapplied for. R100 scheme availability has been
    revised to April 2022 – 2026.


    Despite having raised concerns about the inadequate provision of good broadband
    connectivity at Killearn Primary School with SC, there is still no information about the
    situation. It was agreed Cllr Davies continue to follow this up.


    A local resident spoke of numerous problems encountered with BT Digital Voice. It was
    agreed he provide a written summary of same to share with other potential customers for
    Digital Voice. This information will be made available on KCC website.


    CC1104 – PLANNING


    Jim highlighted the following planning issues and pointed residents to KCC website
    www.killearncc.org.uk to see the full planning schedule:



    Planning Schedule

    Adopted minutes of meeting held on 20 October 2021


  • Planning Panel Recommendations


    20/00408/MSC Application for Approval of Matters Specified in Conditions 1-9 and
    12 of Planning Permission 17/00978/PPP for Eleven Affordable Dwelling Houses
    at Land Adjacent to no’s 1 and 2 Lampson Road, Killearn.

    Approve with Conditions.

    Other Planning Matters


  • Former Killearn Hospital Site
    No further information available.

  • Development of Former Killearn Hotel

Work has begun on the site. Phase 1 is due to be completed in 44 weeks with the
full completion in 52 weeks.



Jim informed the meeting that an initial SC internal inspection had taken place on

30 September following the collapse of Catter Burn Bridge, Croftamie. A visual inspection
was also undertaken by external consultants on Friday 1 October and a drone survey on
Sunday 10 October. A laser survey of the structure is currently being arranged. SC is
progressing a design for repair or replacement as a matter of urgency. It is envisaged the
bridge will be closed until at least the end of the year.


SC will meet on 21 October to discuss £1.5m be taken from reserve funds to finance the
work required on Branshogle Bridge and Catter Burn Bridge.


There was considerable discussion from the floor regarding the condition of these and
other bridges and the lack of proactive repair work carried out by SC in the past.

Disappointment and frustration were expressed at SC’s apparent mismanagement of
funding of repairs to bridges in the local area. Following a request from the community, it
was agreed that a Freedom of Information request be submitted to SC for the history of
Blane Bridge from 2015. (Action JP)


It was agreed Cllr Davies make these points to the SC meeting on 21 October and stress
the seriousness of the situation.


A Vehicle Activated Sign has been set up at the entrance to the village when approaching
from Balfron as part of the wider speed management activity.


Main Street/Balfron Road will be closed for a short while on 14 November during the
Remembrance Sunday Service.


Following a local resident’s query regarding the Ballat junction with A81, SC have
explained why it is not deemed appropriate to change the Give Way signs to Stop signs.


Following the recent accident at junction with Gartness Road and A81, vegetation has
been cleared to make the Stop sign more visible and white road markings have been


Cycle Racks have been installed outside Killearn Co-op.


Adopted minutes of meeting held on 20 October 2021


Residents of Boquhan had requested a temporary speed restriction from 40 mph to

30 mph through the village, as the current bridge and road closures have increased traffic
flow through Boquhan. SC has explained the criteria required in order to reduce the
speed limit and the road through Boquhan does not meet those criteria.


It is hoped a representative from SC Roads Dept will be at the January 2022 meeting of
KCC. Residents are encouraged to bring their questions and comments at that time.




Cllr Berrill and Cllr Davies reported on the following:


  • Issues arising from closure of bridges at Branshogle and Catter Burn.

  • Current consultations on SC Engage Stirling website, including the SC budget
    consultation for the next financial year.

  • Community Councils can now meet in person if wished, continue on Zoom or have
    a hybrid meeting. It was requested that the councillors enquire about future school
    lets as this affects KCC and how hybrid meetings could practically take place
    when there is such poor broadband connectivity at Killearn Primary School.

  • Stirling Council area was recently rated number one on the list of COVID-19
    infections in Scotland but is currently rated number three.

  • The reduced bin frequency collection has now started but questions about any
    additional waste that residents may be taking to the SC recycling centres have
    been raised.

  • Stirling has secured a place on the longlist for UK City of Culture 2025.



The meeting was informed that the admin grant has been received and is now in KCC’s
bank account.




A question was raised by a member of the public regarding the recent letter received by
all residents from Alyn Smith MP about the Kings Highway Project. As the letter did not
explain what this is, KCC agreed to find out more information. (Action JP)


In the light of recent media reports about the current shortage of HGV drivers, a question
was asked if SC had in place contingency plans to secure drivers for gritting and waste
lorries. It was agreed Cllr Berrill find out more information.




Fiona informed the meeting that part of the wooden trim trail in the fenced-off, toddler
area at the play park had collapsed. SC Play & Maintenance Team have removed this
and will replace it in due course.




Lindsay Kirk informed the meeting that 29 local homes will take part in the organised
Advent Windows Trail around the village this winter starting on 1 December.


Adopted minutes of meeting held on 20 October 2021


Discussion to fund the operation of the Christmas Lights on Balfron Road is taking place.


Following the announcement of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June 2022,
the meeting was informed that KCC is looking to bring together a small organising group
to plan for community activities during that period and is hoping to submit plans for a
beacon to be lit on the evening of Thursday 2 June.


In view of the ongoing COVID pandemic and recent rise in cases, it was agreed to
continue KCC meetings via Zoom while trying to ensure that those residents who do not
have access to Zoom are still included.




The next KCC meeting is scheduled for 17 November 2021 at 8.00 pm. Details of how to
join the Zoom meeting will be issued nearer the time.


The meeting ended at 9.33 pm.