Jan 2022 Minutes

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Adopted minutes of meeting held on 19 January 2022





Members present Heidi Bryce, Caroline Carrick, Andrew Donaldson,

Susie Henderson, Elizabeth Jones, Hilary McGregor,
Jim Ptolomey (Chair), Fiona Rennie


Apologies Police Scotland


In attendance Doug Ashworth, Cllr Rob Davies, Graeme Fraser KCFC,
Jessie-Anne Malcolm NHS Forth Valley, Euan Shaw,

18 members of the public,

Christine Bauwens (Minute Secretary)


How to contact us Go to www.killearncc.org.uk and click on contact button.


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the KCC meeting on 19 January 2022 was held
via Zoom.




The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting.




A member of the public asked for clarification on a couple of points about the former
Killearn Hospital site discussion in previous minutes and the points were noted.




As Police Scotland was unable to attend the meeting due to it being held via Zoom, Fiona
presented the following Police Report:


  • Road traffic accident on A81 at Dumgoyne on 31 December 2021. No serious
    injuries were sustained as a result.

  • Following complaints of speeding on Main Street, the police will be carrying out
    speed checks in the near future.

  • Attempt to gain entry to Oakwood Garden Centre but no entry was gained.

  • In early hours of 24 December 2021, access gained to an insecure house in
    Blanefield, resulting in theft of car keys and stealing of car. A similar theft also
    occurred in Fintry with keys and vehicle stolen from a driveway. Police enquiries
    are ongoing.

    The full police report is available on KCC website www.killearncc.org.uk


    A request was made from a local resident for the speed checks to be done as soon as
    possible, thereby re-enforcing the current 20 mph limit on Main Street.


    CC1141 – KCFC UPDATE

    Adopted minutes of meeting held on 19 January 2022


    Graeme spoke of the benefit to the village of the Christmas lights and thanked all those
    involved. Due to current COVID restrictions, activities at the Village Hall have been
    slightly impacted but it is hoped things will improve as restrictions are lifted in the coming


    Following a query about the possibility of holding the fireworks display later in the year, it
    was explained that the Committee is very keen to hold an event but there are now
    additional licencing requirements for such events, eg the checking of COVID passports
    etc. KCFC are looking into the implications of such requirements and will keep the
    community informed in due course.


    CC1142 – BROADBAND


    An upgrade contract for Killearn Primary School to enhance their broadband connectivity
    has been agreed but there is still no start date. It was agreed to ask Cllr Rob Davies to
    follow this up.


    Following recent Openreach work along Balfron Road and the top of Station Road, the
    Kirk can now have access to FTTP (Fibre-To-The-Premises). Unfortunately it does not
    seem the Village Hall can have similar access. It was agreed KCC contacts Killearn
    Health Centre to ascertain its situation.


    Work is being carried out by Euan Shaw and Andrew Donaldson to bring ultrafast
    broadband connectivity to the Trees estate. Sufficient interest has been expressed by
    residents of Elm, Elder and Cedar. However, whilst there has been some uptake from
    residents of Rowan, about four more households are required to achieve the level of
    support needed. It is hoped to also offer a further extension to residents of

    Kirkhouse Road in the next three months.


    As there seems to be no visible progress locally with the R100 upgrade, it was agreed
    Doug and Jim co-ordinate letters to Alyn Smith MP asking for assistance.


    CC1143 – PLANNING


    Please see KCC website www.killearncc.org.uk for the full planning schedule.


    Other Planning Matters


  • Development of Former Killearn Hotel

    The project continues to be on programme. Timber framing work to be carried out
    by the end of March with flats completed by the end of August.

  • RSHA Development at Lampson Road

    It is hoped to have a contractor appointed by mid February. Following a detailed
    funding application to the Scottish government and subject to approval, it is
    envisaged work will start on site in the summer.

  • Former Killearn Hospital Site

Following KCC’s letter to SC regarding clarification on possible deviation from the
original planning application and if the application should be classed as major
variation, the meeting was informed that SC does not consider that this is a
significant material change. SC reply states, “It does not affect the red line


Adopted minutes of meeting held on 19 January 2022


boundary of the site or the application description. The changes sought to the
conditions will still achieve remediation of the site albeit in two phases, rather than
one. Since there are no changes in terms of boundary or description, it complies
with Section 32 of the Planning Act.

At the SC special meeting on 19 January 2022, the amendment was approved,
allowing 70%-80% of the site to be decontaminated and development by CALA to
go ahead. Planning permission in principle for commercial development on the
rest of the site remains for a second phase in the future.

The community councillors were questioned on their support for the proposed
amendment. The councillors confirmed that they had listened to wider community
views and supported the proposed amendment as offering the best option for the
community in what had become a difficult scenario.



Fiona presented the report, highlighting the following issues:


Work has started on Branshogle Bridge, but there is no sign yet of building works at
Catter Burn bridge. Cllr Davies offered to ask for further information.


It was announced that work to repair the existing sewer pipe bridge in the cow field will
start on 21 March 2022 and will last approximately three months. A temporary access
road will be built near Abbeyfield. It was agreed KCC find out more detailed information
and post same on KCC website. (Action JP)


Due to drainage works to be carried out in the playpark, the footpath beside the cemetery
will be closed for two weeks from 24 January 2022. The repair to the kerb on the footpath
will be done following completion of the drainage works.


The meeting was informed that members of SC Roads Department will attend KCC
meeting in February when members of the public can ask questions about local issues.


A request for a pedestrian crossing at the foot of the Branziert has been received and
passed on to SC.


In view of cars parking on or near the Disabled Bay on Main Street, KCC has approached
the office responsible for distributing disabled parking permits, to clarify whether further
bays or amendments to yellow lines are needed.


Cllr Jane Hutchison is in discussion with local police regarding the sharing of equipment
for a possible community speedwatch group.


Following recent problems with bollards in Beech Drive, it was agreed KCC send photos
to SC requesting the bollards be replaced/re-instated as soon as possible. (Action FR)




Cllr Davies reported on the approved applications to build five wind turbines at Kippen
and Fintry, a car park in Carron Valley and a new shopping development in Stirling. An
SC budget briefing will take place on Thursday 20 January 2022 and SC elections will be
held later this year.


Adopted minutes of meeting held on 19 January 2022




Expenses £40.00 (admin fees)

£71.86 (web hosting)


Income £0.18 (bank interest)
Current Balance £1494.25



The location of waste bins on Station Road was queried and a request made for a bin at
the Napier Road junction, half way down Station Road. The community councillors and
SC are currently looking into bin provision in the village.


A local resident reported an orange bag of waste in the hedging on Station Road near
Rose Cottage which requires to be uplifted by SC.


Following accounts of rats in the village, it was agreed to ask SC if this has been reported
and if it poses a problem for residents.




Fiona reported on the following:


From January 2022, 5-21 year olds resident in Scotland will be eligible for free bus travel.


As SC have not yet repainted the road markings on the bend at Balfron Road/Main Street
at West Homes, KCC have logged an urgent request for this to be done.


Following reports of deer in the village, a request about possible roadside deer warning
signs has been made to SC. Dog walkers in local woodlands are reminded to keep dogs
strictly under control to prevent disturbing deer in their natural habitat.


Further to recent problems with missed bin uplifts and the difficulty in contacting SC about
same, it was agreed Cllr Davies follow this up.


It was noted the village of Killearn appears on the list of most desirable places to live in
Scotland in the Sunday Telegraph and Scotsman newspapers.




The meeting was informed that because of increased air traffic, Glasgow Airport is
proposing to upgrade routes below 7000 ft within a 30 mile radius of the Airport. KCC is
being consulted and will keep residents informed of any updates. Anyone interested in
becoming involved, should contact KCC via the link on KCC website.


Following discussion about future KCC meetings, it was agreed to continue meeting via
Zoom for next month at least.




The next KCC meeting is scheduled for 16 February 2022 at 8.00 pm. Details of how to
join the Zoom meeting will be issued nearer the time.


The meeting ended at 9.20 pm.