Oct 2022 Minutes

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Members present Heidi Bryce, Andrew Donaldson, Susie Henderson,

Hilary McGregor, Jim Ptolomey (Chair), Fiona Rennie

Apologies Caroline Carrick, Matt Gingles, Mike Gray, Elizabeth Jones, Nigel Kelly, Jessie-Anne Malcolm (NHS Forth Valley), Brenda Pell, Police Scotland

In attendance Doug Ashworth, Graeme Fraser KCFC, Cllr Paul Henke, Ewan Macdonald (Macdonald & Cameron),

Douglas Martin & Johann Partridge (MiAlgae Ltd) Euan Shaw, John Turnbull (McTaggart Construction)

16 members of the public,

Christine Bauwens (Minute Secretary)

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The meeting on 19 October 2022 was held online via Zoom.



The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting.



  • CC1224 – Roads and General Maintenance – Faded Road Markings


The repainting of the lines at the junction of Balfron Road and Main Street at West Homes is still outstanding. KCC awaits an update from SC.



Jim welcomed Ewan Macdonald of Macdonald & Cameron (representing RSHA and programme of works) and John Turnbull of McTaggart Construction (appointed contractors) to the meeting. An update was given on the eleven newbuild affordable homes to be constructed on Lampson Road. Detailed planning consent, roads construction consent and Scottish Water approval have all been given. Final details have been submitted for funding to the Scottish Government for its consideration. It is hoped building will start in early 2023 with the project being completed by the end of 2023.



As the meeting was held online, Police Scotland was unable to attend. Fiona presented the following police report:


· Enquiries are continuing into a report of children causing annoyance to a household in Graham Road.

· Damaged caused to a hedge and vehicle when driver drove into the driveway and appeared to press the accelerator instead of brake.

· Swerving to avoid a deer caused a driver on A81 to strike a telegraph pole. No injury was sustained.

· Under age youth stopped by Police in Killearn while driving a vehicle belonging to his parent. Individual was charged with various Road Traffic offences.

· Attempted housebreaking occurred at a property in Napier Road. Perpetrators appear to have been disturbed, so no entry was gained.

· Suspicious person reported at Croy Buchanan. Police and Police dog attended and searched the area but no trace found.

· Theft of a wall from a property adjacent to A809 reported. 69 metres of coping stones from the top of the dry-stone wall was taken. Enquiries are ongoing.

The full police report is available on KCC website www.killearncc.org.uk



Graeme informed the meeting of the KCFC AGM to be held on 27 October at 8.00 pm in the Village Hall and reminded residents of the Fireworks evening event at The Glebe on Friday 4 November when donations will be by cash only.



Doug explained there was nothing further to report on R100 or progress with BT Openreach. However, Euan Shaw has connected more houses in the Trees estate, Kirkhouse Road and Branziert Road North.



Please see KCC website www.killearncc.org.uk for the full planning schedule.

Other Planning Matters


· Development of Former Killearn Hotel

All work is to be completed in November.

· Development of Site at Former Killearn Hospital No further update available.

Development Proposal at Claylands

Jim introduced Dr Johann Partridge and Douglas Martin of MiAlgae Ltd to the meeting. Planning application 22/00384/FUL has been submitted to SC for the erection of eight cylinder tanks and installation of associated shipping containers for the purpose of forming an Algae Manufacturing Facility and Associated Works at Claylands, Balfron. It was explained that waste water is taken from distilleries and treated to produce omega 3 and algae which is then used to feed pets as part of their diet. Johann and Douglas


answered questions from local residents, explaining that the project will not significantly impact the existing traffic on the B818. Only the tops of the eight cylinders will be seen from the road and will not be higher than the existing infrastructure. MiAlgae is committed to addressing any visual impact by working with the residents and community council to agree on tree-planting as required. The project will bring jobs to the area and four production operators will be employed over the next year. School leavers or graduates from university are encouraged to contact Dr Partridge for further information. Telephone 0131 376 3064. Mobile 0791 913 8727, Email johann.partridge@mialgae.com

Local residents were broadly supportive of the development.


Fiona presented the following report:

· Despite continued urgent requests to SC for the repainting of the lines at the junction of Balfron Road and Main Street at West Homes, this work is still outstanding. It was noted with frustration that this request first was made in November 2021.

  • The date for re-opening Branshogle Bridge has disappointingly been moved from 26 October to 11 November.

· It is hoped Catter Burn bridge will be open for one way traffic on 10 March 2023 with the full opening in late March 2023. An online resident and business engagement event will be held on Tuesday 8 November at 7.30 pm via MS Teams. A similar in- person event will take place on Thursday 10 November from 4.00 – 8.00 pm at

The Butt & Ben, Main Street, Croftamie G63 0EU.

· SC adoption of Aitken Street, Barclay Way and Wilson Crescent at Buchanan Views is on-going and progressing,

· As the 18 month trial for the 20 mph speed limit is almost over and KCC have not heard from SC regarding its consultation with the local community, it was agreed KCC contact SC regarding same.

· Roads around the War Memorial will be closed on Remembrance Sunday, 13 November 2022 from 10.45 – 11.15 am.

Members of the public raised the following concerns:

· Complaints were received regarding Blane Bridge not being checked regularly and not being cleared of debris despite SC claims that this is being done.

· Confusing 20 mph and 30 mph signage on Main Street near Branziert Road and electronic signs on Balfron Road have still not been corrected by SC. It was requested KCC ask SC for clarification on the matter.

· Questions were raised as to the length of time being taken for road works at Glengoyne Distillery, the progress on work at Ballochruin Road, and the progress on resurfacing Drumtian Road near A81.

It was agreed KCC address these issues and contact SC accordingly. (Action FR)




Cllr Henke had nothing further to add to that which had already been discussed.

Further to discussion about provision of adequate broadband at Killearn Primary School, it was agreed Cllr Henke and KCC contact the school and appoint a sub-group to look into the situation further. Deep frustration was expressed at the lack of progress being


made by SC and the continuing negative impact on young children’s education. It was suggested a freedom of information request be raised to try and find answers.



As Elizabeth was unable to connect to the Zoom meeting, it was agreed the Treasurer’s Report be added to the minutes when it is received.



A member of the public informed local residents of a bus survey being undertaken and encouraged all to take part. Please see https://tinyurl.com/bdcsvpdf

A question was raised about the proposed path between Killearn and Balfron. When a final agreement is reached with landowners, members of the public will be informed and a public consultation undertaken.

Thanks were expressed to SC for reinstalling traffic bollards on Beech Drive.

Following a question regarding the path from the CALA housing development at the former Killearn Hospital site to the village, it was explained that an initial Sustans application for early stage funding had been lodged and feedback is awaited.

The re-introduction of beavers to Loch Lomond was discussed and it was agreed this be addressed at the next KCC meeting in November.



Fiona reported on correspondence received on freedom of information request sent to SC regarding developer contributions; the 2022 SC Residents’ Survey; warning about scam emails; the Poppy collection at Killearn Co-op for two weekends prior to 11 November.



Concern was expressed by a local resident about repair work needed on the Playpark equipment. It was noted SC will organise its maintenance team to inspect same.

Volunteering with the Ranger Service to take place in Killearn Glen. Please contact ranger@stirling.gov.uk for further information.

It was voted the KCC Chairman be the KCC nomination for the KCFC Board.

Grateful thanks were expressed to Lindsay Kirk who confirmed the Advent Windows Trail will go ahead this winter with funds being raised for Shelter.

The meeting was informed of work being undertaken by The Killearn Trust on the gable end of a house in The Square.



The next KCC meeting will take place on 16 November 2022 at 8.00 pm. This will be a physical meeting at Killearn Primary School.

The meeting ended at 9.40 pm.