Sept 2022 Minutes

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Members present Caroline Carrick, Elizabeth Jones, Hilary McGregor,

Jim Ptolomey (Chair), Fiona Rennie

Apologies Doug Ashworth, Heidi Bryce, Andrew Donaldson,

Susie Henderson, Jessie-Anne Malcolm (NHS Forth Valley) Cllr Gerry McGarvey

In attendance Graeme Fraser KCFC, Cllr Paul Henke, Euan Shaw,

PC Steven Graham, PC Graeme McNulty (Police Scotland) 16 members of the public,

Christine Bauwens (Minute Secretary)

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Jim welcomed everyone to the meeting which was the first face-to-face meeting since February 2020, prior to COVID lockdown.



The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting.



  • CC1211 – Councillor’s Report – Bus Transport

A New Regional Transport Strategy 2023-2033 – a conversation about changing how we travel is being undertaken. Members of the public can read potential schemes and initiatives and have their say until 4 November. Please visit Further information is available by contacting the Tactran Team on 07919 880826 or by emailing



PC Graeme McNulty was introduced to the meeting as the Ward Officer for the Forth and Endrick area, having previously served as the School Based Officer at Balfron High School. PC McNulty gave the following report:

· A minor assault occurred in July with no injuries caused. A warning was issued.

· There have been recent reports of antisocial behaviour among secondary school aged children in, on and around the Primary School, including climbing on the school roof, and consumption of recreational drugs. Local residents are asked to contact the police immediately if children are seen on the school roof.


· Road traffic collision on A81 near Blane Smithy when a car struck a parked car whose driver was assisting returning a cow to a nearby field. There have been numerous reports of livestock on the roads. Members of the public are advised to drive accordingly and allow plenty of braking distance.

  • Two incidences of shoplifting at the Co-op have been reported. Child suspects were identified and charged accordingly.

· Theft of a quantity of diesel and a hot tub in a very rural location. All are asked to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious to the police.

Speed checks continue to be carried out in the village following complaints from the public. The suggestion of a volunteer speedwatch group assisting the police was again discussed but due to the complicated nature of such, more information was requested.



Graeme reported on the following:

· Thanks were expressed for the excellent coverage by the Killearn Courier of the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

· Display of embroidery work on display in the Village Hall.

· Book Exchange and Seed Library also in the Village Hall.

  • Continued support for work on Sustainable Killearn.

· Fireworks Night to be held on Friday 4 November. Cash donations only.

· Success of Killearn Horticultural Show with plant sale well attended.

· Installation of three rain-proof dispensers in the village to provide information leaflets to the public about the Heritage Trail.

· Application submitted to Sustrans for the new path between the CALA development at the former Killearn Hospital site and the village.

  • KCFC AGM to be held at the end of October. See website for details.
  • Community e-bikes event to be held on Saturday 24 September, 11 am – 3 pm.



As Doug was unable to attend the meeting, Euan gave an update on the current situation. Approved SBVS voucher scheme applications have been released, allowing Euan to complete several requested installations for his Ultrafast wireless service.

The status of the R100 upgrades around the village has changed from “By September 2022” to “During the second half of 2022”. However, Openreach are now delivering FFTP connections overhead on telegraph poles which makes for a much simpler and faster delivery of fibre infrastructure.

See for the full report.




Valid Planning Applications Received


22/00515/FUL Erection of Garage with Ancillary Accommodation above and New Driveway Access at 26 Balfron Road, Killearn G63 9NJ.

KCC objected for reasons of over development in this part of the Conservation Area and access.

Please see KCC website for the full planning schedule.

Other Planning Matters


· Development of Former Killearn Hotel

All work is to be completed by the first week of November. Eleven of the 16 flats have been sold to date.

  • Development of Site at Former Killearn Hospital

There has been a slight delay in progress due to the landowner and CALA disagreeing over some issues of Section 75.

  • RSHA Development at Lampson Road

No further information is available on this development.

Jim explained to the meeting about developer contributions emanating from sites in this area. Developers are duty bound to pay for anything required in the area to mitigate any adverse effects of the development, the cost of which is calculated using a specific formula. It was agreed KCC write to SC asking what the total amount of contributions are and to request information on what SC proposes to use this money for. (Action JP)


Planning application 22/00384/FUL has been submitted to SC for the erection of eight cylinder tanks and installation of associated shipping containers for the purpose of forming an Algae Manufacturing Facility and Associated Works at Claylands,

Balfron G63 0RR. KCC have commented on same raising concerns that this is not an agricultural development but have not received a response from SC. It was agreed Cllr Henke address this matter and try to find out more information about the proposal.


Fiona presented the following report:

· Despite continued urgent requests to SC for the repainting of the lines at the junction of Balfron Road and Main Street at West Homes, this work is still outstanding. An update is awaited from SC Roads Maintenance Team.

· Branshogle Bridge is not now expected to open until 26 October due to the need to move a Scottish Water access valve and the 3-week lead time needed to order cement for the final structure.

· AmcoGiffen has been awarded the contract for repairing Catter Burn Bridge. It is hoped the bridge will be open for one way traffic in February 2023 with the full opening in March 2023.


· Work on two zebra crossings in the village has now been completed.

· Resurfacing work on A875 from Kirkhouse Road to Drumbeg Loan has been undertaken but line marking is still awaited.

· An order to remove the disabled persons parking space at 22 Main Street has been started - Ref TM/6-SRO/2022(200). Anyone wishing to question the validity of this Order should write to the Court of Session within six weeks of 12 August 2022.

· SC intends to adopt Aitken Street, Barclay Way and Wilson Crescent at Buchanan Views subject to approval from Scottish Water that they are content with the drainage infrastructure.

· SC plans to make the current 20 mph restrictions and cycle parking permanent. This process involves consultation with KCC to allow comments or objections.

· As the path from Endrick Road to the Play Park does not belong to SC, it is not responsible for the cutting back of trees. It is hoped to contact the landowner to request this work be done.

Members of the public raised the following concerns:

· 20 mph and 30 mph signage on Main Street near Branziert Road is confusing for drivers and a request was made for this to be corrected.

  • It was agreed to follow up a previous request for a 40 mph limit to be imposed near Lettre Burn Farm on A875.

· Due to consistent speeding in the Primary School area, it was requested that

20 mph circles are painted on Graham Road to remind drivers of the speed limit.

· A request was made for SC to extend the existing double yellow lines near the top of Station Road, as cars parked in this area are causing visibility difficulties for drivers to pass safely.

· It was noted that the drainage grills recently installed by SC on the path below the cemetery have come loose and need to be properly secured.

It was agreed KCC address these issues and contact SC accordingly. (Action FR)




Cllr Henke informed the meeting that current road works at Glengoyne Distillery are for a bus stop and pavement to make it safer for pedestrians to cross, with improved access to the Distillery area. It was noted that the cost of these works is being met by the Distillery.

Following a discussion about the re-introduction of beavers to Loch Lomond, it was agreed to ask for further information on the impact of this and unintended consequences of such a plan.

Cllr Henke agreed to raise the issue of broadband again, in particular at the Primary School where pupils are being negatively impacted by the lack of progress in providing adequate internet facilities.




Elizabeth informed the meeting that the £600 community contribution from the Branshogle Bridge contractors was spent on the recent Jubilee celebrations in the village. The SC grant of £842.48 has been received. Current bank balance stands at £1919.60.



As First Bus has now been taken over by McGills Bus Services, it was requested information be sought from McGills about their plans for the bus service in this area. It was agreed KCC write and ask if a representative could attend a future KCC meeting.

A member of the public expressed concern about the fly tipping of a washing machine on the layby opposite Lettre Burn Farm on A875.

Volunteers were asked to help in this year’s Poppy Appeal. It was agreed Cllr Henke lay a wreath at the forthcoming Sunday Remembrance Service on behalf of SC.

Thanks were expressed to those responsible for doing an excellent job in cutting the roadside hedges between Killearn and Boquhan.

The problem of overgrown hedges in Station Road, Lampson Road and Balfron Road was discussed.

The above issues were noted and agreed to be addressed by KCC. (Action JP)




Fiona reported on correspondence received on the following:

· Sewer pipework in the cow field is now complete but as there is no improvement to the flow of sewage, Scottish Water will revisit the site when the bull is not in the field.

· SC is proposing to designate 17 areas of land as Local Nature Conservation Sites, one of which will be Killearn Glen. New Ranger, Eilidh Call, will be working in Killearn.

· There is to be a National Power of Attorney Day on 29 September.

· Any parties interested in being part of the Advent Windows Trail this year should please email Glenda Asquith at or phone 07788 373 142.

· A local resident commented that the farmer who has cattle in the field at the end of Drumore Road has erected a barrier across the style to prevent access to the field. It was asked that this be monitored to ensure access is restored when the cows are taken out of the field. It was also noted that the style had initially been erected, not by the farmer, but by a local resident of Drumore Road and that this might need to be taken into consideration.




Hilary spoke to the meeting about the Handyperson Service. This charity is run by volunteers to offer help to those aged 55 plus, or for anyone with a disability, who may be experiencing difficulty in finding workmen to undertake jobs in their home. All volunteer workers are approved and there is no charge, apart for materials, for work done.

Donations may be given but are not mandatory.

The Christmas lights on the lamp posts in Balfron Road was discussed. Around £800 is required to install these and funding is sought from local organisations and businesses.

Caroline informed the meeting that an application for an Active Path has been submitted to Sustrans via KCFC. The path will be for bikes, wheels and walkers from the south of Killearn to the village. A decision is expected in mid November.

Jim addressed the changes to Glasgow Airport flight paths. Members of the public are invited to take park in a consultation. Please contact KCC for further contact information.



The next KCC meeting will take place on 19 October 2022 at 8.00 pm. This meeting will be held online via Zoom and further information will be made available nearer the time.

The meeting ended at 9.40 pm.