Jan 2023 Minutes

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Members present        Caroline Carrick, Andrew Donaldson, Susie Henderson, Elizabeth Jones, Hilary McGregor, Jim Ptolomey (Chair), Fiona Rennie


Apologies                    Heidi Bryce, Police Scotland


In attendance              Doug Ashworth, Graeme Fraser KCFC,

Jessie-Anne Malcolm (NHS Forth Valley), Euan Shaw 21 members of the public,

Christine Bauwens (Minute Secretary)


How to contact us       Go to www.killearncc.org.uk and click on contact button.


Jim welcomed everyone to the first hybrid meeting of the Community Council, to those who attended in person and to those who joined online.



The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting.



  • CC 1264 – Planning

KCC has contacted SC regarding uploading planning documents on its website and awaits a reply.



As Police Scotland were unable to attend the meeting, Fiona presented the following report:

  • A theft by housebreaking in Station Road took place between Christmas and New
  • Attempted break-in to a house in Endrick Road
  • In Gartness area, tools and quadbikes were stolen from a landscaper’s The full police report is available on KCC website www.killearncc.org.uk

A local resident expressed grateful thanks to the police for their help with a case of fraud.



Graeme thanked everyone involved with the Advent Window Trail, provision of Christmas lights and the Christmas tree. The Warm Space Initiative began last weekend when 20 people came to the Village Hall. Free tea, coffee and biscuits, together with the use of the games room, is available at the Village Hall Garden Room on Saturdays and Sundays from 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm. Anyone interested in volunteering to help with this initiative should contact Fiona Rennie at KCFC.



Doug thanked Cllr McGarvey for his assistance in progressing fibre broadband to the Primary School. An order has been placed with BT to supply a gigabit broadband service to the school with the provisional completion date for OpenReach to lay and connect fibre cabling by 2 March 2023. The final router configuration in the school can then be set up. It is hoped the school will have improved broadband by the summer of 2023.


The R100 upgrade scheduled to be done during the second half of 2022 has been put back to the second quarter of 2023. This affects about 660 premises and aims to bring fibre-based connections to those still on direct analogue connections to the exchange.



Please see KCC website www.killearncc.org.uk for the full planning schedule.


Other Planning Matters

  • Development of Former Killearn Hotel

Due to delays in services being installed, occupancy date is now scheduled for 2 February, when seven flats will be occupied. All works are due for completion on 23 February.

  • Development of Site at Former Killearn Hospital

CALA is progressing with survey work prior to demolition of buildings containing asbestos. It is hoped to begin construction work on 23 February.


It was noted that CALA is responsible for completing paths on Station Road before any properties are sold. In the light of recent flooding and the considerable damage done to the pathway at the lower end of Station Road, it was agreed KCC liaise with CALA about this situation. It was also agreed KCC contact SC regarding the water damage to Station Road.  (Action JP)

  • Development at Lampson Road

Apart from confirmation that the sprinkler system for the new houses can run off the rising mains, there is no further information available.



Fiona presented the following report:

  • Branshogle Bridge has now
  • Due to the recent very cold weather, work has been hindered on Catter Burn Bridge. It is hoped the bridge will partially open in mid-April, with both lanes open in May.
  • KCC is still waiting to hear from SC regarding consultation about the 20 mph speed limits within the village.
  • Further to KCC’s request for a grit bin at the public car park opposite Killearn Co-op, SC has replied that this cannot be done as the area does not belong to SC. KCC has challenged this as the area concerned is a public car park with Stirling Council In/Out signage. A response from SC is awaited.
  • Recent flooding issues at Glengoyne Distillery have been reported to It was agreed KCC also contact the Distillery for more information on the possible causes of the flooding. (Action JP)
  • A local resident informed the meeting that a topographic survey was carried out at Blane Bridge before Christmas. Investigative works were due to be carried out by the end of January but have not yet It was agreed KCC contact SC to ask when this work will take place. (Action JP/FR)


As no councillor was available to attend the meeting, there was no councillor’s report. It was noted that KCC would ask councillors to look into broadband, flooding, potholes and bus services.




£ 46.79                       Christmas Card Project with Killearn Nursery

£ 40.00                       Admin

£100.66                       Website hosting



£267.33                       Contribution from Killearn Trust for Christmas lights

£    2.36                       Interest


Current bank balance




A member of the public asked about the road lining on Balfron Road at West Homes and also on Main Street between Kirkhouse Road and Drumbeg Loan. Despite having repeatedly asked SC from March 2022 to carry out this work, the repainting of white lines is still outstanding. Local residents expressed incredulity at the latest communication from SC which explained the work has not been completed because of parked cars being on the road where the lining work is to be done. With frustration, it was pointed out that advance notice to the residents involved, asking them not to park on a particular day, would be all that is required to solve the issue. KCC awaits a response from SC.



Fiona reported on correspondence on the following issues:

  • Local flooding issues
  • Deterioration of quality of buses and increased cancellations on X10/X10A Please note new timetable is now available.
  • MiAlgae will attend SC planning panel meeting on 24 A residents’ representative will put forward comments and objections to the project at Claylands. MiAlgae Managing Director will respond and answer any technical questions. Following an update from MiAlgae, KCC assured local residents that there will be minimal visual impact on the surrounding views.
  • Forthcoming Community Council Elections

KCC welcome new members and would encourage interested parties to get in touch if they would like further information on joining the community council.



  • Frank Deas updated the meeting on the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN). On 13 January, Regional Co-ordinator Aisling Brady met with Sustainable Killearn and other community groups from Drymen, Kippen, Strathblane, Gartmore and Croftamie to discuss the way forward.

It was noted the group from Stathblane/Blanefield would like to carry out a survey in Killearn regarding life-long learning courses in their library.

Information on ideas will be shared between local and national groups eg a tool library, tree planting etc. Members of the public are encouraged to contact Frank with suggestions to consider. A meeting will take place on 25 January in the Village Hall and all interested residents are encouraged to attend.

  • A member of the public informed the meeting about Our Connected Neighbourhood (OCN) which is willing to undertake small projects, free of charge, to improve life for those, for example, with dementia. A wooden bench, halfway up Drumtian Road, is being requested and other suggestions can be made direct to the OCN co-ordinator Joanne Boyle by phoning 07946 890129 or emailing joanne@artlinkcentral.org
  • The meeting was informed that the Advent Windows Trail raised £1102.90 for Shelter and Xmas Post raised £745.62 for Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS). Grateful thanks were expressed to everyone who contributed to these worthy causes.
  • The venue and format of future KCC meetings was discussed and feedback noted. Appreciation was expressed to all those involved in setting up the hybrid meeting and it was agreed to continue with this format.


The next KCC meeting will be held at 8.00 pm on 15 February 2023 in the Garden Room at the Village Hall. The meeting will be streamed to enable residents to join online if they prefer not to attend the physical meeting.


The meeting ended at 9.06 pm.