March 2021 Minutes

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KCC Meeting Minutes for 9-3-21 Zoom meeting

Minutes approved unanimously with the following amendment: that "the member referred to in
line 132 refers to the Chair of the Allotment Association" Proposed A Clark, Seconded D Fettes

A Aitken welcomed everyone to the meeting. He introduced the representative from BLS Community
Council who was attending in a liaison capacity. He said that there was a packed agenda and hoped
to get through is as efficiently as possible.

Present: A Aitken, A Clark, C Hay, S Inglis, C Grant, D Fettes, P Farquharson, R. Allner, G MacKenzie,
Cllr M Earl, Cllr J McDonald, M. Flynn and 8 members of the public.

Apologies received from Cllr E Tweed
No Declarations of interest

Notes of interest: Issue of saplings growing on the road bridge and the old railway viaduct over the
river Dochart. Decision to pass this on to landowner.

C Hay apologised for personalising a disagreement. This was accepted by all concerned.

Adoption of minutes. Minutes were adopted after an amendment which removed the reference to
C Grant being invited to join the Festive Lights subgroup. Proposed by C Hay and Seconded by A

KCC Activity Report: D Fettes reported on the flooding issue at the corner of Station Road and Lyon
Road. Scottish Water has said that they plan carry out investigations into this by the end of the
spring. D Fettes has contacted SEPA, and SEPA has been in contact with Scottish Water about the
problem. Stirling Council claims to have no record of flooding in this area, though they have been
advised of it and their own flood intervention team has been involved with this issue. M Earl
suggested that the KCC makes a comment to the planning service that this has been reported to
Stirling Council’s flood team. A Aitken proposed complaining to SW, SEPA and SC. Decision: A Aitken
to write to SW, copied to SEPA and SC planning. A Clark reported on the speeding complaints
regarding Station Road. She has had very good responses from Bear and SC, who will warn their
drivers. Resident should continue to report speeding and if possible, take registration numbers and
time of offense.

Treasurer’s Report: P Farquharson reported that there was £2,351.51 in the account, including a
recent donation of £251.51, which was a return of expenses duly claimed. M Flynn said that the KCC
accounts would need to be independently examined and signed off prior to presentation at the
forthcoming AGM. P Farquharson to arrange this.

Police Report: A Aitken referenced the police report which had been previously circulated to all KCC
named participants. He asked if there was anything worthy of being addressed at the meeting. No
one commented. A Aitken asked S Inglis what was the situation with the KMT. S Inglis reported that
there was one incident requiring people lost in the hills which was resolved.

Planning Report: D Fettes reported that planning approval has been approved for a change of use
from retail to residential for the former antique shop. Deadline for comments on the Co-op’s
planning application is 19th March. KAT rep said that they were developing a ‘Community Right To
Buy’ proposal for the current Co-op premises, which would become vacant. M Earl suggested that
Planning Aid Scotland was a very useful and helpful agency which provided free impartial advice.


Decision: G Mackenzie and D Fettes to create section on KCC Facebook page to outline planning
issues and make them easily accessible to the layman.


Regional Liaison: A Aitken said that he had invited the BLS representative to the meeting as both CCs
faced similar problems, and liaison would benefit both parties. BLS rep agreed with this, and
thought this was a powerful way of taking this forward. M Flynn suggested that a good way forward
was a ‘participation request’. Decision: A Aitken to enquire about this avenue further with M Flynn.

KAT Update: KAT rep reported on progress of the planned Sports Hub which is took take over the
running of the sports pavilion and develop youth and cycling provision. Chris Mckenna, of Active
Stirling, is working on setting it up as a charity. The treasurer of KAT has agreed to act as treasurer
for the Hub. D Fettes has been working on mountain bike trails and a BMX type circuit/pump track in
or near the park. Sports Scotland have expressed a willingness to work with us on these projects. SC
has expressed support for these initiatives. KAT AGM is on 31st March. All welcome. The KAT rep
raised the issue of the closure of the local branch of the Bank of Scotland, and the possibility of using
the ‘CRtB’ to purchase this property and the Co-op’s premises. KAT will be putting out a petition to
this effect soon. A Aitken raised the issue of SSE’s programme of developments in the area, and
particularly the relocation of overhead cables underground. He recalled that the previous KCC
meeting had raised the possibility of securing a community benefit such as a path. KAT rep
suggested this could be laid alongside the existing work as the cables were buried. D Fettes
suggested a cycle path. C Hay pointed out that this would cut across working land. A Aitken
proposed further exploration of this as a community benefit. C Hay objected. S Inglis expressed
reservations. It was agreed to explore this further and bring it back to the KCC. A Clark agreed to
write to SSE to this effect.

Festive Lights Subgroup Report: C Hay Reported on the success of the Information card and efforts
to light up the village over the festive season. He proposed that the same efforts be made next year
and that the card should be updated and reissued. He proposed financial support to replace the
village Xmas Tree lights. A Aitken proposed that the KCC to allocate £100 for the cards and make an
unspecified financial commitment to the Xmas tree lights as well as encouraging other agencies and
individuals to help. A Clark seconded. All agreed. He also suggested setting up a separate subgroup
to investigate the possibility of acquiring festive street lighting for the village lampposts. M Flynn
suggested joining up with KAT as there would be ‘red tape’ issues such as liability and logistics as
well as costs. A member of the public, who has been working with members of the KCC on Xmas
street lighting, asked if a survey had ever been done to find out what the community’s views were.
C Grant reported on a previous survey which showed strong community support, but further
investigations found that the existing lampposts in the village were not suitable for this purpose, but
they have since been replaced with better lampposts. M Flynn is to send Stirling Council
specifications and guidelines for Xmas streetlights. M Flynn advised consulting the public to avoid
any controversy later. M Earl suggested getting in touch with Aberfoyle who had done a lot of work
on Xmas streetlights. He suggested getting in touch with them and suggested a contact. A Clark
suggested running a Facebook poll to get community feedback. It was agreed to set up a subgroup
(the Xmas Streetlighting Group) of R Allner, A Clark and the member of the public who is initiating

Co-option of New KCC Member: A Aitken said that although there were a few noted interests, only
one person formally applied, and proposed that G MacKenzie be adopted as a Co-optee member of
the KCC. Seconded by C Grant. Agreed unanimously.


Covid-19 Restrictions: C Grant said there was some issues over the vaccination programme with
some people not turning up. He said that the surgery was now doing the 50-64 age group. C Hay
raised the issue of overnight car parking on Grey Street. M Earl said there was a meeting scheduled
with SC senior managers and enforcement officials and this would be on the agenda. He said SC had
taken on 6 more enforcement officers, and some would be working at weekends. The area in
question does not have ‘no overnight parking’ signs. M earl suggested getting parking restrictions
placed on this section, limiting the length of time people can stop. C Grant asked about the
community parking management surveys that were due to be conducted. M Earl said that this was
now behind schedule, and that the budget had gone. P Farquharson said that the influx of mobile
homes was likely to be worse than last summer and asked if some provision could be made for them
at the station car park. M Earl suggested that solutions to this and related problems would be
looked at in a series of planned meetings coming up shortly. He said that locally based provision for
mobile homes was common throughout Europe, and that we should consider such provision
ourselves. C Hay asked if his and P Farquharson’s questions could be carried forward to the meeting
M Earl has scheduled. Decision: M Earl said that he would raise the issue of the overnight parking at
the side of the River Dochart with SC directly. A Aitken and A Clark to carry forward both points and
wider community concerns in this regard to scheduled meeting. D Fettes raised safety concerns
arising from inexperienced cyclists and drivers using single track roads which were exacerbated by
congestion. M Flynn asked how locals were finding the access to Covid-19 tests. A Aitken said he
thought this was not a problem. D Fettes agreed.

Tourism Issues 2021: C Hay reported on the NP’s visitor management strategy. They have extra
money in the budget, and have a meeting planned for March 15th to identify potential problems and
possible solutions. They also have along term strategy for visitor management and conservation. C
Grant asked if the Killin are could not have the bylaws that exist within the NP. M Earl said that this
could be considered and pursued by the KCC, but would be a lengthy and complicated process. He
said that he hoped this could be considered at the meeting of 25th March. D Fettes said that this was
a difficult area, and that bylaws introduced to deal with unruly behaviour could end up penalising
local people. J McDonald said that the issue was one of enforcement, and the police had a large
amount of discretion. KAT rep said that the main problem was on the shores of Loch Tay, and that
this was outside the NP, yet was not a big enough area for SC to manage proactively and
consistently. He said that this was an area with no effective management, so would continue to
attract wild campers who were being moved on from the NP. A Aitken said that there were two
main problems; congestion on these single-track roads through passing places used as parking bays,
and the detritus and damage left by irresponsible wild camping. M Earl pointed out that SC only had
one ranger and were not equipped to properly manage these areas. He suggested that A Aitken ask
BLSCC about their experience of alcohol management bylaws. Decision: A Aitken to ask BLSCC for

Allotment Scheme: C Grant said that the member of the public responsible had done a good job,
getting the members and the constitution drawn up. M Flynn asked if the Killin Allotment
Association had been formalised. C Hay asked if the list of members were formal members and/or
committee members. The member said that they were people who had expressed a keen interest.
He had had a meeting with SC’s Guy Harewood who advised him to go along this route. KAT rep
said that SC had a responsibility under the Community Empowerment Act to progress this matter. M
Flynn pointed out that the KAA was not yet a formal group. M Flynn offered to Help the member
properly constitute the KAA. KAT member suggested that the KCC write to SC supporting the
initiative, notwithstanding that the KAA has yet to formalise. The member then said that the KAA
could then progress with tree planting and rewilding. A Aitken proposed that the KCC write a letter supporting the KAA efforts to establish an allotment area. C Grant seconded. Passed with no
objections. Letter to be first circulated to members of the KCC for final approval. C Hay suggested
that KAT could help progress the allotment request with SC. Decision: A Clark to write letter.

Killin Floral Association Request: KFA is now a subgroup of KAT, and it was decided to make the
donation through KAT. P Farquharson proposed a donation of £200. Seconded by C Grant. Passed

Recycling and Waste Removal: C Grant complained about the proposed £35 annual charge per bin
for garden waste collection. He contrasted this with a more efficient waste collection conducted by
P&K Council. J McDonald said that both he and M Earl and several other councillors had opposed
this in committee. He said that SC refuse collection was the most expensive in Scotland, but that the
charge for garden waste collection made little economic sense. D Fettes raised the issue of SC
charging for services when it was ostensibly committed to freezing Council Tax and accepting
government money to keep services going. J McDonald said this raised the spectre of other services
being charged for. M earl said that the proposed refused collection by SC would result in less
recycling and more landfill. D fettes pointed out some inadequacies in SC’s main recycling centres.
A Aitken proposed that the KCC formally request SC to provide a justification for their refuse
collection policies from an environmental, financial and local amenity perspective, and whether the
policy will actually work in practice. Decision: A Aitken to send letter to ME and JM in first instance.

Secretarial Issues: A Aitken noted the lack of a minutes secretary and a KCC official Secretary. M
Flynn said that The Chair should not hold the remit of Secretary as well. She also said we should
consider employing a minutes secretary, but that the minute secretary would be a paid position and
would have attend regularly and provide minutes that were fit for purpose, followed SC’s template
and with an agreed timescale. C Hay proposed that the KCC should advertise the position with a six
week deadline, then interview applicants. Agreed with no objections. M Flynn to forward minutes
template for reference.

AGM: AGM is scheduled for 11th May, 2021, to be held on Zoom at 7.00pm with a meeting of the
KCC to follow at approximately 7.30pm. A Aitken and A Clark will draw up agenda and publish it at
least 2 weeks beforehand. M Flynn offered to act as minute secretary for the AGM if no one had
been appointed by that time. M Flynn to check out the possibility of the co-opted member being
eligible to serve as Secretary following the AGM. She has pointed out that the Vice-chair, and
perhaps the Planning Officer, could also serve as Secretary in the absence of any other candidates.

AOCB: A Aitken asked if a footpath was cleared along Lyon Road between the school and the nurses’
clinic. The path was cleared on one occasion and salt delivered on two occasions. M Earl said it was
not a Priority 1 route, but that the next review would address this issue, as it is only a short stretch
among other P1 routes. C Grant asked for information about the empty shop, formally McGregor’s
Market, whether it was still for lease or not. KAT rep suggested that the minutes of the last meeting
where this issue was discussed should be forwarded to SC Planning as an objection, should a
planning application be lodged within the next few months. A Aitken said he was unsure what the
situation was as C Hay had been dealing with the issue, and he had just left the meeting. C Grant
asked for a report back from C Hay as to what the situation was with the empty shop. M Flynn
suggested en email be sent to C Hay asking for feedback on this, and then circulated to the KCC
members. Decision: A Aitken to pursue this. C Grant asked about planning matters regarding the
Co-op’s planned relocation. D Fettes said that there had been two minor amendments.

Date and time of next meeting: AGM - May 11th, 2021 at 7.00pm by Zoom – meeting to follow.