May AGM 2021 Minutes

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Zoom meeting 11th May 2021


Present: Andy Aitken, Amanda Clark, Ron Allner, Colin Hay, Gregor MacKenzie, Stewart Inglis, David Fettes, Charlie Grant, Pamela Farquharson

In attendance: Councillor Martin Earl, Councillor Jeremy MacDonald and Michelle Flynn Stirling Council and 5 members of the public.

Apologies: Paul Godzik cannot make the AGM, but will attend the follow-up meeting


Due to some technical difficulties the meeting was delayed in starting and the Chair wanted to acknowledge and apologise for the delay in starting. The chair then formally welcomed everyone to the Killin Community Council AGM 2021.

Minutes of Previous meeting:

There was no matters arising from the previous minutes of 2019. These were proposed by D. Fettes and seconded by A. Clark

Chairman’s Report:

The chair highlighted that it had been two years since they had held an AGM (2019) due to the unexpected pandemic and having to change the way the community council held meetings as face to face was no longer possible due to the restrictions.

Secretary’s Report

As the secretary position was temporarily vacant during the last few months and with no AGM in 2020 this was being administered by the chair Andy Aitken. Due to the initial delay at the start of the meeting, no report was provided.

Treasurer’s report

Pamela Farquharson provided a set of accounts 1/4/20 to 31/3/21 prior to the meeting that were circulated to the community council and reported at the meeting, but had not been independently examined.

It was advised by the chair that they were unable to obtain an up to date bank statement for the meeting and did anyone have any questions regarding the accounts. Michelle advised that the accounts would need to be independently examined before being presented for the admin grant.

Election of office bearers

The current chair Andy Aitken asked Michelle Flynn to take the independent chair for the election of the officer bearers. Michelle asked the current office bearers to stand down and thanked them for all the work that they had done through and difficult and unexpected period

New office bearers elected are as follows



Andy Aitken

Proposer -


Second -Stewart


Colin Hay

Proposer -


Second - Charlie


Pamela Farquharson

Proposer -


Second - Charlie


Amanda Clark

Proposer - Colin

Second - Andy


Davy Fettes

Proposer - Andy

Second – Stewart

NB All positions were filled unopposed.

Michelle then thanked and congratulated the new office bearers, before handing the meeting over to the chair Andy Aitken.


There was no other business presented at the meeting

Following some discussion, it was agreed that the next AGM and meetings be held on the second Tuesday of the month going forward.

Date of next AGM

Tuesday 10th May 2022 at 7.00 pm with venue/ format to be confirmed nearer the time Meeting closed at 7.50pm.