Sept 2021 Minutes

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Killin Community Council

Minute of Meeting held on Tuesday 14th September 2021 by Zoom

Minutes Adopted on 2nd November 2021: Proposer A Clark, seconded D Fettes. Unanimous agreement.

Chair - Andy Aitken, Treasurer - Pamela Farquharson, Secretary - Amanda Clark, David Fettes - Planning

Representative, Ron Allner, Charlie Grant, Stewart Inglis, Co-opted member – Gregor MacKenzie


Apologies: Paul Godzik – KAT representative


In attendance: Morag Felgate - Minute Secretary, Martin Earl – Councillor, Jeremy McDonald – Councillor,


Press: None

Residents: 3


  1. Chairman’s Welcome


  2. Recording of those present, and apologies received


  3. Declarations of Interest - none


  4. Notes of interest – 3 members of the public are present who will be bringing up points later on as they
    appear on the agenda.


  5. Adoption of previous meeting minutes and AGM minutes ‐ adopted after correction requested by C
    Grant, that Pamela Farquharson’s name be corrected from Pamela Grant. Proposer A Clark, seconded R
    Allner. Unanimous agreement.


  6. KCC Activity Report

    KCC committee have been working on alerting council to road safety issues at the new Co-op site, writing to
    the planning department about the Hogg Trust planning application, applying to the Green Recovery Fund,
    continuing work on issues along the south side of Loch Tay, sorting the vegetation issues at the Dochart
    bridge, investigating getting the lines repainted at the McLaren Hall, and buying Christmas street and tree


  7. Treasurer’s report and presentation of accounts

    There is £5657.13 in the bank including a recent deposit from Killin & District Agricultural Society for the
    Festive Lights, other monies for the festive lights, and £800 ringfenced surplus from the children’s holiday
    activities which is destined for the new Youth Group when they become operational. A Clark to check with
    M Beresford how much is still left to come out and be spent on the festive lights and let P Farquharson


    A Aitken & C Hay have raised funding of £1100 for the Christmas tree lights and have spent nearly £900 of
    this and the rest is for maintenance.


    On a side note, and for clarity on funding for other lighting in the village – the Firework Committee and the
    McNab’s have funded and organised the new lights on the Dochart bridge and island they are being installed


  8. Police Report



    A copy of the police report was circulated by A Aitken. A vote of thanks was proposed by S Inglis to note our
    appreciation for A Fleming for all his input over the last 19 years and to wish him all the best for the future. J
    McDonald will write a letter to his superiors.


    A number of people commented that they would like feedback to the police and Stirling Council about our
    issues with speeding in the village, and also to take more measures ourselves to deal with the issue. A Clark
    had contacted Carolyn Fraser about this and has been told that turning Killin into a 20mph limit is on their
    agenda for 2022-23. A discussion was had around speeding in the village and what would really work to
    reduce this as new speed limit signs don’t seem to have the desired effect. Several people were for
    resurrecting the cutout police figures to deter people and others were for light up signs. Unfortunately, our
    previous funding application for light up signs was unsuccessful, however, there was agreement that these
    are the best deterrent to speeding and that we should push for these. J McDonald is happy to take this
    forward with Stirling Council on our behalf. A Clark to go back to C Fraser and say thank you for letting us
    know that they will be making us a 20mph limit but that we want more effective measures than that.


  9. Planning Report

    D Fettes - there are 7 small planning applications in at present. There was a response that has been
    circulated from the Hogg Trust to the letter D Fettes wrote presenting the concerns brought to us by
    members of the public. The Hogg Trust are asking the KCC to support their application for change of use.
    After discussion, it was agreed to now leave the decision to the planning department– we have done as we
    have been asked in representing the people who came to us with the issue and will now make no further
    comment. Proposed D Fettes, seconded C Grant.


    Concerns were raised again by R Allner, and a member of the public about the lack of a pavement on side of
    the road around from the new Co-op site and continuing on around towards the sewage works entrance. A
    Aitken has repeatedly emailed to request a Roads Officer to meet us in Killin to see the site and discuss the
    lack of a pavement and the process required to resolve this situation. There is no progress in this area as
    they believe the area is safe. R Allner believes that they don’t understand the issue properly and is still keen
    to get someone from Stirling Council to come out and see the problem area. A member of the public present
    has had a near miss here. What is needed to resolve the issue is a pavement on land that the Co-op owns
    from the new Co-op site along that side of the road up as far as the entrance to the sewage works. A Aitken
    will write to Stirling Council and the Co-op to explain the situation and J McDonald will arrange a meeting

    with a Road’s Officer.


  10. KAT report

    Feedback from KAT meeting by C Grant who had attended. The planning issue with the Hogg Trust - already
    discussed. Tool hire is doing well. They have been helping D Riddell and his team who have been cleaning up
    the new cemetery to access funding and tools for their jobs. It was generally agreed that D Riddell and his
    team of volunteers have done an excellent job in improving the site.


  11. CAP update

    A Clark - the document is currently in production and will be in both digital and print format.


  12. Festive Lights Fund

    The Festive Lights sub-committee have raised their target of £8,000. The lights will be going up this year and
    they will be planning a lighting up ceremony. They will be fundraising for further lights for next year.


  13. Green Recovery Fund and other funding applications

    Waiting for the outcome of the application – A Clark has received communication that the application looks
    favourable, and they will hear at the beginning of October.


  14. Tourism issues 2021

    Ongoing issues with Dochart bridge traffic flow. J McDonald shared the example of the narrow bridge in
    Doune which he said has proved to best regulate itself with no signage or lights. He suggested removing the
    priority signs as these are causing bad driving behaviour and confusion.


    A Aitken has asked for a Roads Officer to come out to the village and he hasn’t had a positive response. J
    McDonald shared that there is a staff shortage in the roads department. J McDonald agrees that we need a
    Roads Officer to come out and look at the Bridge, the new Co-op site and the speed limits and other speed
    limiting measures we want. He encouraged us to take photos of the problem areas and write down what the
    issues are. J McDonald agreed to facilitate a meeting.



    A member of the public is having issues with the fact that Google maps sends caravans and campervans to
    her house on a dead-end street as the location of Maragowan caravan park. The problem is getting worse.
    They then try to reverse back out onto the main road and she is concerned about the potential for accidents.
    She hasn’t had any help or response from the caravan site about this. J McDonald sent on a link for a website
    to try and get this postcode error corrected. G MacKenzie worked on correcting this but it is not an easy fix. J
    McDonald will add the need for a sign here to the road meeting agenda.


  15. Roads and parking

    M Earl has had another complaint about the junction of Manse Road and Stewart Road. He has therefore
    raised this again with Stirling Council as an issue.


    M Earl asked whether the ‘no overnight parking’ sign had gone up at the Falls of Dochart on Gray Street – it
    hasn’t – he will chase this. G MacKenzie shared that there has been a lot of chat on Facebook about these
    signs in the village and M Earl advised us that we should have a proper community conversation about the
    signs and how best to manage the campervan situation and about providing for them at a managed location
    rather than just pushing them into other unwelcome places such as the new cemetery car park and head of
    the loch. A Aitken to liaise with A Clark & G MacKenzie on wording to start this discussion to go into the Killin
    News article he is writing.


    A query was raised by A Clark at last meeting about getting the lines in the McLaren Hall car park repainted.
    Stirling Council accepts that this is their responsibility but won’t be doing anything about it at present due to
    funding issues.


  16. Breadalbane Park

    A member of the public raised the fact that the roundhouse in the park needs repairs to its slates – we will
    need to notify the parks department.


    Work is going ahead on the playpark – funding has been raised.


  17. AOCB – A Clark brought up that the Killin and District Volunteer Car Scheme are looking ways to attract
    more drivers – they are very busy. Also that they need to buy more PVC screens for the cars as some of them
    have broken and they are looking for funding. R Allner proposed that KCC would offer to buy them one
    screen. S Inglis seconded. J McDonald will check what funding may be available from Stirling Council to be
    able to purchase them a second one. A Clark will email them to let them know what we are doing to try and
    help them.


    Community Awards - G MacKenzie is going to push this forward with C Grant & P Farquharson.


    J McDonald reported that there was a lack of council housing in the area. That he and M Earl are opposing
    the new bin changes that are coming into effect. There will be a road closure in Ardeonaig for water pipe works starting on October 18th for 6 weeks. He is talking to police about tackling issues about loud and fast
    motorbikes in the area.


    A member of the public requested A Aitken to send a copy of the minutes to the library.


    A Aitken to send his Chairman’s report for the Killin News to G MacKenzie to post on Facebook.


  18. Date, time and format of next meeting - Next meeting is Tuesday 2nd November 2021, hopefully in the
    school. The meeting is to be brought forward by a week to facilitate more time for the Chairman to create
    his report for the Killin News before their deadline. A Clark to message S Bly to inform him of the change of
    date and say that we want to meet in the school and get it booked – all future meetings will all be on the 1st
    Tuesday of the month. A Clark will email amended dates to everyone.