May 2022 AGM Minutes

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AGM 7.00pm
Tuesday 3rd May 2022 in the Church Community Rooms

Minutes adopted unanimously on 3-5-22: Proposed by C Grant and seconded by P Farquharson

Present: A Aitken, C Grant, S Inglis, D Fettes, P Farquharson

In attendance: Councillor J McDonald, M Felgate - Minute Secretary and 3 members of the public.

Apologies: P Godzik – KAT representative,

Councillor M Earl

Minutes of Previous meeting:
There were no matters arising from the minutes of the 2021 AGM. These were proposed to be accepted by D Fettes and seconded by S Inglis.

Chairman’s Report:
The chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave a summary report of the activities of the community council through the past year – the organisation of children’s summer activities and funding for the youth group, the new Christmas tree lights, the new Christmas street lighting, the work done on flooding issues, and the work in progress of the creation of an updated community resilience plan after the last blackout. There have been four resignations from the council over the year – A Clark, G MacKenzie, C Hay and R Allner. There has been one new application to join the council from J Laurence.

Presentation of accounts and Treasurer’s report
P Farquharson provided a set of accounts 1/4/21 to 31/3/22 that were circulated to the community council and reported at the meeting, independently examined by L Stitt. There is currently £2275.20 in the account. Acceptance of accounts proposed A Aitken, seconded C Grant. A vote of thanks was proposed for those who had given donations to the council and the Christmas light funds over the year.

Election of office bearers
The current chair A Aitken asked J McDonald to take the independent chair for the election of the officer bearers.

New office bearers elected are as follows
Chairperson A Aitken Proposer - S Inglis Second –D Fettes
Deputy chair D Fettes Proposer - A Aitken Second – C Grant
Treasurer P Farquharson Proposer - A Aitken Second – C Grant
Secretary (acting) A Aitken Proposer – D Fettes Second – PF
Planning C Grant Proposer – P Farquharson Second – A Aitken
All positions were filled unopposed.

There was no other business presented at the meeting

Date of next AGM
Tuesday 2 May 2023 at 7.00pm with venue to be confirmed nearer the time
Meeting closed