May 2022 Minutes

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Killin Community Council Minutes of Meeting Tuesday 3rd May 2022

Killin Kirk Community Rooms, Killin


Minutes approved unanimously after factual correction at the meeting held on 5th July 2022 Proposed: D. Fettes Seconded: C Grant



Chair - A Aitken, Deputy Chair – D Fettes, Treasurer - P Farquharson, C Grant – Planning, S Inglis – Roads, J Laurence – co-opted

In attendance: Councillor J McDonald, M Felgate - Minute Secretary, I Frickleton Police Scotland

Apologies: P Godzik – KAT representative, Councillor M Earl

Press: None

Residents: 2

1. Recording of those present, and apologies received


2. Declarations of interest - none

3. Adoption of previous meeting minutes ‐ adopted. Proposer C Grant, seconded P Farquharson. Unanimous agreement.

4. Co-option of new member

Application received from Jillian Laurence. Proposed A Aitken, seconded S Inglis. Unanimous decision. Welcome to Jillian.

5. Notes of interest – S Inglis and C Grant to bring up concerns brought to them in the roads & parking section on the agenda

6. KCC Activity Report

There has been slow progress on the issues that the Community Council has been trying to work on over the last couple of months due to the fact that Stirling Council is still mostly working from home.

· The ‘no campervan’ signs have been replaced in the village with better ones but there is no progress on the proposed campervan site in the Council Yard carpark.

· The south loch Tay road clearway has not progressed – C Fraser meant to be meeting with P&K council to discuss this.

· No progress on the signage at the Dochart bridge

· No progress on the virtual pavement – still stuck on exact ownership of the tarmac sections on the residential side of the road.

· A Aitken to continue to contact C Fraser about these items

· There is to be a 20mph speed limit introduced from the war memorial to the Killin Hotel. There was a feeling that there should be public consultation about this – A Aitken to put it in his report for the Killin News.

7. Police Report


A copy of the police report was circulated before the meeting by A Aitken. PC I Frickleton reiterated that there had been bogus workmen in the area and that stressed that people should do checks on workmen before engaging them or paying them to do any jobs – A Aitken to put this in Killin News report.

8. Planning Report

D Fettes shared that there is a planning application made for the site next to the new Co-op carpark for houses and comments were invited. D Fettes to put in a technical statement from the Community Council to highlight it being next to a core path and a site of drainage.

9. KAT report

P Godzik sent in a written report for A Aitken to read out. This included that the youth and sports work is developing well. The thrift shop is doing really well in its new location and they are in the final stages of putting their stage 2 funding bid in for the Old coop building.

There were a couple of points that attracted discussion and action -

- Sports Pavilion, KDSLC have agreed to wind up. KAT have offered to take on the lease, and have had discussions with Stirling Council. This was discussed as some people were not happy about this but it was felt that it was not for the Community Council to take a position on this.

-Cycling development feasibility study is in its final stages but the Community Council was not aware of this. A Aitken to speak to P Godzik to express disappointment at the lack of communication about the cycling development plans and feasibility study. He will request that the KCC should be communicated with on a regular basis on these matters and kept up to speed on all developments to do with this and the location of the proposed new pump track which it was felt needs some further consideration.

10. Roads, traffic and parking

S Inglis shared complaints made to him about the state of the Glen Ogle road – S Inglis to contact BEAR. There were also concerns about the state of the Craignavie/Auchlyne Road after the speed limit signs and the Aberfeldy Road after Dall Lodge – hopefully to be rectified by SSE?

C Grant shared some recent issues with parking that have started on the main street opposite the Courie Inn causing a blockage. Thought to be due to Airbnb house with not enough parking – suggestion to write polite letter to Airbnb owners asking them to tell their guests to park in the public carparks and not on the main street if there is not enough parking at the accommodation. There are thought to be about 80 Airbnbs in Killin. A Aitken to action.

If it continues to occur, C Grant to take a photo to show M Earl and S Bly to illustrate the problem to them. We may need to ask for the lines to be checked and remarked and for parking enforcement if that’s what is required.

Currently, if parking is causing an obstruction and you wouldn’t be able to get a buggy past on the pavement then the Police can be called.

J McDonald reminded us that we should have a parking audit coming up for the village in December but is unsure of whether this will still happen due to Stirling Council working from home.

11. AOCB

· The Community Council was asked for a donation from Killin Floral Association - £200 agreed, same as last year. Proposed S Inglis, seconded J Laurence.

· Proposal to give Killin & District Volunteer Car Scheme £150 after an initial offer to donate to them last year had to be rescinded when funds were low. Proposed A Aitken, seconded C Grant.

· The McLaren Hall noticeboard is still a work in progress – C Grant was to attend a meeting about this but it was cancelled – C Grant to pursue this at their next meeting.


· There was a notice for a public procession down the main street for the music festival in June- all approved.

· A Aitken has circulated a copy of the updated resilience plan and needs comments on it so he can use it in his application for SSE funding – all comments to A Aitken

· Lack of housing for people in the village who require council/social housing is still an issue. J McDonald to chase as he has not heard back after we had enquired for more information after a previous meeting about a ‘local lettings initiative’ that would give the community council an input in decision making

· A member of the public asked about a ‘road unsuitable’ sign that has been turned around at the Lyon Road end – this needs turned back

· The local council elections are on Thursday - J McDonald advised us to get any new councillors out to the village for a walking meeting so they can see the issues we are wanting resolved and encouraged us to continue to take photos of any issues and send them in

· He also shared about a new grant scheme from Stirling Council for purchasing equipment if we should wish to hold hybrid meetings in the future.

· Vote of thanks for J McDonald and all he has done for us as councillor as this is his last meeting with us

12. Date, time and format of next meeting - Next meeting is Tuesday 5th July 2022 – 730pm venue TBA.