Nov 2022 Minutes

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Killin Community Council

Minutes of Meeting
Tuesday 1st November, 2022

Chair – A. Aitken, Vice Chair – D. Fettes
Council members; C Grant – Planning, S Inglis – Roads, J. Laurence

In attendance: Councillor G Maxwell, J Calder - Minute Secretary (stand in)

Press: None

Residents: 2

1. Chairman’s welcome
The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting

2. Recording of those present

3. Adoption of Minute Secretary – J. Calder standing in on trial basis (on both sides), until a more permanent solution is found

4. Co-option of 2 new KCC members
Proposed co-option of new members; Frances Inglis, Helen Middleton - both of whom live in the village and have the following professional backgrounds. Frances, postmistress and legal secretary, Helen (lawyer, hoping to retire soon).
Both were nominated by D Fettes, seconded by S Inglis. Both candidates were co-opted onto the Committee unanimously

5. Declarations of interest – none

6. Adoption of previous minutes
S Inglis proposed, F Inglis seconded - unanimous agreement to adopt.

7. Notes of interest from members of the public

  • A member of the public requested permission to speak about a planning application – will come up under Planning
  • D. Fettes raised the issue of access to emails, to be discussed under AOCB

8. KCC Activity report

  • Cheques for the Floral Association and the Youth Activities programme, totalling £1000, have now been corrected and have been sent out.
  • A. Aitken reported that there has been no further word from Rural Stirling on the proposed local housing development
  • Re venue for language classes. The plan to shift the language lessons from the Church rooms to the Sports Pavilion has not been taken forward. Due to lack of funding for the cost of the Community Room and the current relocation plans for the Ukrainians, the lessons have now been moved to the Killin Hotel.
  • Funding for hall generator – no further forward as awaiting word / agreement on the way forward, from the Hall Committee.
  • Community Pride grant, have been unable to apply for this fund due to outstanding paperwork from a previous application, but we will try to apply again once this is fixed
  • A. Aitken reported that a Community grant application for £3,000 was submitted on 21st Oct for the Warm Spaces Initiative and under the auspices of KCC. We’re awaiting the outcome
  • The waste bins – large, general waste bins will not be available at the Station Road recycle area, and a request for CCTV monitoring of this area has been denied.
  • Support for Ukrainians – will be discussed under AOCB

9. Treasurer’s report
There is no Treasurer’s report this month, as the Treasurer was absent.

10 D. Fettes informed the Committee of the Stirling Council Convenor’s fund – a discretionary fund for up to £1,000, that can be applied for.

11. Police report – crime generally, gone down in Killin. Worrying assaults of the driver on the school bus and on the C60 bus? Killin Mountain Rescue – a few incidents attended to recently, but none serious

12. Planning report. The following planning applications gave been lodged.

  • House at Glen Lochay
  • SSE Energy storage, Boreland
  • Lawers View, proposed new house in garden.
  • Fernbank, change of use and erection of 3 holiday pods to the rear
  • Pennycross; proposed small holiday “lodge” to the rear. 
  • Glengarry - house on the Main St, renovation of porch.
  • Rose Cottage, extension

Killin Parish church – application for extension and adaptation of the building. A. Aitken explained some of the background to the plans for the church and with some discussion following, it was agreed to view the plans and discuss buildings and venues available in the community, in greater depth, at the next KCC meting
A member of the public informed the Committee that she had applied for permission to put 2 mobile houses (eco houses) on the land she has already purchased, opposite Pier Road. The Committee appreciated her sharing this info

13. KAT report
No major developments, beyond the fact that the funding had been received and the Old Coop purchased as a result. Next step being to firm up on proposals with the architect, as to how the resource will be used.

14. National Park report

  • Rural start up fund – new local businesses can apply for up to £5,000
  • Consultations around the cycling network plan – D. Fettes will post details
  • There is a meeting on Tuesday 7pm at the Pavilion on the cycle in the park (development of community friendly cycling) Organised by Trust in the Park.
  • Net Zero tackling nature and climate stress – fund??
  • 5th Nov – presentation on Ukraine by the Ukrainians in the hotel

15. Roads report

  • South Loch Tay road. Most passing areas have been levelled up now.
  • Line markings at Lix Toll junction – of considerable concern. A. Aitken will report to Stephen Bly. Copying in G. Maxwell. S. Inglis to also report same. Otherwise, there are potholes, not helped by the rain!
  • A Aitken reported on the signs at the Dochart Bridge – the new signs are on order

16. AOCB
Ukrainians in the village

  • A. Aitken reported having heard Neil Gray, MSP, in the Scottish Parliament today, talking about the country’s response to the Ukrainian guests in country. It seems that there will be some movement towards resettling them from temporary ‘Welcome’ accommodation (e.g., the Killin Hotel) into more sustainable options. The Scottish government’s recent ending of the Killin Hotel contract is illustrative of that plan and alternative long-term accommodation is being sought. The Killin group, many of whom have indicated a desire to move to more urban areas for the purpose of securing more long term accommodation and employment, would be part of the first wave of those moving. It was suggested that whilst we want to see key workers remaining in the community and children to be able to finish the school term, as a community we need to be careful that we act in the best interests of individuals involved, support our guests to consider reasonable options, avoiding current opportunities being missed.

Stirling Council

  • Current situations in Stirling Council. G. Maxwell gave the Committee a very helpful view of the current economic climate in the Council. Particular concerns were expressed around the Finance and Economics committee not meeting, around the current level of debt related to the revenue budget and PPP, and the plan to use existing savings. The capital budget appears to be underspent, and it was suggested that this money could be used to support other necessary ongoing activities. Additional relevant info for Killin – the DRT payment to taxis has been increased by 20%. It was agreed that problems related to the availability of the DRT, should be reported to Corporate Enquiries by the public

KCC email
Regarding the KCC email address, some discussion followed although agreement was not reached as to how the email address should be used, who should have access to it and who should be able to use it. A Aitken reported that he had received advice from the Council officer who set up the account that only one person should operate the account, though one other should have read only access and be able to step up as temporary operator in the absence of the agreed user. He had circulated this to all KCC members. D Fettes asked that that an email response he had made privately to the Council officer, rebutting her proffered advice, be shared to KCC members. A. Aitken said that much of that rebuttal was inaccurate. G. Maxwell said that he would explore how other Community Councils were dealing with emails specifically addressed to the CC. A. Aitken said that he would circulate the rebuttal email and escalate the situation in order to seek clarity.

Other issues

  • C. Grant agreed to look at the tree that may be in the process of falling down, in the park
  • The issue of rubbish at the station car park was raised. Members of the committee were encouraged to fill in the existing survey related to waste and recycling (hard copies in the library).
  • The training available for snow shovelling – places were not taken up by any members of the KCC.
  • A. Aitken to say that Stirling Councillors are available for consultation immediately after Community Council meetings in his report in the Killin News, though this is subject to the agreement of all three constituency representatives on Stirling Council.

11 Date and time of next meeting Next meeting is Tuesday 10 January – 7pm. School has been booked