Mar 2023 Minutes

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Killin Community Council

Minutes of Meeting
Tuesday 7th March 2023
LOCATION: Killin Primary School

Adoption of previous minutes – March 2023 meeting minutes. Correction - P. Farquharson was not actually present. C. Grant proposed adoption, S. Inglis seconded. Adopted unanimously.

Meeting Agenda

1. Chairman’s welcome

2. Recording of those present, and apologies received

3. Declarations of interest

4. Adoption of previous minutes

5. Notes of interest from members of the public

6. KCC activity report

7. Treasurer’s report

8. Fund Raising, funding and awards

9. Police report

10. Planning report and related issues

11. Killin Church planning proposals

12. KAT report

13. LL&T National Park report

14. Snow and ice clearance issues

15. Roads report, traffic and parking issues

16. AOCB

17. Date, time and format of next meeting

1. Chairman’s welcome
The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting. This will be the final meeting of this Community Council. Elections come up in April and he hopes all councillors will stand again.

2. Recording of those present, and apologies received
Chair - A Aitken, Deputy Chair – D Fettes, Treasurer - P Farquharson, S Inglis – Roads, J Lawrence, H. Middleton, F. Inglis

In attendance: Councillor G. Maxwell J Calder - Minute Secretary (stand in)

Apologies: F. Inglis, C. Grant, D. Fettes expecting to be late

Press: None

Residents: 6

Declarations of interest – none

3. Adoption of previous minutes. Proposed by J. Lawrence, Seconded S. Inglis, passed unanimously. Clarification after the last special meeting – Minutes are not expected to be verbatim

Notes of interest from members of the public. One member of the public there to address any questions related to the planning proposal from the church. Another, wanting to attend, having had her planning application approved.

KCC activity report;
Councillor Maxwell asked if he could add a Councillor’s report. Agreed to replace police report with the Councillor’s report (police report related to Crianlarich, not Killin).

“Meet the KCC” At Shutters, 24th Feb. Everyone in agreement that it had gone well and was enjoyed by those in attendance.

Resilience plan Has been updated and distributed with required changes.

Lights at McLaren Hall Issue of no lighting brought up by a constituent and taken to Stephen Bly. Response was that this was the responsibility of the McLaren Hall.

Other issues; Complaint raised by member of Community council related to tangled wire near the Coop. Again, checked out with Stephen Bly and is being addressed. To be followed up. A. Aitken managed to get the key for the Community Noticeboard, at the bus-stop and is working towards making it available for general use. Ukrainians; less than 20 Ukrainians in the Killin Hotel. Eight rooms being allocated for Ukrainian refugees until Jan 2024. Idea to use the hotel for asylum applicants has been dropped. Email account for the KCC – A. Aitken has set one up and will let councillors have the password and will redirect all mail to that new account.

7. Treasurer’s report and fundraising awards. No treasurer’s report available
Fundraising, funding, awards – Action point A .Aitken due to have a meeting with Dave Syme and Kenny Lang re the generator fund

Sport and Recreation hub now has charitable status. Will now be able to raise funds for Pump track – to cost around £170,000. Will apply to Sports Scotland funding for 50% of the total amount. The other 50% (£85,000) will need to be found.

8. Councillors report
Councillor Maxwell – recent budget discussions in Stirling Council, with £12m deficit, included plans for staff redundancies, voluntary severance and savings. Stirling also looking at reducing the number of Council owned buildings in Stirling, by 40%. Council tax will go up by 7%. Borrowed funds will be paid for over the next 30 years and while it looks like additional funds, this is not the case. £26m however, is available for transformational activities. The proposed budget includes a roads budget increase by £1m. There will also be a review of road gritting, in conjunction with community councils.

Recent decisions; managed to save the tip at Callander. Council facing 10-15% inflation and very little coming from Scottish govt. Schools will not be touched (teachers – numbers etc) but school meals (less choice) and nursery places are impacted through increases. No major improvements will be made to school buildings. Review taking place of street lighting, community halls, facilities etc with consideration being given to communities taking over specific responsibilities.

With summer coming up, there is a concern about the dumping of stuff at the public toilets. Proposal that we establish CCTV which could be powered by solar energy and put up on the fence of Bear’s yard?

Action point ; Councillor Maxwell to take this up with the council.

Police – lack of police presence in the village, remains the case.

9. Planning; permission has been granted for the Plot 5 at the Glebe. There has been one objection to the Pump Track from a constituent. This has been resolved.

10. Killin Church planning proposals – the plans were put into the library. The plans were also discussed in the Killin News and on the Community FB page. 17 people have written to support the proposal and no-one has objected. Once people could see that inside, things were generally acceptable. A suggestion was made that there could be more glass and less wood involved. Planning permission has not yet been granted. One resident asked about accessible toilet. The church toilets cannot be fully available to the public. In the meantime, the library toilet is available. One option for the future would be the establishment of a sub-group to consider fully accessible public toilets.

Proposal to support the church application; proposed by A. Aitken and seconded by D. Fettes.
Action point; A. Aitken will write to the National Park Planning Dept giving full support to the church proposals.

11. KAT report – The Coop will change hands and come into KAT ownership 17th March. Breadalbane Park lease to come up next year. D. Fettes following up on this with Stirling Council. KAT are to extend the lease.

12. National Park – partnership plan, 5 year strategic plan, coming up. Two meetings being organised – community leaders and landlords. Housing and short term lets – key issue. Consideration being given to setting up regulated zones in the park re short term lets. Scottish govt regs coming in that may help the fact that communities are dying as a result of those short term lets. Very limited benefit for the local communities and challenges exist in getting staff.

13 Snow and ice issues
A. Aitken was asked to speak to Robert Grant and Anthony Dowling about snow clearing. It seems that Robert Grant has been on a retainer by Stirling Council. Robert has a meeting organised with the facilities manager and will feed back on the outcome of this meeting.

14. Roads recycling etc
Some additions been made to the budget for staffing. G. Maxwell continuing to fight for the general purpose skip. Consider getting a volunteer to man a potential tip on e.g. a Sat morning?
Bringing down the pylons – all houses in Glen Lochay have received written info.
Re dental practice – A. Aitken raised concern about the dental practice locally and what seems a move towards private practice only.

15. AOCB
Clubs, Organisations, Groups event; It was suggested that an event be organised for late April / early May for the event to allow groups, clubs and organisations in the village to advertise and recruit new members. Agreed that the KCC would underwrite this event by £150
Killin cycling club – 7pm tomorrow night.

16. Next meeting – this will be the last evening / meeting of this community council. We have 8 councillors at present – allowed 9 in total. Details of how the elections will proceed, not yet available. New Committee to be in place by July.