April 2021 Minutes

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Participants : Alison McAlpine (Chair), Michelle Ashford, Tony Farrant, David Harding, Sue
Harvey, Ben MacCorquodale, Ken Russell.

In attendance : Councillor Jeremy McDonald (part); David Clark (Minute Secretary) .
Apologies for absence : Wiesek Chodyniecki, Jim McGroarty, Dougie Morrison, Councillors
Martin Earl and Evelyn Tweed, Michelle Flynn (Stirling Council) and Police Representatives




The minute of the meeting of 8 March 2021 was approved – proposed by Michelle Ashford,
seconded by Ken Russell.


Matters arising



5a - it was noted that the Electric Vehicle Charging Group has been invited to
attend a planning meeting in respect of the Green Shed development



5d – it was confirmed that the agreed letter of thanks had been sent.




Police Report

For period 5 March to 10 April 2021 compiled by Constable Lorna Deans :



Antisocial Behaviour - Police have been contacted during the reported period
about possible coronavirus regulation breaches within the Doune and Deanston



Road Safety - On 01/04/21 concerns were raised regarding a driver on Main
Street, Doune. Officers attended and the driver was charged and reported to the
Procurator Fiscal for road traffic offences.


During the reported period the “pop-up” police officer was placed at Ardoch
Bank/Castle Road and also at George Street as a reminder to drivers to watch
their speed. Hand held radar was carried out at Balkerach Street. One driver was
stopped regarding their speed.



On 27/3/21 a male indecently exposed himself to a young female whilst
she was walking on Argaty Road, Doune. There was a similar incident
that same day in the Denny area. Both incidents are being investigated
and enquiries are continuing.


Chairperson's Report

Alison McAlpine reported as follows :



Old railway cycle path – Sustrans had begun work to repair sections of the cycle
path in the area of the allotments where tree roots have caused damage.



Outdated website information – a letter had been delivered to the proprietors of
the former Doune website requesting the removal of outdated and inaccurate
information. A response is awaited



Plants at War Memorial – Stirling Council have advised that wildflower seeds only
would be sown at the Memorial. The Community Council requested that seeds be

given for use elsewhere. An application has been made to the Windfarm Trust to
allow purchase of bedding plants for the Memorial. Arrival of the seeds is awaited.




Treasurer's Report

Jim McGroarty's report was circulated in his absence. It noted a balance of funds at
12 April of £9,622.65, most of which was already ring-fenced and earmarked as
previously agreed and noted.


A revised invoice is awaited from the insurance broker in respect of additional
assets (including the defibrillators) and activities.


Secretary's Report

Michelle Ashford had no matters to report.


Community Covid Support

There was no further activity reported or required in Doune, while in Deanston it was
planned to conclude activities at the end of April


Kilmadock IT Fund

Ken Russell had no matters to report.



There was no report.


Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund

Tony Farrant reported as follows :



Moray Park toilets - The roof has now been stripped, a new Daltex membrane
added and retiled. On Friday 12th March one of the toilet doors was found open,
the contractor has also replaced the meter cupboard. The football club have
started replacing the barge boarding and guttering. There has been very little
progress made with the installation of electrical & water meters and on Stirling
Council resolving the Public Liability problem.


The building is to be painted in early April. Land services have been asked to
attend to the overgrowth behind the toilets. A request by Stirling Council to price
boxing in the guttering to prevent football damage has been raised. Once the
painting is finished the new defibrillator and case can be wired in and Trossachs
Search and Rescue notified to monitor.


Cleaners have been kept up to speed with the circumstances. Additional volunteer
key holders will be required. David Harding agreed to provide samples of signage
re opening times etc. (Action – David Harding)



Tourism Promotion - the meeting notes from 18 March and Ben MacCorquodale's
follow up with Stirling Council have already been circulated. A further meeting is
scheduled for 6 May and is anticipated to include Council officers.


An initial draft of the information boards, maps etc has been done for comment,
Historic Environment School is keen these are not circulated until it receives initial


It was agreed that the issue of outdated tourist signage at the Muir Hall should be
discussed with Stirling Council in the context of general concerns about
appropriate signage, and the dangers of signage clutter, for tourism and other



Green shed – a meeting is planned for 27 April.




Kilmadock Development Trust

Ken Russell reported on work underway in the Post Office to enable safe re-opening
of the Information and Heritage Centre on 26 April.


Community Action for Deanston

Ben MacCorquodale reported on recent vandalism to the roof of Deanston Community Hall.
The damage has now been repaired and it is hoped to work with the local school to
encourage respect and responsibility within the community.



Michelle Ashford reported that a works package has been issued for the installation
of more 20mph speed limit repeater signs through Balkerach Street and Main
Street. The signs are currently on order and are expected to be delivered in the next
2-3 weeks. Signs will be erected on existing lighting columns. Additional 20mph
speed limit roundels will also be marked on the road at appropriate locations.


Discussions with Stirling Council indicate that there are no plans for a vibration survey to be
carried out at this time. The effectiveness of the additional 20mph speed limit signs will be
monitored prior to any decision being taken as to whether a vibration survey is required.


Stirling Council is reluctant to remove the speed cushions on the grounds that such removal
will almost certainly lead to increased traffic speeds. The Council indicated that, if the full
support of the school parent council is obtained, it would be prepared to undertake a full
community consultation on the removal of the speed cushions.


It was agreed that the Council should be asked to consider full-width speed cushions at
appropriate locations and to assess the condition of the bridge at George Street. (Action –
Michelle Ashford)


Doune Ponds

Tony Farrant reported on a very successful Easter egg hunt and that a survey was under
way to assess future activities. Maintenance work at the Ponds will recommence shortly,
using two groups of volunteers.


Christmas lights

There was no report



Sue Harvey requested that Forestry issues be a regular agenda item (Action – Alison


Sue Harvey reported that she and Tony Farrant had met with Moray Estates to discuss the
new forestry road being laid near the Commonty Walk. It had been agreed that this road
would allow access to the Commonty Walk for vehicles delivering materials for its
maintenance. It was noted that further improvements to the Walk were intended for the
autumn of 2021subject to funding and community help.


Other business



Defibrillator at former phone box – David Harding reported on the poor condition of
the electrical supply at the phone box. It was agreed that he would pursue its

refurbishment in liaison with Tony Farrant and Jim McGroarty and explore the
possibility of funding from the Community Heartbeat Trust and possibly the Phoney





Box Company. It was agreed to ask Openreach to remove the redundant
telephone pole adjacent to the box. (Action – David Harding, Tony Farrant and Jim



Wifi hotspot – it was agreed to delay further consideration until the next
meeting.(Action - David Harding)



Complaint – Tony Farrant reported a complaint from a member of the public about
inappropriate behaviour by young people in the area of Black Park, resulting in
fires, litter and broken glass. It was agreed that he should report the matter to the
police via Moray Estates and arrange for an article to appear in a subsequent
edition of The Bridge. (Action – Tony Farrant)




Next meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting would take place on Monday 10 May 2021 at 7.00pm,
again by video conference.


The meeting closed at 8.15pm.