Dec 2021 Minutes

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Participants : Alison McAlpine (Chair), Michelle Ashford, Wiesek Chodyniecki (part), Tony
Farrant, David Harding, Sue Harvey, Ben MacCorquodale, Jim McGroarty, Dougie Morrison. Ken

In attendance : Councillors Martin Earl and Jeremy McDonald; David Clark (Minute Secretary).

Apologies for absence : Michelle Flynn (Stirling Council) and Police Representatives

  1. Minute

    The minute of the meeting of 8 November 2021 was approved – proposed by Ben
    MacCorquodale, seconded by David Harding.

  2. Matters arising – none

  3. Police Report

    05/11/21-10/12/21 Compiled by Constable Lorna Deans :

    1. Antisocial Behaviour - Between 4/5 December 2021 damage was caused to a
      vehicle parked on Castlehill, Doune. Enquiries are ongoing.

    2. Road Safety - On 12 November 2021 a lorry collided with a vehicle on the A84
      near to Doune causing minor damage. Enquiries are currently ongoing.

      On 16 November 2021 there was a collision between 2 vehicles after a
      driver took unwell. Police assisted the driver in getting medical attention.
      During the weekend of 26/28 November 21 officers were busy dealing with
      numerous closed roads due to fallen trees as a result of storm Arwen.

    3. Theft - There have been no reported thefts in the Kilmadock area

  4. Community Resilience

    At the Chairperson's invitation, guest Erik MacEachern from Deanston addressed
    the Council on concerns about community resilience in the light of significant
    problems suffered by many local people in the aftermath of the storm and wind
    damage on 27/28 November. It was agreed that the local resilience plan required to
    be updated and that a more robust two-way system of communication should be
    sought with Stirling Council. It was agreed that issues, suggestions and proposals,
    should be compiled by Ben MacCorquodale for submission to Stirling Council
    (Action - Ben MacCorquodale)

  5. Councillor's Report

    Councillor Martin Earl reported on

    1. issues and analysis from Stirling Council's point of view on the aftermath
      of the recent storm. He expressed concerns at the response and
      performance of the electricity network operators.

    2. Continuing problems with the new waste collection service and difficulties
      in contacting the appropriate department

    3. The Provost's Award 2022, inviting submission of candidates in
      recognition of work and service in the pandemic. The closing date for nominations is 14 January 2022

    4. The agenda for the Council meeting on 8 December, indicating new
      proposals for individuals and groups to address the Council on specific
      issues. A special meeting has been called for 15 December to address the
      condition of road bridges in the Council area in the light of recent road
      closures caused by bridge collapses.

  6. Chairperson's Report

    Alison McAlpine reported that she had received a lot of communications in the
    aftermath of the recent storm. She expressed thanks to all in Doune and Deanston
    who had helped in various ways. She also expressed appreciation for the response
    to the Remembrance Day service, the Winter Window initiative and for the recent
    improvements to the paths within Kilmadock cemetery.

  7. Treasurer's Report

    The Treasurer, Jim McGroarty, reported that :

    The Kilmadock Community Council Bank Account balance at 13 December 2021 is


    Payments for items for the opening of the Moray Park toilets have started. Once
    opened, there will be regular invoices for the operation and maintenance of the toilets,
    which will reduce the bank balance considerably over the next year.

    The Christmas lights have been erected, and the invoice for the electrical work to get
    them all up and lit is awaited.

    Around £250 remains from the Windfarm Trust for painting/refurbishing of the Doune
    former phone box. This money is being used to prepare the phone box to take the

  8. Secretary's Report

    Michelle Ashford reported that she has been asked about the Community Council's
    plans for its AGM. It was agreed that this would take place in association with the
    Council's June meeting.

  9. Planning

    Dougie Morrison reported as follows on planning issues :

    1. Transfer of ground at Castlehill Court – he had not been able to find out more
      about this but it was noted that it had been approved

    2. Various permissions granted to deal with dangerous trees

    3. Removal of unstable masonry at the mill at Castle Road - approved

    4. New windows at 28b Balkerach Street - approved

    5. New windows at RTA building in Station Wynd – approved

  10. Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund

    Tony Farrant reported as follows :

    1. Green shed site – there was still no word on the outcome of the
      application for funding

    2. Moray Park toilets – while Stirling Council have now given permission for
      the installation of washroom services and cleaning although water and
      electricity connections and metering have yet to be completed. It is
      doubtful if these can be completed by the proposed opening date of 3
      January 2022 so a temporary solution by Stirling Council will be required.
      The Council has agreed to reimburse the football club for expenses

    3. New bridge across the Ardoch Burn near the castle has now been
      completed and will be part of the new tourist trail.

  11. Kilmadock Development Trust

    Ken Russell reported that Neil Fergusson, Development Officer, has now begun
    work. The Post Office continued to work well and extended opening hours were now
    in operation prior to Christmas.

  12. Community Action for Deanston

    Ben MacCorquodale reported on the AGM held in November at which office-bearers were
    re-elected and a choice of the new play equipment was made. The car boot sale and
    Christmas Fair had been well supported, considering the pandemic restrictions.

  13. Roads

    Wiesek Chodyniecki attended for this part of the meeting and confirmed that the new
    Convener of the Primary School PTA and the Head Teacher agreed with the proposal to
    remove the speed bumps in Doune. Drainage on the A84 near the junction with Balkerach
    Street would need more extensive work and he will press for this. The cut-out police officer
    on the A820 at the eastern entrance to Doune appears to be effective as a speeding

  14. Doune Ponds and Commonty Walk

    Tony Farrant reported that favourable comments have been received about the
    improvements to the Commonty Walk although the area had since been badly affected by
    fallen trees in the recent storm. The same was true of Doune Ponds but all the paths have
    now been cleared, thanks to the efforts of volunteers. The Fairy Trail would run at the Ponds
    for two weeks from 19 December.

  15. Christmas trees and lights

    It was agreed to send a note of thanks to Blair Drummond Estate for the donation of
    Christmas trees (Action – Michelle Ashford).

    The new Christmas lights were now installed and working well. About 54 metres of lights
    remained and these would be erected at an appropriate location. It was agreed to retain
    those of the previous lights which were still in working order.

  16. Tourism and Marketing

    There was no report.

  17. Forestry

    Sue Harvey reported on receipt of an assessment by Moray Estates of the recent
    considerablewind damage to forestry areas. It detailed the scale of the damage, the
    intended clearance operations and revised plans for replanting.

  18. Other business

    Lighting at Health Centre lane – Dougie Morrison reported on recent discussions with a
    contractor on proposals for a high-mounted solar-powered light. It was agreed that he would
    explore the matter further, with potential locations. (Action – Dougie Morrison)

  19. Next meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting would take place by video conference on Monday 10
January 2022 at 7.30pm.

The meeting closed at 8.40pm.