Feb 2021 Minutes

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Participants : Alison McAlpine (Chair), Michelle Ashford, Tony Farrant, Sue Harvey, Jim
McGroarty, Dougie Morrison, Ken Russell
In attendance : Councillors Jeremy McDonald and Evelyn Tweed; David Clark (Minute
Secretary); Michelle Flynn (Stirling Council) .
Apologies for absence : Wiesek Chodyniecki, David Harding, Ben MacCorquodale;
Councillor Martin Earl and Police Representatives
  1. Minute

    The minute of the meeting of 11 January 2021 was approved – proposed by Jim
    McGroarty, seconded by Michelle Ashford.

  2. Matters arising

    1. 11 - it was confirmed that some large logs were now in place to minimise
      parking issues at the Chain Lodge walk.

    2. 17b – in the absence of David Harding it was agreed to carry forward the
      proposal for a Community Wifi hotspot to a subsequent meeting.

  3. Police Report

    09/01/21- 02/05/21 Compiled by Constable Donald King

    1. Antisocial Behaviour - officers have dealt with numerous calls and incidents in
      relation to alleged breaches of Coronavirus regulations during this time.

    2. Road Safety - on 23 January, 2021, following information received from the
      public a male was stopped driving on the A84 near to Doune and
      subsequently found to be nearly 7 times the drink drive limit. The male was
      arrested and may have his car confiscated by the court due to the level of

    3. Theft - on 9 January 2021 one male was charged following a theft by
      shoplifting at the Co-Op, Doune. On 26 January 2021 a member of the public
      was the subject of fraud where they received a call from a male stating he
      worked for Amazon and that there was a problem with the person's Amazon
      account and their computer. They were encouraged to allow access to the
      computer and to pay a small fee to sort the problem.

    4. Community Engagement and Reassurance – Police Scotland are looking for
      the views of the public in relation to Officers wearing body worn video (BWV).
      The survey can be accessed via the Police Scotland website and should take
      no longer than 15 minutes.

  4. Councillors' Reports

    Cllr. Evelyn Tweed reported on :

    1. a meeting with representatives of the National Park in anticipation of another
      busy season with particular reference to issues of litter and dirty camping.

      The National Park sought assistance with enforcement of regulations,
      particularly on Sundays, and better co-ordination of litter collection.

    2. concerns about filming in Doune and Deanston – it had been confirmed that
      the film crews involved had worked within current regulations and restrictions.
      The question of advance notice of filming was raised.

    3. receipt of a considerable number of queries seeking information about
      business and schooling in the current restrictions.

    4. the possibility of using stone currently lying at the green shed site. It was
      confirmed that the Community Council had no immediate use for this stone.

      Michelle Flynn, Stirling Council reported on :

    5. the regulations concerning co-option of new members to Community Councils

    6. funding for Community Councils, noting that the closing date for this period
      had passed on 28 January, but with assurance that an early application would
      be considered (Action – Michelle Flynn to forward necessary forms to Jim

    7. Community Pride grants which were available up to £500, with closing dates
      for applications on 9 March and early April

    8. insurance of assets – it was confirmed that the necessary forms had been
      received by the Community Council.

    9. the availability of rock salt for distribution to private properties - it was agreed
      that the quantity offered was inadequate for the areas likely to be covered and
      it was agreed not to proceed with an application.

    10. Community Support Groups had now been re-established in the light of the
      continuing lockdown.. There were two groups in Stirling Council – one urban
      and one rural. Michelle Flynn is the co-ordinator of the rural group.

  5. Chairperson’s Report

    The Chairperson, Alison McAlpine had no matters to report.

  6. Treasurer’s Report

    The Treasurer, Jim McGroarty, reported that :

    1. the Kilmadock Community Council Bank Account balance at 08 February 2021 is


    2. at the January meeting it was agreed to look at whether there could be any
      funding available to support the proposed ‘Marketing of Kilmadock Community’
      Initiative. Most of the KCC funds are ‘ring fenced’ for specific purposes. There is a
      small balance not subject to specific ‘ring fencing’. Any use of remaining funds
      would need to be subject to agreement with Councillors, and be within
      Community Council guidelines.

    3. the balance includes funds still available for Covid-19 Community Support. The
      Community Council has agreed to support the next phase of the Doune and
      Deanston Soup initiative, by paying for the supply of rolls to go with the soup
      distribution. It includes the £6,500 award from WFT towards the first year’s
      running costs of the new toilets. In addition, £2,000 is been held by KDT to cover
      our legal costs. We have been awarded £530 by the WFT to cover the cost of a
      new cabinet for the defibrillator for the Moray Park. We have also been awarded

      £350 by the WFT to cover any works / repairs which may be needed to the Christmas lights. There is £350 from WFT for painting/refurbishing the Doune
      former Phone Box, to be used to prepare the phone box to take the defibrillator.
      Following the completion of the work on the Commonty Walk, there is a residual
      balance of £468.94, which it has been agreed would be kept for future works.


      It was agreed to acquire replacement pads for the Woodside defibrillator following its
      use in December and purchase a spare pair in liaison with Trossachs Search and
      Rescue. The defibrillators should be included in the Community Council insurance
      cover. (Action – Tony Farrant and Jim McGroarty)

  7. Secretary’s Report

    The Secretary, Michelle Ashford, had no matters to report.

  8. Community Covid Support

    Alison McAlpine reported that there had been little recent activity and no requests for
    assistance had been made since the last meeting.

  9. Kilmadock IT Fund (KIT)

    Ken Russell reported that the primary school had been provided with a further supply
    of computer cases and that the new website was now up and running and had been
    well received.

  10. Planning

    Dougie Morrison reported on the following recent planning applications :

    1. extension to staff car parking at Doune Castle – approved. Concern had been
      raised by a member of the public that the work under way would enable a
      further parking area for visitors to the castle, posing an unacceptable risk or
      hazard to the ancient bridge. It was subsequently confirmed that this was not
      the case and that the bridge was already in use by vehicles of local residents.
      The Community Council agreed that it would be opposed to any significant
      increase in vehicular traffic over the old bridge.

    2. house extension at Cedar Court – planning status unknown

    3. shed/gymnasium at 27 Station Wynd – approved, but it was understood that
      further concerns had been raised

    4. house extension at 10 Bluebell Wood – application lodged.

  11. Councillor’s Report

    Cllr. Jeremy McDonald reported on concerns about dog waste on the woodland walk
    on the northwest side of Bridge of Teith. Cllr.Evelyn Tweed agreed to request that
    suitable bin be placed in the small car park at the end of the bridge. (Action – Cllr.Evelyn Tweed)

  12. Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund

    Tony Farrant reported that :

    1. he would contact Historic Scotland to ascertain the current status of proposals
      for Doune Castle

    2. there was nothing further to report on parking proposals


    3. a consultant has been commissioned to draw up proposals for the former
      green shed site which would go out for local consultation

    4. outstanding issues at the toilets have still to be resolved. Questions have
      been raised about the state of the roof and whose responsibility this may be.
      Work by the football club remains to be done.

  13. Kilmadock Development Trust

    Ken Russell reported that the work at the Post Office was now complete and
    snagging issues have been resolved. The Community Council thanked Kilmadock
    Development Trust for the considerable work which has gone into this improved

  14. Community Action for Deanston

    While there was no report, the completion of work at the football club was noted with

  15. Roads

    Michelle Ashford reported on a recent meeting with roads officials, the outcome of
    which had been circulated to members. It was noted that there was agreement that
    increased signage of the 20pmh limit was necessary. It was clear that Stirling Council
    remain unwilling to remove speed bumps in Balkerach Street and it was noted that
    the issue of vibration had not been addressed. It was agreed that Michelle Ashford
    would explore the possibility of full width speed bumps (Action – Michelle Ashford)
    Ken Russell expressed concern at the impact of heavy vehicles going on to
    pavements in order to pass in narrow sections of roadway.

  16. Doune Ponds

    Tony Farrant reported that there was little activity at this time of year and that a
    survey of family users was in progress to gather suggestions and proposals.

  17. Christmas Trees and lights

    Dougie Morrison reported that he had not yet had a response from the contractor
    about repair and/or provision of new lights.

  18. Other Business

    1. Lighting at Health Centre path – Dougie Morrison reported that he had had no
      response yet from the electrical contractor.

    2. Domestic refuse bins – Tony Farrant reported that some streets had not yet
      been supplied with the new style of refuse bins with the result that older style
      bins still in use were not being emptied. Michelle Ashford agreed to contact
      Stirling Council to resolve the matter (Action – Michelle Ashford)

  19. Next Meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting would take place on Monday 8 March 2021 at
7.00pm, again by video conference.

The meeting closed at 8.33pm.