Jan 2021 Minutes

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Participants : Alison McAlpine (Chair), Michelle Ashford, Tony Farrant, David Harding, Sue
Harvey, Ben MacCorquodale, Jim McGroarty and Dougie Morrison

In attendance : Councillor Jeremy McDonald; David Clark (Minute Secretary).
Apologies for absence : Wiesek Chodyniecki, Ken Russell; Councillors Martin Earl and
Evelyn Tweed; Michelle Flynn (Stirling Council) and Police Representatives

  1. Minute

    The minute of the meeting of 14 December 2020 was approved – proposed by
    Ben MacCorquodale, seconded by Michelle Ashford

  2. Matters arising

    2b - Promotion funding – it was agreed to continue this matter and to give it a
    place on the agenda of the next meeting (Action – Alison McAlpine)

    7 – Christmas activities – Michelle Ashford and Ben MacCorquodale confirmed
    that expressions of thanks had been sent to the appropriate individuals

  3. Police Report

    12/12/20- 08/01/21 Compiled by Constable Lorna Deans

    1. Police Scotland has received a large number of calls in the Trossachs and
      Teith area regarding breaches of the coronavirus regulations. There is now an
      online reporting form that can be found on the Police Scotland website.

    2. On 17/12/20 a vehicle parked on Main Street, Doune was damaged by
      another vehicle.

    3. In the early hours of 24/12/20 a vehicle came off the road at Buchany. The
      road was closed for a period of time to allow the vehicle to be recovered.

    4. Overnight between 12th and 13th December 2020 a quad bike was stolen from
      a property on B8032. Enquiries are still ongoing in relation to this.

      The Police also indicated that there had been an increase in the number of
      reports of fraud or attempted fraud and offered appropriate advice

  4. Chairperson’s Report

    The Chairperson, Alison McAlpine express her thanks to those who had helped to
    dismantle the Christmas trees and lights. She also reported that she had been
    informed that Stirling Council intended to reinstate the Community Support groups
    in the light of the continuing pandemic; and that, with others, she had taken a
    guided tour of the refurbished toilet facilities in Moray Park.

  5. Treasurer’s Report

    The Treasurer, Jim McGroarty, reported little movement since the last meeting.
    The Kilmadock Community Council Bank Account balance at 11 January 2021 is

    £10,411.14 which includes funds earmarked or allocated for Community Support,
    running costs of the toilets, the new defibrillator cabinet and repairs to Christmas lights. It was agreed that further improvements should proceed to the Commonty
    path from funds available for this purpose.

  6. Secretary’s Report

    The Secretary, Michelle Ashford, had no matters to report.

  7. Community Covid Support

    Alison McAlpine intimated that volunteers were now invited for the Community
    Support group and that anyone interested should contact her.

    Ben MacCorquodale reported that in Deanston the soup and rolls provision would
    continue at least until the end of January, with the possibility of extension.

  8. Kilmadock IT Fund (KIT)

    Alison McAlpine reported that the new website was now up and running and had
    been well received. There had been no action so far in respect of outdated
    material on the Doune.co website.

  9. Planning

    There were no matters to report.

  10. Councillor’s Report

    Councillor Jeremy McDonald reported that information on a number of matters,
    includingSpaces for People initiatives, would shortly be available.

  11. Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund

    Parking -Tony Farrant reported that there had been no further developments on
    parking or green shed proposals. Councillor Jeremy McDonald indicated that
    issues were arising from an increase in casual parking by walkers at the Chain
    Lodge, causing nuisance to both proprietor and tenant of the house there.


    Toilets – Tony Farrant reported that a meeting would be held shortly with Stirling
    Council to finalise the refurbishment. The Community Counciil expressed itself
    content with the draft agreement he had circulated which would not be signed until
    all matters were satisfactorily resolved. It was noted that the football club had yet
    to carry out agreed work to their part of the premises.

  12. Kilmadock Development Trust

    There were no matters to report.

  13. Community Action for Deanston

    The success of the Santa Parade at Christmas was noted with appreciation.

  14. Roads

    There were no matters to report

  15. Doune Ponds

    Tony Farrant reported that a summary of the fungi report would appear in the next
    issue of The Bridge and that the full report would be paced on the website. A further survey would take place after five years. The Fairy Trail had proved to be a
    great success. There were doubts about the viability of an Easter Egg hunt in
    2021 given the continuing restrictions.

  16. Christmas Trees and lights

    Dougie Morrison reported that repairs to switches would be priced and that all the
    lights would be carefully examined before being stored. The Council favoured a
    proposal that new lights be priced, with the option of gradually replacing the old
    lights when they failed rather than incur repair costs. Dougie Morrison would
    investigate options and report.. (Action – Dougie Morrison)

    1. Lighting at Health Centre path – Dougie Morrison agreed to contact Gary
      Mathers, electrician, to explore the technicalities and options for solar lighting
      (Action – Dougie Morrison)

    2. Community Wifi. – David Harding reported on his investigations with
      Aberfoyle Community Council with a view to establishing a community wifi
      hotspot, possibly using the old phone box and involving Broadway Partners.
      He agreed to investigate further and report. (Action – David Harding)

    3. Schedule of meetings – with the likelihood of continuing to meet by video
      conference for the foreseeable future, it was agreed that the 2021 AGM would
      take place at the June meeting.

      Other Business

  17. Next Meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting would take place on Monday 8 February 2021
at 7.00pm, again by video conference.

The meeting closed at 7.59pm.