March 2021 Minutes

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Participants : Alison McAlpine (Chair), Michelle Ashford, Wiesek Chodyniecki,Tony Farrant,
David Harding, Sue Harvey, Ben MacCorquodale, Jim McGroarty, Dougie Morrison, Ken Russell.
In attendance : Councillors Martin Earl and Jeremy McDonald; David Clark (Minute Secretary) .
Apologies for absence : Councillor Evelyn Tweed, Michelle Flynn (Stirling Council) and Police




The minute of the meeting of 8 February 2021 was approved – proposed by Jim McGroarty,
seconded by Tony Farrant.


Matters arising



18b – old refuse bins. It was reported that at least some of the redundant bins
have now been removed.



11 – dog refuse. It was noted that the small car park at the north end of Teith
Bridge was private ground and so Stirling Council is unable to place dog refuse
bins at this location. It would consider placing a bin at the Deanston road junction.



10a – planning issue near the castle. It was confirmed that approval had been
given for two additional car parking spaces, for the use of castle staff and not for
the general public.



4c – Community Pride application. It was confirmed that Community Action for
Deanston had attended to this.



4d – insurance forms. It was confirmed that these have been received and are
being attended to.


Police Report

For period 5 February to 5 March 2021 compiled by Constable Lorna Deans :



Antisocial Behaviour - Officers continue to receive reports of alleged breaches of
Covid legislation in the Kilmadock and wider area. These can be challenging to
investigate with the level of evidence required to prove a breach of Covid
legislation being the same as any other crime or offence. Sometime between
07/02/21 and 09/02/21 two vehicles that were parked on Teith Road, Deanston
were vandalised. This remains undetected. Sometime between 20/02/21 and
21/02/21 a vehicle that was parked in Springbank Road, Doune was vandalised.
This remains undetected.



Road Safety - on 04/03/21 a vehicle being driven in the area of Moray Estate
caused damage to a parked vehicle. The driver failed to stop after the incident.
Enquiries are ongoing.


Councillor's Report

Cllr. Martin Earl reported that Stirling Council's budget meeting would be held on 18
March in the context of a national Council Tax freeze. He indicated that the capital
budget would be very challenging while the revenue budget, while constrained, was
under rather less pressure. He indicated that a number of additional officers were

being recruited and trained for the Local Enforcement team.




Chairperson's Report

Alison McAlpine reported as follows :



Electric vehicle charging points. She has been advised that the agreement
reached for electric vehicle charging points at the former Green Shed site had
been revoked, with a proposal instead to site two at the Castlehill car park. She
has expressed the Community Council's disagreement with this proposal but had
not yet received a response.



A member of the public had expressed concern at the absence of the old water
fountain at Moray Park. She had given the assurance that it was currently in the
safe keeping of Dougie Morrison and that it would be replaced or re-sited at an
appropriate place and time.



A request had been received from the sitting MSP to have the opportunity to
address the Council before the imminent elections to the Scottish Parliament. It
was agreed that the time-scale for this, and for any other candidates, rendered it
inappropriate and it was agreed to take no further action.



A member of the public had taken the initiative to remove the old Christmas trees
and it was agreed to send a note of thanks. (Action – Michelle Ashford)


Treasurer's Report

Jim McGroarty reported that the balance of funds at 8 March was £9,662.65, most
of which was already ring-fenced and earmarked as previously agreed and noted.


Secretary's Report

Michelle Ashford reported on further emails received from members of the public on
traffic and speeding matters. It had been noted that the road surface towards the
east end of Doune had deteriorated over the winter months and required attention.
(Action – Michelle Ashford and Wiesek Chodyniecki)


Proposal re introduction of beavers at Argaty

At the invitation of the Chairperson, Tom Bowser of Argaty Red Kite Centre,
addressed the Council on a proposal to have a controlled introduction of a beaver
colony at ponds at Argaty. He had previously circulated a briefing paper and
answered questions from members of the Council. It was noted that there was
already a spread of beavers in the vicinity, in the rivers Forth and Teith. Initial
soundings among local landowners had produced mixed views. While some
members of the Community Council spoke in favour of the proposal it was agreed
not to form a collective view at this point but to contact Tom Bowser and Anna Clark
to see if a limited survey currently under way might be extended to the wider


Community Covid Support

There was no further activity reported or required in Doune, while in Deanston
consideration was being given to continuing the provision of soup and rolls.


Kilmadock IT Fund

Ken Russell reported that the funds for equipment were now all but spent. The new website
has a monthly meeting to monitor and continue development.



Dougie Morrison reported that the applications for an extension at 6 Cedar Court and a fence
in Balkerach Street had now been approved and that an application has been lodged for a

conservatory at 14 The Drovers, Doune. The Council had no comments to make.




Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund

Tony Farrant reported as follows :



Moray Park toilets – Stirling Council are in the process of replacing the roof section
over the toilets only. The Football Club have materials on site to complete the
guttering work. An agreement with Scottish Water was being pursued but there
was nothing further to report on the electricity meter, Stirling Council liability
insurance or the draft agreement. However, recent discussions with Historic
Environment Scotland give some prospect of additional money being available for
additional exterior items such as gutter protection and painting of the whole



Green Shed site (see section 5a above)– following recent discussions with Stirling
Council officials it is noted that a planning application is due to be made in April. It
was agreed that no further discussion should take place on the Community
Parking Management Plan until satisfactory decisions are made about the former
Green Shed site.



Historic Environment Scotland – a meeting with representatives of Historic
Environment Scotland was held on 18 February at which the following points were
noted :




Doune Castle is currently closed but when re-opened anticipates continuing
restrictions and a much reduced visitor base




work on the path and stepped ramp at the Roman fort is in progress and work
on river bank reinstatement and the pedestrian bridge is due to begin in June
2021. Development of signage and interpretation is in hand with completion
due this summer




improvements at the main road junction require a study to be considered by
Stirling Council




Sustainable Tourism – HES, in partnership with others, will prioritise Doune to
explore, develop and deliver sustainable tourism and green recovery. A
community forum is suggested to take this forward.


Kilmadock Development Trust

There was no report


Community Action for Deanston

Ben MacCorquodale reported that Stirling Council had now handed over the football pitch to
Community Action for Deanston. He also reported that concern has been expressed about
the condition of the two play parks in the village and that sub-group was being formed to
consider options for upgrading.



Michelle Ashford indicated that there was nothing further to report but that further
complaints had been received about inappropriate speed through Doune, in
particular by agricultural vehicles.


Doune Ponds

Tony Farrant reported that the primary school had recently paid an educational visit.
Because of continuing restrictions there was little other activity planned in the near future.


Christmas lights

Dougie Morrison reported that he had not yet had a rely to his enquiry about upgrading the
Christmas lights.




Health Centre footpath

Dougie Morrison reported on issues of height and siting of proposed solar lighting. These
would need to be on poles to benefit from the light available. He agreed to continue his


Tourism and Marketing

There was no report


Other business



Defibrillators – it was agreed that the Community Council should take ownership of
the defibrillators and that they be covered by the Council's insurance. It was also
agreed to provide appropriate signage for the defibrillator at the former telephone
box. (Action - David Harding)



Adult Gym Equipment – noting that both Dunblane and Bridge of Allan now had
such a provision, it was agreed to keep this matter on the agenda.



Refuse collection changes – Cllr. Martin Earl indicated that recent efforts to review
the agreed changes to refuse collection had been unsuccessful.



Wifi hotspot – David Harding reported on his enquiries which had indicated that,
for reasons of signal strength and coverage, the Information Centre would be a
better location for this equipment that the former telephone box. There would be an
initial cost of approximately £1,500 with relatively modest running costs thereafter
in an agreement with Rapier Systems. It was agreed that local businesses should
be consulted and that David Harding would approach Kilmadock Development

Trust to discuss the possibility of siting equipment at the Information Centre.(Action

- David Harding)


Next meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting would take place on Monday 12 April 2021 at 7.00pm,
again by video conference.


The meeting closed at 8.45pm.