Nov 2021 Minutes

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Participants : Alison McAlpine (Chair), Michelle Ashford, Wiesek Chodyniecki, David Harding,
Jim McGroarty, Ken Russell, Dougie Morrison.

In attendance : Councillor Evelyn Tweed; David Clark (Minute Secretary).

Apologies for absence : Tony Farrant, Sue Harvey, Ben MacCorquodale; Councillors Martin
Earl and Jeremy McDonald, Michelle Flynn (Stirling Council) and Police Representatives

  1. Minute

    The minute of the meeting of 11 October 2021 was approved – proposed by Ken Russell,
    seconded by Jim McGroarty.


  2. Matters arising – none


  3. Police Report

    09/10/21 to 05/11/21Compiled by Constable Donald King :

    1. Antisocial Behaviour - on 16 October 2021 Police were on patrol in the area of
      Doune when a male was searched and found in possession of a small amount of
      cannabis. He was issued with a recorded Police warning.

      Overnight on 31 October/1 November 2021 a vehicle was vandalised whilst parked
      in the public car park at Castlehill, Doune. Enquiries are ongoing.

    2. Road Safety - there have been no reported incidents

    3. Theft - overnight on 25/26th October 2021 a housebreaking, attempted
      housebreaking and theft of a motor vehicle occurred at Castle Garage and
      Doune Motors, Doune. Enquiries are continuing.

      On 25 October 2021 a theft by shoplifting occurred at the Co-op, Doune.
      One male was arrested and is the subject of a report to the Fiscal.

  4. Councillor's Report

    Councillor Evelyn Tweed reported that Stirling Council was comfortable with local
    parties cleaning the war memorial in advance of Remembrance Sunday.


    She also indicated that it was her understanding that the long-running issue of
    insurance for the refurbished toilets was close to resolution. She undertook to
    escalate problems of access to the toilets in order to facilitate the connection of the
    defibrillator and meters. It was anticipated that the toilets would be available for use
    by early January.


    Councillor Tweed invited details of local pre-Christmas events for promotion through
    her social media accounts.


  5. Chairperson's Report

    Alison McAlpine reported that the local masonic lodge had indicated a wish to
    contribute towards the cost of planting around the war memorial and also towards
    the costs of the new Christmas lights. The Council expressed its appreciation of this


    She also reported on the arrangements for cleaning the war memorial prior to the
    service on Sunday 14 November.

  6. Treasurer's Report

    The Treasurer, Jim McGroarty, reported that :

    The Kilmadock Community Council Bank Account balance at 8 November 2021 is



    An award of £3,000 has been received from the WindFarm Trust for the purchase and
    erection of new Christmas Lights for Doune. The lights have been purchased and are
    ready for erection. Around £1,000 remains to cover erection, dismantling and any
    repairs to the existing lights.


    The sum of £100 has been paid to Trossachs Search and Rescue in recognition of their
    assistance with defibrillator training. It was noted that regular funding will be required for
    replacement pads and maintenance of the defibrillators.


    Most of the remainder of the Community Pride Grant to buy materials for the completion
    of the upgrade to the Commonty Walk has now been expended.


  7. Secretary's Report

    Michelle Ashford reported that she has been asked to confirm the schedule of
    Community Council meetings. It was agreed that the pattern of ten monthly
    meetings per annum (i.e. omitting July and August) should be continued and that for
    the time being meetings would be conducted by video conference.


  8. Website

    Ken Russell reported that the website was working well with areas still being
    developed. It was agreed to delete this item from the regular agenda.


  9. Planning

    Dougie Morrison reported as follows on planning issues :

    1. New forest track by Moray Estates to north-west of Doune - delegated

    2. Alterations to former Woodside Hotel - delegated

    3. Removal of unstable masonry at the mill at Castle Road - approved

    4. Creation of 1st floor balcony at 6 Elm Court, Doune – approved with conditions

    5. Application for two houses at North Lea - withdrawn

    6. Reported proposal to purchase section of public land adjacent to 5 Castlehill Court

      – there was uncertainty about this matter and it was agreed that Dougie Morrison
      would investigate (Action – Dougie Morrison)


  10. Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund

    Most matters in Tony Farrant's report, submitted in his absence, having already
    been dealt with earlier in the meeting, David Harding reported that work on the
    former phone box to take the defibrillator was nearing completion and that Stirling
    Council had agreed to improve the surrounding paving.


  11. Kilmadock Development Trust

    Ken Russell reported that Neil Ferguson had been appointed as Development
    Officer on a 3-year contract and would formally begin work on 1 December. In addition a new member of Post Office counter staff had started on 8 November.
    Extended opening hours would apply in the weeks before Christmas.


  12. Community Action for Deanston

    Ben MacCorquodale, in his absence, had indicated that an offer to provide solar panels to
    the Deanston Hall would be considered by the local committee on 17 November. Installation
    costs would have to be met locally.


    A Remembrance Service involving the primary school would be held at the Deanston
    memorial on 11 November.


    The opportunity had arisen to obtain replacement play equipment in the park and decision
    would be made between two styles in a price range of £10,000 - £12,000.


  13. Roads

    Wiesek Chodyniecki agreed to send a reminder to Doune Primary School parent council
    seeking its views on the proposed removal of speed bumps. In addition he would seek action
    on persistent flooding issues on the A84 near its junction with Balkerach Street. (Action -
    Wiesek Chodyniecki)


  14. Doune Ponds and Commonty Walk

    Jim McGroarty reported that work on the Commonty Walk had been successfully completed,
    with considerable assistance from Moray Estates. Lady Moray would perform an opening
    ceremony at the path on 27 November.


    At the ponds two existing picnic tables have been adapted to be suitable for wheelchair


  15. Christmas lights

    Dougie Morrison reported that the new lights had arrived and that he would make suitable
    arrangements for their erection in the area of the Cross at the beginning of December. The
    old lights would be checked out and used as appropriate and there would be a provision of
    lights in Deanston.


  16. Tourism and Marketing

    There was no report.


  17. Forestry

    There was no report.


  18. Other business

    Remembrance Day – Alison McAlpine reported on arrangements for the service and wreath-
    laying on Sunday 14 November at 10.45am, conducted by Rev Canon Alison Peden and
    invited Council members to participate. There would be no gathering for refreshments.


  19. Next meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting would take place by video conference on Monday 13
December 2021 at 7.30pm.


The meeting closed at 8.36pm.