Sept 2021 Minutes

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Participants : Alison McAlpine (Chair), Michelle Ashford, Tony Farrant, Wiesek Chodyniecki, Sue
Harvey, Ben MacCorquodale, Dougie Morrison.

In attendance : Councillors Martin Earl and Jeremy McDonald (part); David Clark (Minute

Apologies for absence : David Harding, Jim McGroarty, Ken Russell ; Councillor Evelyn Tweed,
Michelle Flynn (Stirling Council) and Police Representatives

  1. Minute

    The minute of the meeting of 14 June 2021 was approved – proposed by Tony Farrant,
    seconded by Ben MacCorquodale.


  2. Matters arising – none

  3. Police Report

    12/06/21 to 10/09/21 Compiled by Constables Lorna Deans and Donald King :

    1. Antisocial Behaviour - On 12June 2021 officers attended a disturbance in
      Deanston with one male being arrested and charged with threatening and abusive
      behaviour. On 12 June 2021 a picnic bench at Doune Ponds was pulled from its
      mountih3 issues reported.


      Overnight between 17/18 July 2021 damage was caused to a vehicle
      parked in Ketlie Place, Deanston. After enquiries, this remains
      undetected. On 24 July 2021 it was reported that a group of youths were
      attempting to gain entry to the old church at Moray Street, Doune.

      Officers attended. As a result, one of the youths is being reported to Early
      Interventions department. Sometime between 15 and 30 July damage was
      caused to a wall at a property on Argaty Road, Doune. Enquiries are
      ongoing in relation to this. Police have been carrying out patrols on
      backshifts, when available, in the Kilmadock area where antisocial
      behaviour has been highlighted.

      Between 18 and 23 August, 2021, two motor vehicles parked in Doune
      were damaged with the paintwork being scratched. Enquiries have been
      carried out and the person responsible is unknown at this time.

      On 31 August, 2021, whilst on enquiry, police discovered a small scale
      cannabis cultivation. Plants with a value of £1200 were seized. One
      female was charged with production of a controlled drug and possession
      of a controlled drug and is the subject of a report to the fiscal.

      Officers have been carrying out patrols to counter antisocial behaviour in the area of Doune Ponds and Moray Park.

    2. Road Safety - On 17 July 2021 a vehicle travelling along the B824 came off the
      road, causing damage to a wall. The vehicle was uplifted the following day.
      Officers have continued to carry out speed detection duties in the Doune area.

    3. Theft – there have been no reports of theft during this period.

  4. Councillor's Report

    Councillor Martin Earl reported as follows :

    1. No meetings may be held in person until at least after 7 October when
      Stirling Council may rescind the current regulations.

    2. A second petition has been raised seeking to reverse the refuse collection
      changes due to commence on 20 September.

    3. A project to monitor air quality is available to local communities. Callander
      and Bridge of Allan have already shown interest. This would be at no cost
      to the Community Council and may provide useful data in relation to traffic
      management issues It was agreed to make application. (Action – Alison

    1. Concerns had been raised about the behaviour of a man reported to be
      living and working in the former parish church. The proprietor had been
      spoken to and the individual concerned now appears to have left the

    2. Training in the use of defibrillators has now been given to 8 volunteers. It
      was agreed to make a donation of £100 to Trossachs Search and Rescue.
      (Action – Jim McGroarty)

    3. A damaged sign at the zebra crossing, relating to social distancing, has
      now been removed.

      Chairperson's Report

      Alison McAlpine reported as follows :

  5. Treasurer's Report

    A report from the Treasurer indicated that :

    The Kilmadock Community Council Bank Account balance at 13 September 2021 is


    A invoice has been received from our insurance broker for the cost of additional assets
    and activities. The defibrillators have been added to the assets register.

    The balance includes funds still available for Covid-19 Community Support. It has been
    agreed to support the next phase of the Doune and Deanston Soup initiative by paying
    for the supply of rolls to go with the soup distribution. However, to date no notice of the
    amount has been received.

  6. Secretary's Report

    Michelle Ashford had no matters to report.

  7. Planning

    Dougie Morrison reported as follows on planning issues :

    1. Replacement windows to a house in George Street

    2. Replacement windows to a house at 29b Balkerach Street

    3. Reception building etc for caravan site and glamping pods at Ashmill Caravan Park

    4. Application for construction of 2 houses at North Lea. It was noted that there have
      been a number of local objections on a variety of grounds. It was noted that the
      Community Council was not a statutary consultee on individual planning
      applications and it was agreed to respond to objectors that the Community Council
      neither supported nor opposed the applications and that the application, having
      attracted sufficient objections, was expected to be dealt with by the Planning
      Committee rather than officers.

  8. Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund

    Tony Farrant reported as follows :

    1. Green Shed site – proposals have been published to develop the former Green
      Shed site to provide 45 parking spaces for cars, small coaches and motor homes,
      bicycles and motorcycles and electric vehicle charging points, with pedestrian
      access to the centre of Doune and improved entrance on the A84. The former
      railway line ground is not included. It was agreed to indicate the Community
      Council's support and it was noted that the Development Trust and Doune Ponds
      Group has also indicated support.

    2. Tourism – Historic Environment Scotland is promoting tourism in the area and
      through Artlink Central has arranged for a series of interactive workshops via Zoom
      on 23, 28, 30 September (7-8pm) and 7 October (6-8pm) to encourage community

    3. Parking – there was nothing further to report other than the proposals for the
      Green Shed site above.

    4. Moray Park toilets – the opening of the toilets awaited resolution of water and
      electricity metering issues as well as the matter of public liability insurance by
      Stirling Council.

  9. Kilmadock Development Trust

    Sue Harvey reported that an internal re-arrangement of the Heritage Centre has
    been completed and that applications for the post of Development Officer would
    close on 10 October.

  10. Community Action for Deanston

    Ben MacCorquodale indicated that there was nothing to report.

  11. Roads

    Wiesek Chodyniecki reported that correspondence with Stirling Council concerning the
    brightness of the lights at the zebra crossing had resulted in the Council stating that the
    lighting met regulations and that it proposed no action. It was agreed to take the matter back
    to the Council and ask, in the first instance, if the level of lighting was identical to all similar
    crossings in the Council area.


    On the matter of the removal of speed bumps, no comment has yet been received from the
    primary school parent council. It was agreed in any case to recommence conversations with Stirling Council about the speed bumps and the possibility of re-engineering the junction of
    the A84 and Balkerach Street to discourage speeding by vehicles entering Doune. (Action -
    Wiesek Chodyniecki, both matters)

  12. Doune Ponds

    Tony Farrant reported on proposals for children's activities during the October break and for
    a Fairy Trail at Christmas. He also indicated that it was hoped to commence further work on
    the Commonty Walk in October and invited the participation of volunteers to assist with this.


  13. Defibrillators

    Tony Farrant reported that the new defibrillator at the Moray Park toilets would be installed
    imminently, that the one at the Woodside Hotel would remain there for the present and that
    the door of the former phone box was now being repaired and would be returned soon.

  14. Christmas lights

    Dougie Morrison reported that he had now received a quotation for 150 metres of new lights
    at a cost of £2,774.40 with a further cost of £2,070 for installation and removal. It was agreed
    to accept the quotation for the purchase but to carry out the installation locally using
    experienced volunteers. It was also agreed to make application to the Windfarm Trust for
    funding of this project (Action – Alison McAlpine)

  15. Forestry

    Sue Harvey reported on timber extraction under way with vehicles using Station Wynd for

  16. Other business

    1. Lighting at Health Centre lane – Dougie Morrison had nothing further to report

    2. Adult gym equipment – this matter was held over to the next meeting

    3. Remembrance Day – it was hoped to hold a service again this year at the War
      Memorial, under Covid regulations and to this end a road traffic order has been
      applied for.

    4. Christmas trees – It was agreed that Tony Farrant would order these for Doune
      and Deanston and that Dougie Morrison would attend to the repair required to the
      electrical socket at the site in Doune. (Action – Tony Farrant and Dougie Morrison)

  17. Next meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting would take place on Monday 11 October 2021 at
7.00pm, by video conference if restrictions on gatherings were still in place.


The meeting closed at 8.29pm.