Apr 2021 Minutes

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Participants : Alison McAlpine, Michelle Ashford,Tony Farrant, Sue Harvey, Jim McGroarty, Dougie Morrison, Ken Russell , .

In attendance : Councillors Martin Earl & Jeremy McDonald (briefly); David Clark (Minute Secretary); Neil Fergusson (Community Development Officer).

Apologies for absence : David Harding.

1 Minute

The minute of the meeting of 14 March 2022 was approved – proposed by Ken Russell, seconded by Michelle Ashford.

2 Matters arising - there were none

3 Police Report

for period 12/03/22 to 09/04/22 compiled by Constable Lorna Deans

a) Antisocial behaviour - Officers are aware of antisocial behaviour in the evenings and weekends in the areas of Moray Park and Springbank, Doune. Patrols will continue to be carried out in these areas where possible but if anyone witnesses antisocial behaviour they should contact police at the time.

b) Road safety - Police have been contacted regarding parked vehicles near to the junction of Muir Crescent/George Street, Doune causing issues. Officers will check this area and deal with any offending vehicles which are dangerously parked.

c) Theft - There have been no reported thefts in the Kilmadock area.

4 Councillors' Report

Councillor Jeremy McDonald, in taking his leave of the Community Council as he is not standing as a candidate in the forthcoming election, thanked the Council for its help and support to him. He indicated that he would continue to press for improvements to be made to the footpaths near the Bridge of Teith and expressed his hope for an imaginative planting scheme on the slope on the north side of the bridge where storm damage has resulted in tree clearance.

Councillor Martin Earl indicated that in the pre-election period there was little new activity in Stirling Council. A special meeting would be held very soon to determine appropriate Council responses to the presence of Ukrainian refugees in the area. He indicated that Council officers were contacting the Parent Council at the Primary School to confirm their views on the removal of speed bumps and alternative measures. As he is standing for re-election he expressed the hope that he would continue to attend Community Council meetings.

5 Guests – condition of the centre of Doune

Alison McAlpine as Chair invited guests Sue Sedgewick and her daughter Stacy to address the meeting on their concerns for the general run-down condition of the centre of Doune. They acknowledged the developments and improvements in


footpaths and signage but spoke of the poor condition of buildings, mainly owned by Stirling Council, and issues of litter and the improper use and storage of refuse bins. They also referred to apparent drug dealing from cars parked in the village centre.

The Council thanked them for their contribution and invited them to submit a catalogue of the issues raised when would then be a guide for remedial action.

6 Kilmadock Development Trust Community Development Officer

Neil Fergusson reported on the proposal to instal outdoor gym equipment and the outcome of the public survey. There had been 255 responses, the vast majority of which were positive and gave indication of intent to use any equipment which would be installed. A site meeting at Moray Park with Stirling Council officers will be held on 20 April to take the matter forward.

He also reported on the forthcoming Doune Together open day on 23 April, with the Rural Hall as the focal point and which will offer a range of activities brought together on one afternoon, offering an exciting opportunity to explore the village, try new things and get involved with community projects.

7 Chairperson's Report - The Chairperson, Alison McAlpine had no matters to report.

8 Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer, Jim McGroarty, reported that the Kilmadock Community Council Bank Account balance at 11 April 2022 is £8,485.88.

A donation of £750 has been received from Lodge St James – being £500 for development of the Christmas lights scheme and £250 to assist with planting the area around the war memorial. The Council expressed its gratitude to the Lodge for this gesture. (Action – Michelle Ashford)


An invoice of £198 for repairs to the Christmas lights has been received and paid.

9 Secretary's Report

Michelle Ashford reported that she had received the marketing toolkit for the proposed Queen's Platinum Jubilee Trail in Doune and Deanston. It was agreed to identify seven venues on which the trail would be focussed and dedicated publicity material was to hand. (Action – Michelle Ashford)


10 Planning – Dougie Morrison reported on the following :

a) The facilities to be provided at the new car park on the former Green Shed site have been approved and a start date is awaited

b) Application to build a side and front extension at White Gables, Muir Crescent

c) Refusal of a retrospective planning application for a 1.8 metre high timber fence at 6 Deanston Gardens, Deanston

d) Application by Moray Estates for reinstatement of fire-damaged part of a building at Doune Home Farm, Doune

11 Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund

Tony Farrant reported as follows :

a) Moray Park toilets – leaks and blockages at the toilets have now been


repaired and the toilets have re-opened for use. The Council commended Tony Farrant and his team for their dogged persistence in bringing this project to fruition.

b) The defibrillator will be installed at the Woodside Hotel when renovation of the building is complete.

c) Doune Castle area – the castle will remain closed until further notice because of continuing concerns about high-level masonry. The pedestrian bridge and footpaths in the area are now open and drawing favourable comments.

12 Kilmadock Development Trust

Ken Russell reported on plans to recruit a third member of staff for the Post Office.

13 Community Action for Deanston - there was no report

14 Roads

Michelle Ashford reported that the sign to the former health centre had still to be removed and that signage to the toilets in Moray Park was awaited.

15 Doune Ponds and Commonty Walk

Tony Farrant reported that the Easter Egg Hunt would be held in person on 17 April. Strategic tree removal in the ponds area was planned with a view to improving water quality. The main gate to the ponds is under repair. He referred to an article in the recent edition of Scottish Land and Estates magazine which reported on the significant transformation undertaken of the ponds area in recent years.

16 Christmas trees and lights

Jim McGroarty indicated that he will assess the funds available for expansion of the scheme and will report to the next meeting. (Action – Jim McGroarty)


17 Tourism and Marketing - there was no report.

18 Forestry - Sue Harvey reported that work to clear storm damage continued.

19 Community Resilience - there was no report

20 Other business

a) Flower beds at war memorial - the planting of flowers beds around the war memorial was discussed and it was agreed that Jim McGroarty would arrange a meeting of interested volunteers to consider the matter. It was agreed that a young people's group from Kilmadock Parish Church could plant sunflowers at an appropriate location at the memorial.

b) Historic plaques – Ken Russell report on research and action to date and that contact had been made with appropriate parties in Dunblane and Stirling Council. The next step was to reduce the long list of over 60 suggested sites to a short list of about 16.

21 Next meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting would take place by video conference on Monday 9 May 2022 at 7.30pm. The meeting closed at 8.55pm.