Mar 2021 Minutes

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Participants : Alison McAlpine, Michelle Ashford,Tony Farrant, David Harding, Sue Harvey, Jim McGroarty, Dougie Morrison.

In attendance : Councillors Marton Earl &Jeremy McDonald; David Clark (Minute Secretary); Neil Fergusson (Community Development Officer).

Apologies for absence : Ben MacCorquodale, Ken Russell; Councillor Evelyn Tweed

1 Minute

The minute of the meeting of 14 February 2022 was approved – proposed by Tony Farrant, seconded by Michelle Ashford.

2 Matters arising

a) 2 – the letters of thanks to those involved in the Christmas trees and lights have still to be completed. It was agreed to complete this exercise with a word of appreciation in the next edition of he Bridge. (Action - Michelle Ashford and Ken Russell)

b) 7 - The letter of thanks to Kenny Lawder has been sent.

c) 14 - The Community Council's support for the removal of the speed bumps has been made public through an article in the Bridge.

d) 9 - Dougie Morrison indicated that he had a third sign in addition to those in the Information Centre and that he would arrange for them all to be suitably restored. (Action – Dougie Morrison)

It was agreed to respond with this information to the email which had queried their whereabouts and that the Council would give further consideration to appropriate locations for the restored signs. (Action – Michelle Ashford)

e) 14 -The broken drain cover in Main Street has not yet been attended to (Action – Councillor Jeremy McDonald)


3 Police Report

a) Antisocial behaviour - between 5 and 7 March a vehicle was driven in a manner that caused damage to the grass area near the front of Doune Castle. The damage is reported to be long lasting but will eventually grow out. There is no information regarding the identity of the vehicle or driver but enquiry is ongoing.

b) Road safety - there have been no reports regarding road safety during this time.

c) Theft - there have been no reported thefts during this period.

A local business has been the victim of attempted email / invoice fraud whereby persons have gained access to the business email account and sent out invoices to clients with changed bank details. Thankfully no moneys were paid and enquiries are continuing.

Businesses are regularly being targeted by this type of fraud and should not rely on email invoices alone. The police would recommend confirming details with a phone call or in person. Community Constables Deans and King have been offering advice and answering questions on fraud at a


number of pop up events in Doune, Aberfoyle and Callander Co-ops.

4 Councillors' Report

Councillor Martin Earl confirmed that Stirling Council had approved a 3% increase in Council Tax.

Councillor Jeremy McDonald, in view of the forthcoming election of new councillors, emphasised the need for the Community Council to establish a clear set of priorities. He suggested that a walking tour of the communities with new councillors would be helpful. He was of the view that some future focus should be made on improving walkways and footpaths in the vicinity of the Wood of Doune and the River Teith.

5 Kilmadock Development Trust Community Development Officer

Neil Fergusson reported on the proposal to instal outdoor gym equipment and progress of the public survey. The majority of responses received so far has been supportive. Stirling Council has allocated the sum of £35,000 for this project in its capital budget. It was noted that Doune Primary School already had some equipment, some of which may soon be in need of replacement, and that Deanston School would be interested in having some provision.

He also reported on the Sustainable Active Travel initiative, noting that Doune has been shortlisted in the Scottish selection process. Volunteers for the project were invited and names should be in his hands by 18 March.

6 Chairperson's Report

The Chairperson, Alison McAlpine reported that :

a) with others she had attended the official opening of the new footbridge over the Ardoch Burn near the castle and offered congratulations to all involved in the project

b) the plaque from the former fountain is now being restored. It was agreed that, when ready, it should be collected, with thanks, from the person who has carried out the restoration and that the Community Council would then give consideration to an appropriate location and whether to connect to a water supply.

c) the Masonic Lodge has expressed a desire to contribute both to the Christmas lights project and to the planting of flowers around the war memorial. The Council expressed its appreciation of these gestures.

7 Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer, Jim McGroarty, reported that the Kilmadock Community Council Bank Account balance at 14 March 2022 is £8,584.77

The appointment of Elizabeth Wallace as examiner of the Council's accounts was approved.

8 Secretary's Report

Michelle Ashford reported that she had confirmed that the AGM of the Community Council would be held on 13 June.

9 Planning – there was no report


10 Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund

Tony Farrant reported as follows :

a) Green Shed site – Stirling Council had included appropriate funding for the Green Shed project in the new capital budget

b) Moray Park toilets – the toilets had finally opened for use on 1 March and were operating satisfactorily. Signage from Main Street was in hand.

11 Kilmadock Development Trust

Michelle Ashford indicated that there was nothing of note to report.

12 Community Action for Deanston - there was no report

13 Roads

Michelle Ashford reported that she had responded to Stirling Council on the question of the removal of speed bumps and had indicated the Community Council's preference for a blend of the options offered.

14 Doune Ponds and Commonty Walk

Tony Farrant reported that the Easter Egg Hunt would be held in person on 17 April and that training of volunteers in chainsaw work was being undertaken.

15 Christmas trees and lights

Dougie Morrison reported that the lights were now safely stored by Moray Estates. Further donations would enable an expansion of the project. It was agreed to prepare a letter reassuring householders on whose properties lights are fixed that Stirling Council has appropriate insurance in place. (Action – Michelle Ashford & Dougie Morrison)


16 Tourism and Marketing - there was no report.

17 Forestry

Sue Harvey reported that work to clear storm damage would continue for many months.

18 Community Resilience - there was no report

19 Other business

a) The Queen's Platinum Jubilee – it was agreed to participate in this project would comprise an interactive trail around the area, at a cost of £499. It would run from April to June.

The planting of trees in the Queen's Canopy initiative, if and when agreed, would take place in the autumn of 2022.

b) Doune Gala – it was reported that the appeal for new committee members had been unsuccessful and that it was proposed to run online gala activities from 11 – 19 June, along lines similar to 2021

c) Defibrillator at former phone box – it was noted that the necessary slabbing work would be undertaken within the next week.

20 Next meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting would take place by video conference on Monday 11 April 2022 at 7.30pm. The meeting closed at 8.40pm