Sept 2021 Minutes

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Participants : Alison McAlpine (Chair), Michelle Ashford, Tony Farrant, David Harding, Dougie Morrison and Ken Russell.

In attendance : Councillor Elaine Watterson; David Clark (Minute Secretary).

Apologies for absence : Sue Harvey, Jim McGroarty, Neil Fergusson (Community Development Officer)

Members of public present : Scott McMurray, John Charters, Bob Holland, Sue Sedgewick

1 Minute

The minute of the meeting of 13 June 2022 was approved – proposed by Ken Russell, seconded by Michelle Ashford.

2 Matters arising - there were none

3 Police Report –

for period 10 June -11 September 2022 compiled by Constable Lorna Deans

a) Antisocial Behaviour -

O n 2/7/22 an incident occurred near to Springbank Road, Doune. As a result 2 people were arrested and reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

On 29/08/22 police were contacted regarding someone refusing to leave a business premise in Doune. On police arrival the person left the area.

b) Road Safety -

On 21/07/22 a minor traffic collision occurred on A84 at Doune.

On 21/08/22 a traffic collision occurred on the A84 between Doune and Callander. One driver has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal for road traffic offences.

On 26/08/22 a vehicle parked at the business units at Station Wynd, Doune was damaged by another vehicle. The driver responsible for this failed to stop and failed to provide their details. Enquiries are currently ongoing.

On 11/09/22 a traffic collision occurred near to the entrance of Doune Castle, Doune. Officers attended and assisted.

During the reported period speed checks have been carried out in the Doune area by PC’s King and Deans. 1 driver was stopped regarding their speed.

c) Theft -

On 15/06/22 a theft occurred from a motor vehicle in the Doune area. Enquiries have been carried out and this remains undetected.

On 07/07/22 a theft occurred at a business premise in Deanston. Enquiries are ongoing.


4 Councillor's Report

Councillor Elaine Watterson was welcomed by the Chair to her first meeting and she spoke of her early experience as a member of Stirling Council. In particular she outlined her intention to work to set up a rural business network and a system of meeting local needs through the Council appointing an Older Persons' Champion.

5 Guests

Alison McAlpine invited members of the public present to address the meeting.

a) Bob Holland queried the arrangements for the forthcoming flu and Covid vaccinations whereby these would no longer be undertaken by Doune Health Centre but at Stirling Community Hospital, with potential difficulties of access for residents of Doune. It was explained that this was a national policy change. It was agreed that, after checking with the local health centre, detailed arrangements for residents unable to attend in Stirling would be circulated via the Facebook page on the DouneandDeanston website. (Action – David Harding)

b) John Charters raised issues of traffic and pedestrian safety on and around the Teith Bridge, especially for vehicles from Deanston turning right onto the A84 and pedestrians walking between Deanston and Doune. It was suggested that the introduction of a 40mph speed limit prior to the 30mph limit approaching the bridge would be of benefit. It was agreed to raise the matter and the possibility of a pedestrian bridge with the appropriate authorities. (Action – Michelle Ashford)


Councillor Watterson agreed to take up the issue of the closure of the Deanston shop, with its subsequent disadvantage to the village, and to explore the possibility of the shop re-opening as a community venture. (Action – Councillor Watterson)

c) Sue Sedgewick enquired as to the purpose of Community Councils. It was explained that their purpose was to represent the views of the community and to act as a conduit to and from Stirling Council. She spoke of her frustration at the apparent lack of response and action to issues she had raised earlier in the year about conditions in Doune. Alison McAlpine indicated that a useful walkabout had been held with Council officers with a promise being made that the various issues would be raised with the relevant departments for action. It was noted that Dot Reid was the new Head of Environment and Place at Stirling Council.

6 Kilmadock Development Trust Community Development Officer

Neil Fergusson, in his absence, reported as follows

a) Community Plan – initial events and surveys have been conducted over the summer months and a report on these would be available for the Council's October meeting. Further events will be held in November.

b) Outdoor Gym Equipment – it was confirmed that Stirling Council's allocated budget of £35,000 for this will be spent on a facility at Moray Park. While no suitable site on Council property in Deanston can be found it is hoped that, if further funding can be obtained, equipment may be able to be installed at Deanston Community Centre.

c) Visitor Discount trial – in an effort to encourage visitors to Doune Castle and Deanston Distillery to come into the centre of Doune a 10% discount scheme is being trialled with a number of business premises for the month of September. If successful it may be rolled out on a more permanent basis


d) Heritage Plaques project – a survey is open until the end of September on the DouneandDeanston website to selected plaque locations from a long list of suggestions. Partial capital funding has been gained from Forth Valley & Lomond CLLD (previously known as LEADER) and an application made to the Wind Farm Trust for the remaining amount required.

e) Air Quality project - a researcher from Stirling University is working on a local air quality project this autumn. There is an opportunity for anyone interested to participate by contacting Neil Fergusson.

7 Chair's Report – there was none

8 Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer, Jim McGroarty, in his absence reported that the Kilmadock Community Council Bank Account balance at 12 September 2022 is £6,781.38.

He noted that :

£4,134 of the £6,500 grant for running costs a the new toilets has now been spent; there is a sum of £1,292 available for further purchase of Christmas lights;

there remain £250 for completing refurbishment of the former phone box in Doune to house the defibrillator;

insurance has paid for a new defibrillator case to replace one destroyed in the fire at the bank house;

a grant of £559 has been received from the Wind Farm Trust to cover the costs of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Trail.

9 Secretary's Report - Michelle Ashford had no matters to report.

10 Planning – Dougie Morrison reported that the following applications had been approved :

a) Alterations to Stables Cottage, Argaty Lodge

b) Erection of fence at 6 Deanston Gardens

c) Erection of a dwelling house at The Orchard, North Lea, Doune

d) Temporary toilets at Doune Castle Cottage

e) Erection of a car port adjacent to Unit 7, Birchwood Business Park, Doune

f) Replacement of sash windows and repairs to stonework following fire at 10 Main Street Doune

g) Extension to dwelling house at 20 Queen Street, Doune

h) Erection of dwelling house at land to rear of 70 Main Street, Doune

He also reported on an alleged deviation from approved drawings at a house in Station Wynd, Doune, and on proposed tree felling work at Shady Grove, Doune, at East Brae Wood and at Daldorn, Lanrick.

11 Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund – there was no report.

It was noted that work on the new car park at the former green shed site was scheduled to start in September and run for about 8-12 weeks.

12 Toilets – David Harding reported that a drain design issue had been identified as the reason for regular blockages at the toilets. Repairs would necessitate further


closure. Dougie Morrison reported that he had begun repairs to the roof ridge of the football club's section of the building and would arrange completion.

13 Christmas Fayre – it was agreed that Tony Farrant would liaise with Trevor Davis of the Fayre Committee and the Woodside Hotel in the first instance and agree a proposed date and other details. (Action – Tony Farrant)


14 Kilmadock Development Trust – there was no report

15 Roads – it was noted that two of the speed bumps in Balkerach Street had been removed or had disintegrated.

16 Doune Ponds and Commonty Walk

Tony Farrant reported on a successful Family Day on 4 September and that the Woodlands Group was working with Moray Estates on their overall forestry plan.

17 Christmas trees and lights

It was agreed that Tony Farrant would order Christmas trees and that Dougie Morrison would purchase an extension to the Christmas lights, with Jim McGroarty to make application to the Windfarm Trust for further funding of under £1,000. (Action – Dougie Morrison and Jim McGroarty) In order to seek permission, if required, for hooks for new lights to be fitted to properties, it was agreed to compile a list of names and addresses. (Action – Dougie Morrison, David Harding, Alison McAlpine and Michelle Ashford) It was agreed that Lodge St James be notified that its generous donation would be used this year. (Action – Michelle Ashford)


18 Forestry – there was no report

19 Community Action for Deanston,Tourism and Marketing and Community Resilience – it was agreed to address the vacancies for these responsibilities, previously held by Ben McCorquodale, at the next meeting.

20 Other business

Alison McAlpine indicated that a number of issues had been raised with her by members of the public. It was agreed that she would email these to the Community Council with the intention that they be addressed at the next meeting. (Action – Alison McAlpine)


21 Next meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting would be held on Zoom on Monday 10 October at 7.30pm

The meeting closed at 9.30pm.