April 2023 Minutes

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Participants : Alison McAlpine (Chair), Michelle Ashford, Tony Farrant, Sue Harvey, Jim
McGroarty, Dougie Morrison and Ken Russell.
In attendance : Neil Fergusson (Community Development Officer), David Clark (Minute
Apologies for absence : David Harding
1 Minute
The minute of the meeting of 13 March 2023 was approved – proposed by Michelle Ashford,
seconded by Dougie Morrison.
2 Matters arising
a) 2b : Flooding at Argaty Road Bridge - it was noted that no permanent warning
signs have been erected. Councillor Martin Earl agreed to pursue the matter.
(Action – Cllr. Martin Earl)
b) 17e : Village Cleaning - Stirling Council's Estate Warden has confirmed that Doune
was scheduled for thorough cleaning but that budget cutbacks will mean a reduction
in frequency. It was agreed that the Estate Warden be invited to a future meeting of
the Community Council.
c) 9 : Community Council Elections – it was confirmed that an article would appear
in the April 'Bridge' and that Neil Fergusson would arrange for appropriate posters
d) 17c : Repositioning of waste bin – it was noted at an acknowledgement had been
received but there had been no other action to date
3 Police Report - no report because of the timing of the meeting.
4 Councillor's Report – Councillor Martin Earl reported on Community Council election
arrangements. He emphasised the significance of the 7% increase in Council Tax (equating
to additional income of about £3.5m).He indicated that a new national planning framework
was coming into force which would have an impact on planning applications for rural
developments. The events planned in Callander for Mental Health Awareness Week in May
were commended.
5 Kilmadock Development Trust Community Development Officer
Neil Fergusson reported as follows :
a) The Public Sector Geospatial Agreement with the Ordnance Survey
needed to access the Parish Online mapping service has now been completed.
b) Gym equipment – Moray Park, Doune : this is now nearing completion. Deanston :
the installation is imminent
c) Doune and Deanston Youth Project – the application for capital funding has been
supported by the Community Council and and Stirling Councillors in the Trossachs
and Teith ward.
6 Chair's Report - there were no matters to report
7 Treasurer's Report
The Treasurer, Jim McGroarty reported that the Kilmadock Community Council Bank
Account balance at 31 March 2023 was £6469.68.
Running costs for the Moray Park toilets were £8,898 to 31 March 2023.
It was agreed that Elizabeth Wallace be appointed as Financial Examiner for the accounts of
the year just ended.
It was noted that funding for the sundial and fountain projects was not yet secured
8 Secretary's Report – there was nothing to report other than relevant emails already
circulated to members.
9 Community Council Membership
It was noted that, in a change to previously announced arrangements, the present Council
will cease to exist on 19 April and that nominations for Council membership will close on the
same date. If no ballot is required the first meeting of the new Council will take place on a
suitable date after 25 April. Where a ballot is required voting papers will be issued in the
week beginning 29 May, with voting closing on 16 June and results published on 29 June.
The first meeting will then be after 3 July
It was agreed that publicity be placed on the website and Facebook (Action – Neil
10 Planning
Dougie Morrison reported that an application had been submitted for tree surgery at
Cairnryan, Bank Street and that there was an issue about sheds erected elsewhere in the
village without appropriate planning permission.
11 Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund
Tony Farrant reported as follows :
a) Moray Park Toilets –the 'deep clean' would be done on a monthly basis and Tony
Farrant would arrange external window cleaning (Action – Tony Farrant)
b) Green Shed site – work is progressing and is scheduled to finish by 14 April.
c) Appropriate signage in the Moray Park and Ponds area was now in hand.
12 Kilmadock Development Trust
Ken Russell reported that sales in the Information Centre continued to increase and
that a vacancy in Post Office staffing will be advertised shortly.
13 Roads
There was no report. It was noted that there had been little progress towards removing
remaining speed bumps in Doune. Councillor Martin Earl agreed to pursue the matter.
(Action – Cllr. Martin Earl)
14 Doune Ponds and Commonty Walk
Tony Farrant reported that the Easter egg hunt would take place on Sunday 9 April 11 am
until 2pm. Steps to the Green Shed site will in place within the next week.
15 Christmas trees and lights
It was agreed to apply to the Windfarm Trust for funding to allow the purchase of more lights
to extend the display in the village (Action – Jim McGroarty)
16 Forestry
Sue Harvey reported that timber removal operations via the road past the health centre
appear to have ended. Councillor Martin Earl reported on a proposed review of timber
extraction protocols.
17 Other business
a) Drop-off and parking issues around Doune Primary School – it was agreed to
suggest to the Parent Teacher Association that it should contact Stirling Council's
parking enforcement department.(Action – Michelle Ashford)
b) Refuse bins – it was reported that the issue of inappropriate siting of domestic bins
in Mile End appeared to be continuing. (Action – Tony Farrant)
c) Sundial at 41/43 Main Street – It was noted that the sundial has now been reerected
although ownership remains to be confirmed.
d) Defibrillators – it was noted that Trossachs Search and Rescue would require to
remove the elements of the defibrillators temporarily for software updates. It was
agreed to make application to the Windfarm Trust for funding for battery
replacement. (Action – Jim McGroarty)
18 Next meeting
With thanks being offered to all retiring Community Councillors, it was noted that the next
meeting would be arranged when the outcome of the elections is known.
The meeting closed at 8.40pm.